Review Policy

Due to a massive amount of homework at university along with a procrastinator attitude, I'm unfortunately not able to accept review copies at the moment. If you do not get a reply from me regarding your review request, this is why.

So, my Book Review Policy definitely needed a serious revamp. Well, here it is, I hope it’s a bit more organized, and bit easier to understand!

To Authors/Publishers:

I would be honoured to accept an ARC or finished copy in exchange for an honest review. The review will reflect my personal opinions. This link is to the collection of my reviews on this site if you want to check out my work.

I would love to participate in author interviews and giveaways as well. You can email me for more details on site statistics, unique hits, returning visitors etc.

JUNE 20, 2012 UPDATE:

Due to many reasons, I am no longer participating in author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!


If you just want to chat about anything, shoot me an email at: holesinmybrain(at)hotmail(dot)com. I’ll try to reply promptly, I check my email daily.  If you do not get a reply within a few days, please leave a comment on the blog, your email might have went to my spam folder.  Also, I live in Canada!

**Please note that this blog is primarily Young Adult content, and I would prefer inquiries to be related to this genre.**

  • Realistic/contemporary
  • Dystopic/Utopian/futuristic/post-Apocalyptic
  • Adventure/Action
  • Historical
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Magical Realism
Probably in that order too, and I prefer Young Adult novels. Heads up, I am getting a bit tired of vampires and werewolves though, thought you should know. And I’m pretty nitpicky about Mary-Sue characters, they rarely work for me. Lastly, I dislike books centered almost completely around romance (especially lust-disguised-as-twu-luv romance).

I don't want to review the following genres:
-Adult Fiction/non-fiction
-YA non-fiction
-religious novels (just not my thing, no offense)

I am willing to accept e-books, but I am much more selective about which books because reading on the computer isn't really my thing. I am NOT accepting e-books at the moment.

My Reviews…

Currently (as of Aug. 2011) consist of:
  • A short introductory paragraph, usually tell you why I decided to read this book. 
  • A summary (written by me or taken from goodreads, will be specified)
  • My Expectations / Delivery / Put-down-ability
  • “My Thoughts” or my review.
  • Rating in HP Terms (taken from Harry Potter OWLs... Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations, Acceptable, Poor, Dreadful, Troll)
  • Recommended for
  • Acknowledgements rating
  • There will be a rating out of 10 at the very end. Go here to see my Rating System.
I cross post most of my reviews to My Goodreads profile can be found here.


My reviews are personal.  I write them because I read the book and I want to share my opinion.  I don't run this blog as a business- I post things from my point of view, and well, I'm not entirely objective, am I?  I will post both negative and positive reviews, and the reviews reflect my honest feelings.  Can I be swayed by some aspect of the book? Sure, I can have expectations for authors I admire becuase let's face it, saying you read every book objectively is complete and utter rubbish.  If you have a problem with that, well, there's hundreds of other blogs out there.