Sunday, June 21, 2015

six years of holes In My brain

So, this blog is 6 years old today. 

I started it the summer after finishing 10th grade (I remember I did summer school for Physics during that time). I've just graduated from university this past April. 

Like, I'm a university graduate. 

How does time go so quickly? 

YA is different (but also not), the book blogging community has exploded, so many things have changed and evolved, but the love for books has never wavered. I'm so glad I was able to hold on to a small piece of this gargantuan thing they call young adult literature. Thanks for being a part of that, dear reader. 

I hope you guys are reading good books. I always hope you guys are reading good books. 

Currently [reading]: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews 

Currently [in life]: working for the summer in a lab.

Next [read]: The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne (thanks Nomes for the rec)

Next [in life]: ???????


  1. ahhhhh congrats Audrey, both on 6 years of the blog and on graduating!! *throws confetti* Very exciting! I'm stoked to be graduating soon too (almost done my final internship!).

    1. thank you Danya! And that's so exciting for you too, congratulations in advance!! :) :)
      And at the moment, I don't think i'm coming back to BC permanently, I'm trying to fit in a quick visit at the end of the summer though!

  2. P.S. Are you coming back to BC? :)

  3. happy six years! it's insane to think of how long you've been blogging but it's so awesome! how's me and earl and the dying girl? with the movie coming out, i'm curious about it but haven't made the jump and read it yet. hope it's going well and hope you're reading great books too! :)

    1. haha, calling the last 3-4 years "blogging" is very generous, I feel like I'm only celebrating the existence of my blog. And it was really good! It's written in this really in-your-face first person POV, so I'm super curious to see how that'll translate on-screen. Hope you're having a good summer!


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