Friday, July 13, 2012

here's a 10 minute video... (bookshelf tour)

...of my bookshelves. If you're curious. But seriously, it's like 10 minutes so I completely understand if you're just like "screw this".

If you don't know yet, I'm Friday for a Youtube Collab channel called TotallyBooksessed and we talk about books and yeah... go check that out :) Happy Friday!


  1. OMG YOU HAVE THE COVER OF THE BOOK THIEF I WANT!!!!! I am really jealous and one of the reasons I haven't read The Book Thief yet is because I hate the American cover. I'm curious about the books behind the books, haha. I started I Capture the Castle awhile back but haven't finished it yet. Same with IQ84. I don't see This Lullaby in your Sarah Dessen session, woe. I'm excited for the Hold Still film too! I liked looking at your bookshelves!

  2. That was fun! I didn't even notice the ten minutes going by :D


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