Monday, July 2, 2012

I need movies recs!

Hello lovelies! This is a non bookish post, so if you're here for books, sorry :p

I've been on a movie watching streak that is getting borderline embarrassing considering I spent the entire monday in my pajamas (shhhh) and watched a bad movie and a good movie. Before I ask for recommendations I'll include the last 10 movies I watched (kind of over the span of a week, wow) and a few sentences of my thoughts. If you're curious, a full list of movies I've seen this year can be seen here (and yes, I realize I've seen far more movies than books). Also, I know this post will be long winded and useless, I just really wanted to talk about movies.

Last 10 movies I watched:

-I didn't really love this but if you go into it knowing it is just mindless entertainment (think Transformers with aliens) you might not hate it. I didn't like it because it felt really manipulated, from the music to the ways they tried to build the tension. And I was really annoyed because I found the last quarter of the movie (the battleship part) to be highly unlikely-- a real dealbreaker (oh wow, Audrey doesn't complain about the aliens but she complains about the boats. She has a great logical mind there, she does) 2.5/5

-Yup, the one with Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher, and okay, I don't hate Katherine Heigl (I'm actually caught off guard by the intensity of some people's hatred towards her) and I did reasonably think this movie was enjoyable.. until it felt like every. single. person. was a killer and then it just got kind of ridiculous. Overall a cliched, sometimes-likeable film. 3/5

-Well, this was a fun one :) I'm really fond of the protagonist Merida and I thought Brave was interesting enough. I didn't really like the twist very much, but after I got past my initial surprise/displeasure and just well, got over it, I came to enjoy the film. Lovely mother-daughter moments but well, not my favourite Pixar movie. 4/5

Mirror Mirror
-What the heck happened? Ech, just not really my thing. I found it really boring and I found it creepy that the 18 year old Snow White was supposed to end up with the seemingly 30 year old Prince Charming. Nothing in this movie really impressed me, and it was very, very forgettable. 2/5

This Means War
-Don't expect too much from this, and if you don't, you'll like it. I thought it was.. okay. What did I like? Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. What did I not like? Reese Witherspoon's character, I just can't really get behind her dating two guys at once, which was kind of the whole point of the movie. Villain was atrociously underdeveloped and the ending was blah. However, I did find a few of the scenes entertaining to watch, but ultimately, it's another cliched romantic comedy* to me, just with an unlikable leading lady. 2.5/5

Men in Black III 
-I really liked the first MIB film, thought the second was okay..and that was like.. 10 years ago? AGES ago, like wow. The third one was interesting and made enjoyable because Josh Brolin played an awesome younger version of Agent K. It was nostalgic to get back to the MIB universe, and overall while it wasn't the best movie by a long shot, I didn't dislike any part of it and it was actually kind of touching towards the end, though nowhere near as emotional as some people made it out to be (or I just have no heart). 3.5/5

The Italian Job 
-Well, this is the epitome of movies I adore. I use the word adore because it's not as if I'm convinced it's the best heist movie (it's a heist movie!) ever or anything, it just has all the elements I love. I liked how the characters are sympathetic and the heist is smart (I love heists, just saying.. yeah) and it had the Oceans Eleven feeling to it and the action was good and characters were funny.. all around one of the better movies I've seen recently. One of those movies that are very "me" movies. 4.5/5

Good Will Hunting
-Okay, I know it took me forever to finally watch this movie (dude, it is a pre-2000's movie) but gosh, I really loved it. I don't even know why, it was just that I was really into it when I was watching and I loved Will's character and the brains and heart in the movie, along with Robin Williams' character too. And I totally had the creys. 5/5

Magic Mike 
-*blush* that's right, I watched it. I thought the ending was too abrupt and I think all I want to say is that if you go into this movie thinking it's just a stripper movie, you'll be surprised. However, you can't go into it thinking it's going to have some deep insightful message. The movie does have some heartfelt parts but come on... are you going to watch it for the storyline or the pelvic thrusting? A perfect girls' night movie though. 3/5

The Three Musketeers 
-I tried to like it.. ish. But eh, even Logan Lerman had a hard time saving this movie. However, it's like.. mindless entertainment and the plot is alright and there's sword fighting (I really like sword fighting. and archery) so eh.. not worth a rewatch but I'm not hating it with every fibre of my being. 2.5/5

