Monday, December 31, 2012

Favourite Movies of 2012

Guys. I have a confession.

Actually, it's not really a confession but just a sharing of my obsession... with movies. I watched about... 100 (yes, A HUNDRED) movies this year (including rewatching movies, that is), and I'm only mildly embarrassed to admit that. And of course, being the end of the year, I have to do a best-of list.

Just a reminder, these are movies watched in 2012, not movies released. And this is super-subjective because hell, I suck at determining the worth of movies. This is purely based on how much I personally liked it (and you will soon be able to tell that my tastes aren't exactly the most sophisticated..hehe).


The Dark Knight Rises
-because holy shit was this movie amazing. I watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight that week to prepare myself for the glorious-ness, and seeing everything come full circle was just more than satisfying. I loved Bane, loved Catwoman, loved Alfred, loved Lucius Fox, loved John Blake... everyone killed it.

The Avengers
-this one makes the list on pure enjoyability, because this movie just makes me happy. I am such a sucker for sarcastic quips and fun action, and adding in my favourite superheroes (Iron Man) in a fun, exciting, and funny movie was just the best. I watched this three times...

Good Will Hunting
-why haven't I seen this sooner? I loved the story, the performances, and how it was smart and had a lot of heart.

Brokeback Mountain
-another one I'm kicking myself for not watching sooner, I really loved this movie-- it was just beautiful.

Les Miserables
-I've never seen the musical, so this was pretty much my first exposure to this musical-turned-movie. And man, I just loved it. The acting was great, the singing was phenomenal, and the story wasn't as hard to follow as I feared (seeing I had no idea what to expect going in). I have the soundtrack on repeat... still. It's really really good, and I'd highly recommend it.

Django Unchained
-okay, it might be because this movie is still very fresh in my mind, but I thought it was fantastic. It was over the top, bloody, but badass and the actors really shined. I think my favourite part was actually just how funny it was, I was nearly crying at that scene with the masks. Not a movie for children, but yes, do watch if you get the chance.


The Hobbit
-just being back in Middle Earth made me happy, it's like coming home :') The Lord of the Rings movies are my favourite movies of all time, and while The Hobbit wasn't perfect, but I still loved it. Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage were great, and the cinematography was so excellent as well.

-Javier Bardem, you dog. You fantastic actor, you. I loved the villain, and the movie was just shot beautifully-- the colours, the shadows, everything was just lovely to look at. And then the action was definitely up to par, and my favourite 007 impressed me again.

-oh my gawd, was this movie just so amazing or what? It made me a permanent fan of Joe Wright/Kiera Knightly collaborations, I think. Impeccably acted, it was just a great execution of a tragic love story.

-based on a true story, I was slightly skeptical as to why it was getting such rave reviews... until I watched it. I mean, you know what's going to happen. You already know it but the movie manages to make me sooo nervous, sitting at the edge of my seat seeing if they actually pull it off. And that's what made me love it.

-creative, interesting, and thought-provoking, this was the perfect blend of storytelling and action. It ends on quite a twist, but a great one nevertheless.

The Hunger Games


Pitch Perfect
-fun fun FUN. I love this movie!! Like I will watch it again and again and smile every time. Sure, the plot was lacking, but the music and performances were so freaking fun.

21 Jump Street
-unexpectedly hilarious. That is all. Go watch.

-this makes the cut only for this scene which had me in tears. The rest of the movie sucked...


The Bourne Legacy
-I hated it soooooo much. Ugh. I want my money back.

-Just not my thing. Eh.

Mirror Mirror
-this movie just sucked. blegh.


The Expendables 2
-don't go into this expecting anything more than bad acting, cheesy lines, and your favourite over-the-hill action stars. But if you lower your expectations and you're aware this is nothing more than a movie of explosions, you won't be disappointed. I loved how self aware it was, too.


Moonrise Kingdom
-like, I can't say charming enough. So lovely.

Midnight in Paris
-just a fantastic and unexpectedly charming movie that easily won me over.


Pride & Prejudice (2005)
-I watch this all the time, whenever I need a pick-me-up. I just adore it.

Casino Royale
-the first time I've seen it since it first came out, and I was actually kind of surprised by how much I liked it and how little I remembered it, haha.

The Dark Knight trilogy
-I watched this series like, 2-3 times this year...

Star Trek
-the sequel can't come soon enough is all I'm saying.


So yeah, this was quite a long list, but oh well! There's a lot of movies that almost made the cut but had I included, the list would be like, over 20.

And of course, I'd love to know what your favourite movie you watched this year was!


  1. The Avengers definitely made my best movies of 2012 too! OMG and 21 Jumpstreet, I seriously can't watch that movie without laughing! Awesome list Audrey, I'm going to have to check out Pitch Perfect, it looks really good!
    Have a happy 2013! :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you! And Pitch Perfect is just awesome :) Happy New Year Katie!


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