Rating System

I have a weird rating system, in the fact that all my ratings are over 5. Why? Well, because where I live, 49% is a fail (in school) and 90's are the good grades. This kind of stuck with me, so I feel I’m “failing” a book if I give it 50% (5/10), capiche?

And I hate giving books a huge “fail” rating, so listen up!

If you go see the "My Tags" widget in the left sidebar, you can see the book reviews I tagged with "Rating: # +". That will sort out the ratings, kind of. A book that is 8.3/10 would be in the "Rating: 8+" and a book that is 9/10 would be in "Rating: 9+". Pretty easy peasy :)

My feelings about my ratings:

10/10 - is basically impossible. I have yet to find a book I loved so much to give it the perfect score.

Anything 9.4/10 or above is absolutely phenomenal. It would be stalker-love for me. Get off the computer. Get ahold of the book. READ.

Something 9.1-9.3/10 is looove. Yes, read it right now.

9 is love. Oh, you are seriously missing out.

8.5-8.9/10 is really really like. Yes, read it.

8-8.5/10 is like. Recommended, but it wasn’t spectacular.

7-7.9/10 is ehh. Up to you if you want to read it, it was okay.

6-6.9/10 is dislike. (It's like 1/5 stars) Wouldn’t recommend.


I've had people comment on the fact that sometimes my reviews and ratings are hard to understand, and I get it. I don't fully understand it myself, it's about 80% gut feeling (really, I sit there and then plug in the number that feels right) and 20% logic.


On the review layout side, I also have a few other ratings.

Put-down-ability: The lower the score, the harder it is to put down the book (a good thing!) A crazy-engaging book will get a put-down-ability score of 1/10, and a very disengaging book might get 9/10.

Rating in HP Terms: From the O.W.L.s of the magical world of Harry Potter. Much like my rating system, I choose the grade on gut instinct.
Outstanding - blew my mind, total LOVE and adoration from me.
Exceeds Expectations - either exceeded my expectations or super-duper-good but not yet "outstanding"
Average - it's not necessarily middle of the pact, it ranges from ehh to okay to good to the first half of really good.
Poor/Dreadful/Troll - I would hate to give these out, but I have before.

Acknowledgements: They're one of my favourite things about books. I'm curious to who the author thanks and yes, I will rate it because I want to. No acknowledgements section in the book makes me go -__- and shake my head (because we all need to thank people and eat humble pie). Some examples of 5/5 books are from Stephanie Perkins (Anna and the French Kiss) and Erin Bow (Plain Kate)
If you are spending more than 2 pages thanking people, you are doing it right.


If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at: holesinmybrain(at)hotmail(dot)com, or leave a comment below.

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  1. Awesome rating system. Best yet. Why didn't I think of it?


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*