Midnight in Paris
-this one you have to kind of sit down and get into a mindset of watching the movie or you'll get distracted (I did, the first time I tried watching it) but I really, really enjoyed this one. I loooved the Paris feel from the music to the absolutely breathtaking setting. I wasn't expecting what happened (is that a twist or did I just miss it?) but it was still engaging and I like seeing the character arcs and well, the very interesting characters introduced. I thought Marion Cotillard was excellent in her role too. I want to go to Paris so bad!! 4.5/5 

Okay, now that I've rambled, I would love some recommendations (because I've got so much more time to waste). To be more specific: nothing pre-1995 unless it's truly fantastic, either romantic comedies that are great or really good dramas, or a.. brilliant comedy or something. Something good, haha. No movies featuring teen disney stars.

Or I'll just ask, what's the best movie you've seen recently?

*It feels like i watch a lot of romatic comedies always looking for something I like.. and I'm most often disappointed (I somehow feel like I have high standards, though I like some really bad movies too so.. *shrugs*) Also, if you're curious, my favourite romantic comedy for a while has been Crazy Stupid Love.


  1. Just recently (like, last night- lol) I watched "The Artist" and thought it was STUNNING. It was like an ode to the beginning of film! And it was amazing because it felt just as intense as a movie with talking...the way the acting was done and the music took over every scene and made me feel...MAN. It was just awesome. Great, happy end and lovely filming! Besides that...well, I haven't watched too many movies recently. Except for like, "The Avengers" (which was totally rad) and "The Hunger Games" (which I can't rave about enough it was so wonderful). SO yah.
    Great list of movies you've watched! Some I haven't seen but others I'm really looking forward to enjoying! :D

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

    1. I watched The Artist on a plane and I agree, SUCH a wonderful film, even for someone who really hasn't seen many classic movies, I thought it was excellent as well. I'm totally with you on the music-- fabulous. DUDE AVENGERS AND THG <333 Lovelovelove!

  2. i love the italian job! such a fun movie. if you like old movies i would suggest the sting with redford and newman, a really awesome old school sort of heist movie.

    1. I agree!! And if it's a heist movie.. I'm in :) THANKS!!

  3. I haven't watched many recently, which makes me sad, I used ot watch loads of movies, now I tend to fall asleep in the middle (getting old!) but one that kept me awake was Super8 - that was a brilliant film. I also liked Hugo a lot.

    1. I haven't gotten around to watching Super8 (I'm always very hesitant with movies with child actors) but then again, I really adored Hugo so.. haha :p

  4. The Italian Job, Good Will Hunting AND Midnight in Paris? Oh sweetie, you're a woman after my own heart! ;)

    Well, I'm a total superhero freak, so the best movie I've seen in a while was the Avengers, but that was back in April. Hahah, do not regret the Marvel marathon and then the midnight session, despite the two cups of coffee and assortment of jelly snakes and chocolate that kept me going. Anyway.

    If you can handle the suspense, The Woman in Black was absolutely breathtaking. The story itself was a play and a novel and whatever, so it's pretty old. Unlike others, I can't hold it against the filmmakers, who are so talented - the cinematography and the music is just flawless, and it winds you up so well. Not gory or B-grade or anything, just absolutely spine-chilling.

    Hm. Se7en is my favourite crime film - it is pretty gritty, but absolutely worth it, and again, breathtaking, and if you haven't seen David Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, do it. Again, graphic, but beautifully made and so well acted.

    Otherwise, Shakespeare in Love and the Young Victoria are my recommendations. :)

    1. <33
      I completely share your obsession with superheroes, I've seen all the recent marvel movies.. AWESOME <3 Iron Man is my fave.

      Hmm, I'm usually bad about suspense/horror but I've been meaning to watch The Woman in Black, mostly because of Daniel Radcliffe. I'm even more curious about it now, thanks! And I am DEFINITELY going to watch Se7en sometime, I've been meaning to get around to it but haven't yet :( soon though, I've heard such good things about it. and I thought TGWTDT was excellent.

      I don't htink I've seen Shakespeare in Love beginning to end before.. I'll have to watch it for sure! thank you for the recs!

  5. I couldn't finish Good Will Hunting... I sort of lost interest. But maybe one day I'll go back to it.

    Hmm... good movies... Well, the last movie I saw was 21 Jumpstreet, which was very entertaining and funny, although I thought it was a bit unrealistic in terms of what high school is like.

