Thursday, December 18, 2014

a Holiday wishlist

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I want:

A Quentin Tarantinto-esque YA novel (this is very important, Santa. I've been thinking about this a lot). Must include: twisted off-kilter protagonists, dark but funny dialogue, unexpected character deaths, suspense for the ages, violence (preferably not hypersexualized, though), and someone I can visualize as Christoph Waltz.

A ticket for The Hobbit 3 (to be cashed in tonight).

Sarah Rees Brennan to finish writing a her parodies of The 100 (they are brilliant and got me through watching the entire series). In other news, The 100 is not terrible and has complex female characters and a boatload of grey-tinged morality (the best colour for morality, I say!). It also has a boy named Bellamy and a girl named Clarke who need to get married already.

More time to read books. Or, more motivation to do so. And please make Scarlet (from Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen) not annoying, I'm only a few chapters into the book and I really want to like it but I'm worried it's going to veer into mind-numbingly-frustrating-heroine-slash-love-triangle territory.

A good TV show to watch. The Americans? Broad City? True Detective?

Some tiramisu cake from Costco (let's face it, it's the best dessert ever created).

Winter by Marissa Meyer

My TV shows to come back from hiatus.

Someone to write my best-of list because I'm pretty lazy (hint: you can just put one book for all the categories because it is the best)


So... what's on your list?


  1. I remember starting The 100 as a bit of a joke but shit got real and the ladies on that show are such badasses and all complex in their own ways, yessss. It's so strange because sometimes the writers surprise you by going down some dark paths and other times they make the MOST AWFUL DECISIONS EVER I AM SO BITTER ABOUT WELLS AND FOREVER WILL BE, THE LOST POTENTIAL STILL HURTS. Those parodies are solid gold though, I laughed way too hard. I need to read some of SRB's books already...

    I've heard good things about The Americans, although I haven't gotten around to it yet! Also sad Parks & Rec and White Collar are ending, even though I'm way behind. Have you seen Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black? Broadchurch? Avatar: TLA? How to Get Away With Murder had a pretty good start (and the cast is wonderfully diverse + Alfred Enoch is adorable) but I started to lose interest later on. Jane the Virgin is also a nice sweet and lighthearted show although it doesn't try to hide its soap-opera-y roots.

    1. LOL I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. So much wasted potential, for a girl who didn't even matter.

      I'm catching up on the last season of White Collar now! I haven't really watched religiously since season 3/4, but I'm excited to see how it ends. And of course, looking forward to the final season of Parks & Rec (I am going to sob my eyes out when it's over). AHH BB and OITNB are on my watchlist (since forever), I'm either going to go for those of HTGAWM probably next (I've had several friends say it's good). I might go with JTV, esp since it's new and there's not that many eps to watch.

  2. I started watching The 100 but I didn't even make it through the first episode because it just seemed to cheesy at times... but everyone seems to love it so I'm not sure if I'm just missing something or...? Also, I can't wait for my tv shows to come back, but they all come back around the same time so I think I'll just have to quit school and work and every other responsibility so I can stay caught up. But Parks and Rec!! Have you seen the teaser trailer for the final season?!! As for tv show recs, I totally second Linna's suggestion of OITNB. I'm watching BB right now and it's really good! I'm also watching Game of Thrones which is amazing, but I'm guessing you've already watched that. Merry Christmas!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*