Sunday, March 24, 2013

march Updates

I'm realizing that it's nearing the end of March and I haven't posted anything all month, so... without further ado. An update post! Whee!

1. Life was busy. It has calmed down. But it will be busy again. (oh, the glorious cycle of midterms and finals and papers and all that un-fun school stuff).

2. I can't wait for May movies!! Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Star Trek: Into Darkness.. I so cannot wait for any of them. So far, 2013 has been kind of crappy for movies, but I'm watching The Place Beyond the Pines next week which I'm crossing my fingers will be kind of good.

3. I have a lot of existentialist crises. As well as just normal what-am-I-doing-with-my-life crises. Like, a LOT, and honestly, I'll fondly look back upon my second year at university as the one in which I was lost and had a lot of crises.

4. I got a part-time job! I tutor these really young kids and let me tell you, some are just ridiculously adorable. It's still snowing here (I know, WHY) so their parents dress them in snowpants and sometimes full-on one-piece snowsuits and ack so cute. Wee little marshmallows. D'awww. 

5. The only book I've read recently is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and if we ignore the slightly unhealthy tinge to their relationship (I mean, yeah, it can be problematic. I will completely agree with your view if you say that) but oh gosh, this book is just... lovely. Rich. Full. Lots of feelings and beautiful words, and restores my love of YA contemporary (despite being set in 1986 and mentioning casette players and record stores). Alexa had Eleanor and Park as her #1 couple on her (awesome) Christmas Countdown for 2012... I totally see where she's coming from.

6. The next book I'm hoping to read is Scarlet by Marissa Meyer! Hope it's good, I've heard wonderful things :)

7. I am very grateful for my ability to nap pretty much anywhere, any time. If I've got a 30 minute gap before class, I can spend a solid 25 minutes sleeping. Knock on wood that by sleeping skills don't fade as I grow old.

8. I'm feeling so old lately. I'm not even twenty, but I think being around young kids at work make me feel sooooo old.

9. I want to go to New York City SO BADLY.

10. Patrick Ness has 2 books coming out this year and I just want everybody to know that. 

11. Dear Markus Zusak: When is The Bridge of Clay coming out? I've patiently waited for over three years... the longest I've waited for a book ever. But take your time, because I WILL be crying tears over your words of perfection.

12. I bought Chocolate Soy Milk today and it's so yummy!!! 

13. I also tried making quesadillas... tried being the operative word.

14. I've been trying to catch some NCAA March Madness games online... only problem is I don't know who to cheer for... so who are YOU cheering for? I'm a total bandwagon-er (and yes, go Tar Heels because I adore you, Sarah Dessen).

Hope you lovelies are doing well and reading good books :) Cheers,


  1. Hahaha that was an awesome update post! As crazy as university is, enjoy every insane second. I miss it! Happy Spring!

  2. Bridge of Clay needs to get here pronto!

  3. Oh those existential crises, so much fun (currently avoiding the fact that I haven't picked my major yet lol). Now I want to read Eleanor & Park! And ofc whatever brilliance Patrick Ness has in store later this year... Bridge of Clay, too. I hope they don't massacre the book thief movie :P

  4. Ohmigod that was so informative! I nearly forgot about reading Eleanor & Park! :) Good luck with school! Hope it's not TOO rough!

  5. I reallly want to read Eleanor & Park so yay that you like it! And I can assure you Scarlet is fantabulous.
    The tutoring job sounds like so much fun :)

  6. Ahh I want to read Eleanor & Park so badly!!! And yes, I feel you with the snow. It needs to go. I've had enough of winter thank you very much!

    After finally reading The Book Thief, I now see why you're so eagerly awaiting Bridge of Clay... I'm getting in line too :P

  7. Love your update! And i hope you have fun with scarlet, because i know i had!

  8. I'm so ecstatic that I will be in North America in May so that I can see all those wonderful movies!!!

  9. i am excited for star trek too


    love your blog even when you are busy.

    i am glad you love Eleanor and park. weirdly, i couldnt get into it, but i think i should give it another chance as it really seems like SUCH A ME BOOK

  10. LOVE this list, audrey! so excited about Patrick Ness and Markus Zusak...for whenever that comes. :)


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