    Another one I watched was Superbad, which also has Jonah Hill and was really funny as well. I usually don't watch straight up comedies like 21 Jumpstreet or Superbad, but they were actually really entertaining.

    Oh, and last month I watched the whole BBC series of Pride and Prejudice, which was just FANTASTIC. I was so against watching it, but it is really, really great. Not quite a movie but still amazing.

    My favourite movie is The Notebook, but since you've been searching for the perfect rom com, I'm guessing you've seen that one :)

    1. Aww hopefully another time! ANd hehe I watched 21 Jump Street twice in theatres, I thought it was hilarious as well :D I think I watched half of Superbad agesss ago, I'll probably have to see it again sometime.

      AHH THE BBC P&P IS AMAZINGGGG <3333 gahhh I love it SO MUCH!!! <333 And the NOtebook is like, perfect girls night movie, I adore it! (and ryan gosling... hehe)

  6. Some good movies I've seen recently are The Avengers, The Hours, Anonymous, Titus, and Blue Valentine. I hear Brave is amazing so I'm dying to see it!

    1. I really liked Blue Valentine and thought THe Avengers was freaking amazing! I haven't seen the other two though, I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the recs Laura :) I miss you around the blogosphere/twitter :(

  7. Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Juno.

  8. If you're up for some obscure Netflix watching, try I'm A Cyborg, But That's Ok. It's a Korean film on Netflix that (and maybe this is only because I'm freakishly weird) is amazing! It's so odd....but yet so sweet. And, (even though this isn't a movie)Doctor Who is always awesome, especially if you're bored.

    1. That sounds... very obscure but I'll see if I can find it on canadian netflix :) And I've been trying to get into Doctor Who but the first episode was kind of a turn off.. lol we'll see though!

  9. The Avengers is the movie I mostly recently saw and it was amazing. Still thinking about it. I loved it. Then if you're going to watch that try all the super hero movies that go with it. Iron Man especially.

    Now for romance, my favorite is Shakespeare in Love. It's an older on but it's just SO GOOD. The newest Pride and Prejudice is also another romance favorite of mine.

    If you liked Brave and want to try another animated How To Train Your Dragon is sooo good and so cute. :) Then others off the top of my head would be Pirate of the Caribbean, Penelope, While You Were Sleeping, and a Walk to Remember.

    1. LOVE AVENGERS, and Iron Man is my favourite (I can't even contain my excitement for iron man 3). Ahh that's 2 recs for Shakespeare in Love, I think that's the movie I'll watch next!! And I adore the new (and the BBC) P&P <3

      Ahh HTTYD is one of my fave pixar movies!! I'll have to check out While You were Sleeping, that's the only one i haven't seen!

    2. How to train your dragon isn't pixar
      its dreamworks

  10. I've seen Avengers and Brave recently also Madagascar 3 (cute) at the the theatre. Movies at home?: The new Sherlock Holmes(skip it) The A Team -surprisingly ok, and The Secret World of Arietty-loved this one......oh and I recently watched Whip It again for like the 2oth that movie...

    1. Hmm, I might have to watch the A Team, it seems like an okay-watchable but probably forgettable action flick.. and i usually dont mind those :p ANd I've never had that much interest in Whip It but now I might watch it!

  11. I second on how to train your dragon it was amazing (and better then the book by far)
    I haven't seen many movies lately though I do plan on seeing brave to bad you said nothing before 1995 because I was going to recommend one of my favorite Disney movies

    The Great Mouse Detective

    I loved this movie growing up and I mean you can't beat Vincent price and animation

    The very last last movie I saw on DVD was "The secret of Kells" and before that was how to train your dragon
    you may also enjoy the outsiders but again that goes against the "nothing after 1995" rule there

    You should try a Hyao myazaki movie

    Spirited Away
    Howl's Moving Castle
    Ponyo On A Cliff
    Princess Mononoke

    though he has more such as Castle in the sky and Kiki's Delivery servius

    Anything by Tim burten Corpse bride is good and he has a new one coming out:
    As for live action.....
    Muppet treasure island
    Mr. Magorium's wonder emporium
    Edward sissorhand (this is a movie you need to see at least once)

    1. I've seen The Outsiders and liked it, and I dunno, I've never really watched much anime (I've only seen Spirited away and a part of Ponyo) but maybe I'll take a shot. And I feel like the only person who didn't like Edward Scissorhands (I got bored and didn't finish that movie.. oops) but maybe I'll try watching it again!

