Sunday, April 27, 2014

several mini-Reviews + misc things.

Hello, lovelies!

Firstly, I finished third year of university! My last exam was on Friday and then I went to Wonderland (Canada's super-duper awesome amusement park) on Saturday, and now I'm finally relaxing and celebrating the end of the semester. I really, really enjoyed this term (well, most of the time), I took some fantastic courses and really just felt like I was learning things that I wanted to learn, which was a great feeling. Plus I'm happy with my marks, and the fact that those hours and hours of studying paid off. But now I'm so ready for summer, except my summer will mostly be consisting of working full time with some down-time in August, so fingers crossed that the job goes well. I don't think I've ever mentioned this on my blog-- you can follow my Instagram where I'll probably post more regularly than once every two months. If you want. No pressure.

I fully intend on spending my free time between now and mid-May catching up on TV, watching Breaking Bad (maybe? because I've been talking about it/meaning to watch it for YEARS), reading more books, and waiting around for actual decent movies to come out.

Also, I actually read books in April! Crazy, right? Some mini-reviews:

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (7.7/10)
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I've heard of this one quite a bit, and there was quite a healthy mix of critique-- I've read both raving reviews and very critical ones. I wasn't going to pick this up originally, but I was wandering around a bookstore one day and decided to try this one out.
I liked it, mostly. I thought the plot was interesting, the characters were pretty good, the action was well-written... but everything felt kind of forgettable. I read this maybe two weeks ago, and I can probably only tell you the bare-bones of the plot and the fact that there's a love triangle and the main character is very perfect (but I must add a disclaimer that I have a terrible memory for books nowadays). Throne of Glass entertained, but just never stuck with me. If I get around to continuing this series (in which there'll be six, yes SIX, books, I can just hope it gets better. I've heard great things about the sequel, but it seems like only hardcore fans of book 1 end up reading book 2, so that says something).

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski (8.8/10)
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Honestly, if Eden didn't feature a giveaway of this book and mention in passing how much hype it has gotten, it would have completely slipped under my radar (my hype radar is really defective, okay? It picks up everything TFIOS and nothing else, to my great dismay). I read her review and a few others on goodreads, and while I remained a bit skeptical about the plot and the themes, it piqued my interest.
These days I really just look for books that I can escape into, and The Winner's Curse satisfied all my expectations and more. I was thoroughly entertained throughout, I thought the world-building was well done, the characters were engaging, and the fact that 'big plot things' happen (plus we see the aftermath, not just end on a cliffhanger) was a bonus. I don't really rate or discuss books objectively, but subjectively, I really enjoyed it.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (7.9/10)
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Look, an adult book! I'm not exactly sure where I first heard of this one, but once again, I was wandering through the bookstore and saw an empty seat. I can't just sit down without a book, so I grabbed The Rosie Project and started flipping through it.
This book caught me by surprise because it was more fun than I expected, plus it was a really easy read. The main character, Don, provides a unique narration (someone compared him to Sheldon Cooper), and albeit I liked Rosie, I never really loved her. I thought their connection, while cute, felt a bit stale at times (Rosie often just seemed like a well-constructed foil), but there's some laugh out loud moments, and I enjoyed the subtle tint of science. Not the most brilliant book ever, but a fun vacation read.


Alright, I think that's all for now.
If you have any book recommendations, I'd love to know! Something fast-paced and action-packed, preferably... these days I'm not so into reading about serious issues.

Sunshine and more sunshine,

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

oh no, the streak Ended

Ahhhh I didn't get a post up for March!! I feel terrible, mostly cause I feel like I let myself down (who reads my posts anyway?) since it was like, the ONE THING I promised for this blog. You had one job, Audrey, just one job.

It was just such a crazy hectic end to the month though, my classes were wrapping up and with it, came loads of in-class exams, assignments, and papers due. But alas, class is over on Friday, I've got a paper and three final exams left for April, then summer!! Here's a belated post for last month...

1. The How I Met Your Mother finale. I don't really know what to think... I don't think I hated it as much as a LOT of people did, but it was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions. Definitely had a few teary moments, and it'll always be a series I'll look back upon fondly (despite this very meh final season).

2. Gosh I'm just so freaking excited to be done classes. To be honest, I really enjoyed my courses this semester, I learned a lot about things I was (mostly) genuinely interested in (I mean, I learned Python. What. But it was a great experience), and it reminded me about why learning is so important and enriching, despite being accompanied by too much stress.

3. Game of Thrones starts on Sunday! Eep :)

4. I keep meaning to start reading more books, but every time I want to pick up a *serious* book, I just stop. I want to read something light, thrilling, action-packed, and not too mushy but still emotional.

5. My favourite new TV show this year was Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's actually a really funny sitcom, and I'd definitely recommend it (brought to you by the people who made Parks & Rec, another one of my favourite shows!)

6. Goddammit Toronto, you are far too cold. You've smartened up this past week, but still, thanks for that miserably cold, snowy, gross March weather. Can't wait to put away my sweaters....

7. I was grocery shopping yesterday and my cart consisted of yogurt, granola bars, frozen perogies, animal crackers, Dunkaroos, and "crumpets". Why is adulting so hard? I don't even know what the call "real food" anymore... I mean, I don't eat meat, I don't know how to *cook* vegetables, I'm too lazy to buy fruit (they always go bad before I can eat them)... which just mean I eat a lot of carbs (hell yeah, carbs!) and Tim Horton's.

8. lol canucks

9. lololololol leafs

10. Here's to a happy April, to my fellow Canadian uni friends, good luck on finals! There's light at the end of the tunnel! :)

--xx Audrey

PS- I promise to post something at the end of April, too!