Thursday, October 25, 2012

hey. again. nothing to see here.

So I currently have Taylor Swift's new CD playing on repeat, and I have no regrets.

some small things and some random thoughts that really weren't present until I started writing this post:

1. So university, eh? Second year has been going well, there's been a lot of work and a lot of studying (thank god for the first round of midterms being over yesterday... although I have a paper and another midterm next week. I spoke too soon) but sometimes there's a spark when I'm reviewing my notes and I realize I'm actually enjoying it. Very nerdy, I know, but at least I'm not homicidal.

2. In other news, I'm going through my brain files and I can't really think of the next book I'm just craving for this year. I have Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta sitting on my desk waiting to be read after next week's exam (A NEW MM BOOK YESSS) but really there's nothing else in 2012 that I'm dying to read. And that's almost completely my own fault because I'm so out of the loop.

3. There's an Ontario Book Blogger meet up in November! I wish I'd signed up (I wasn't sure if I had exams at the time) but hehehe, I feel I'm not really qualified as a 'book blogger' anymore. It's funny how some of these things go, because I remember a few years ago I was convinced I could never give up blogging because it's been such a huge part of my life. I still love books, I just don't blog with the same vigour as I used to.

4. Iron Man 3 trailer! I died. I love Iron Man so much it's pretty irrational.

5. I have a bunch of reviews that I need to write, but I've forgotten a lot of the books :(  #badbookblogger is my life.

6. My house is out of food and due to study-crazed week, I've eaten way too much Tim Horton's. Cinnamon Raisin bagel with butter is my go-to.

7. I'm taking an abnormal psychology course (which I think my mindset on it has changed dramatically when I found the exam not as difficult as I had originally feared. I flip-flop between loving it and hate studying for it.) and I need to stop diagnosing myself. It scares me.

8. It was 19 degrees (celcius) today, which was glorious.

9. SERIOUSLY if you aren't watching Lizzie Bennet Diaries, WHY NOT? Mondays and Thursdays are made just a wee bit brighter.

10. The tv shows I'm currently following: How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Castle, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, Parks & Rec, Person of Interest, The Daily Show.

11. The only reason I wish I was American is so I could vote in their elections.

12. Reviews I need to write (so you can call me out on it): Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally, Promised by Caragh M Obrien, Rebel Heart by Moira Young.

13. If you're seriously dying to see my face though, I reviewed For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund in a vlog for TotallyBooksessed.

14. I want a nap.


  1. Sad I'm not gonna see you at the meet up :(

    But i'm glad university's going well for you... and there's nothing wrong with Tim Horton's... we're Canadian, it's basically another food group.

    Oh, and have you watched The Walking Dead? I'm on season two and completely addicted, i totally recommend it :D I've also been watching the Bachelor Canada which is complete trash but so, so entertaining :)

    anyway, good luck with that midterm!

    1. You'll have a blast!

      And one of my friends just started watching it and keeps telling me I need to :p it looks really good! and thanks chloe, good luck to you too in school :)

  2. I've been listening to Red on repeat too-I'm posting a review on my blog on Sunday. I <3 TS!


    I read that sentence and I'm officially, 100% hooked on your blog. And New Girl is awesome too! I actually think you're me in the future (was that creepy to say???). And btw, your rating system is awesome. Potterheads FTW.


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