  12. If you liked Midnight In Paris, perhaps you will like Paris, je t'aime? It's basically a bunch of short films that are a love letter to Paris. One of my favourite films is also the popular Amélie!

    I think you might also like Wes Anderson's films? I love The Royal Tenenbaums.

    1. I've had Amelie for ages but never got around to watching it! And I just got The Royal Tenenbaums so hopefully I can watch it soon, I've been soo curious about Moonrise Kingdom for the longest time!



    (argh! caps!)

    i dont even know what magic mike is, thats how out of it i am :)

    i love good will hunting too :)

    one of my faves is tristan and isolde. it is not entirely true to the original myth, but it's great. and watch out for henry cavill in it (he plays merlot) b/c OH MY GOSH holy hotness.

    i havent watched very many movies lately, have neen feeling uninspired :/

    1. TAYLOR KITSCH <3 He was awesome. hehehe
      and magic mike... LOL just think of a male stripper movie with endless abs :p
      I'm totally unknowing of the original myth, but when you mention holy hotness.. that will be very soon on my watch list XD

  14. Hmmm, how about...
    Easy A
    Inventing the Abbots
    That Thing You Do
    Run Lola Run
    Jane Eyre (the new one)
    Snow White and the Huntsman
    Monte Carlo
    Ever After
    The Wedding Singer
    X-Men: First Class
    The King's Speech

    1. Loved Easy A! Kick ass, jane eyre, hanna, drive, xmen, TKS, bridesmaids.. i've seen those ones. But I'll definitely check out the other ones :D thank you!

  15. You've got a TON of responses here but I figured I'd throw in my two cents especially since I've given you good suggestions in the past *cough* SHERLOCK! *cough*

    These first two are kind of old but they're SUPER good. They're from 1995 and 1998.

    While You Were Sleeping - A great romantic comedy. It's hilarious and I never get tired of watching it. Ever.

    You've Got Mail - Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a romantic comedy that isn't Sleepless in Seattle. This is another one that I also never get tired of watching.

    Both those movies are amazingly quotable too.

    Another old one (REALLY old one. Sorry. :P) is Rear Window which is directed by Alfred Hitchcock and stars Jimmy Stewart. It's honestly my favorite Alfred Hitchcock. Disturbia (which by the way you should see if you haven't!) is loosely based around it. It's such a good movie.

    Now for some newer stuff.

    The Prestige - It's Christopher Nolan (Batman movies, Inception) so that alone makes it amazing. It's thought provoking, totally mind bending, and just a bit creepy. One of those movies you have to watch twice to really understand it. It's amazing.

    Dan in Real Life - If you like Crazy Stupid Love I'm pretty sure you'll love DiRL because it's got Steve Carrell in it and it's just a really great romcom. Definitely my favorite romcom to come out of hollywood of late.

    Shutter Island - This one is great if you're looking for something that's scary and will make you think. It's another one of those crazy films that you have to watch twice to really understand.

    A Beautiful Mind - This is SUCH a good drama film. If you haven't seen it you must. It's brilliant.

    A few others that deserve a mention are (500) Days of Summer, Finding Neverland (this one is absolutely magical!), and The Village.

    Oh and THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE YES!!!! Hahaha I totally agree with Kate's comment that you have to see it. That was my favorite movie as a kid. One of my favorite disney ones. :)

    1. SHERLOCKKKK <333 Can not thank you enough hahaha

      I just borrowed Youv'e Got Mail.. I hope I get a chance to watch it, I feel like a lot of the 90s romcoms I haven't seen :( And Alfred Hitchcock movies just looks scary, but I'd love to attempt watching Rear Window sometime though.

      I LOVE Chris Nolan movies, The Prestige was insane, and I got DiRL too so I can't wait to watch it. Same for A Beautiful Mind, I remember mocking it when I was younger because my mom liked it but now I'm in love with dramas so I definitely need to watch.

      500 days is one of my fave romantic dramas ever! I haven't seen the other 3 you mentioned, but I WILL TRY TO!!! :D THANK YOU for the recommendations, Julia!!

  16. Mirror Mirror just looks creepy to me. I didn't think it looked very amusing from the trailers either... I'd like to see Brave and Men in Black III.

    I don't have any recommendations. ): Everyone else took mine (would've been Jane Eyre, Ponyo, Easy A). BUT I do have something else for you. (:

    1. Haha it was kind of weird, the other two you mentioned were great!

      and thank you!! xx


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