Friday, April 6, 2012

(un)obligatory April thoughts post

It seems like every month I'm just writing a random post that really has very little to do with books, but I guess that just goes to prove what an awful book blogger I am :) So, again, in a list, things on my mind:

1. I read This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers recently and let me tell you, that book if effing brilliant. And if that book is in your possession (via Netgalley, etc) and you're not really reading it for one reason or another... STOP. READ IT. I was completely swept up in it and it's haunting and painful and the writing hurts and everything is so brilliant.

2. I used to read Harry Potter fanfiction like.. oh gosh.. 5 years ago? I want to say beginning of high school, and funnily, I used to be totally repulsed by the idea of  admitting it but now I'm just like "hey, it was 5 years ago *shrugs*" (one of the joys of growing up and 'maturing'). It's funny because I found myself on the site the other day and I realized one of those super popular stories I liked and was never really updated was finally completed, so I was treated to like 7 chapters and an actual ending to a fanfic from ages ago, which was nice and super nostalgic too (Still Delicate, if you're curious).

3. I'm SO excited for May! Biggest reasons: Bitterblue, Insurgent, and The Avengers movie! I've read Bitterblue and it is sooo fantastic, I'll definitely be buying a copy for myself. And internet, help me find friends who are as obsessive about the Avengers as I am.. I swear nobody understands why I've pretty much watched the trailer 20 times now (not even kidding).

4. I'm probably gonna get stoned for this, and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one, but despite my excitement for Insurgent, I'm getting wiped out by the hype. I'm just not feeling it anymore; I think the pre-release campaign is such a smart and unique idea with all those faction teams, but I keep seeing it everywhere (and pretty much 50% of my twitter feed these days) and it's getting a bit much. So yeah, this is an instance of overhyping that very slightly makes me not want to read the book as much.

5. Which also brings me to another point about hype, and that's you have to get the timing right. I was wayyy too excited for a book around November-ish, and there was so much hype going around (WoWs, early reviews, etc) about it, except it's released in June 2012... which is quite a ways away. And I feel like after my super-excited period is over, I'm entering the refractory period in which I really don't have much interest in the book anymore. Which kind of makes me sad.

6. I recently reread A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley, which was one of my fave reads last year, and cried, it's so good :) I've now reread 4 books this year and that makes me really happy. Currently rereading Just Listen by Sarah Dessen :)

7. I vlog-reviewed Black Heart by Holly Black for TotallyBooksessed (link here), so you should check it out. And I'll be hopefully writing an actual review-review of a book soon... #awfulblogger

8. How freaking good was The Hunger Games??? I know some people didn't really like it, but I thought it was fantastic, considering it's an adaption. Okay, you can't have every single tiny detail on point, but I thought the movie got the essence of the book pretty well, and Jennifer Lawrence was superb.

9. Finalsfinalsfinals are on my brain. I'm stressed and not excited, but it's the final stretch... light at the end of the tunnel! I promise there will be regular bookish content over the summer! PROMISE. But till then I'm just knee-deep in series, sequences, and stupid integrals, so bye bye for now :)


  1. 1. YAY! I don't usually do zombie books but I CAN'T WAIT for This is Not a Test! EEK :)

    2. Another YAY for fan fiction! Some of it is really well done. It always bothers me when an author doesn't finish their work, so I'm glad you got some resolution with the HP fanfic.

    4. AGREED. I haven't read Divergent yet, but I plan to. But I'm seriously getting sick of seeing Insurgent everywhere! It's absolutely flooded twitter and my google reader. That's one thing I'm NOT missing on my 2 week social media ban!!

    8. Just saw The Hunger Games two days ago and it was pretty good. I think I need to reasses on DVD when I DON'T have a horrible migraine (that movie is LOUD too, ugh) and am super exhausted.

    9. GOOD LUCK on midterms! I'm done all my papers and stuff next Saturday. SO much to do between now and then but I'm so friggen excited LOL.

    1. SO GOOD! I mean, the zombies are really really cool aspect but it's SOO "courtney summers", you'll know what I mean when you read it! Ohh my god, a social media ban. I love that idea!! And thank you! Good luck on your papers too :D :D

  2. Now I reallly want to read This Is Not A Test! And Bitterblue (but I have to read Fire first). Oh, and A Little Wanting Song (although I want to buy it and I can't find it anywhere).

    Also, I just thought I'd let you know that your blog is on my computer's list of "most visited pages". Is that creepy? Haha probably a little...

    I'm super excited for Insurgent, but the hype is getting to me a little. Especially on Twitter. Oh, and I saw THG for the second time on Thursday night and it is just so EPIC. I am freaking out with all this casting business for Catching Fire.

    Oh, and because I trust your book recs so much (I always love anything you recommend: TSiE, Jellicoe, If I Stay/Where She Went...) I bought myself a copy of Graffiti Moon that I will hopefully read soon.

    Good luck with finals!

    1. I'm seriously so stoked about all those books :D And hahha athat's not creepy at all, it's so flattering!! <3

      LOL I watched THG twice too, soo good :D And sames, I can't wait to see who they cast as Finnick XD

      Thank you!! ANd I hope you love Graffiti Moon!! <3

  3. I get where your coming from with the "insurgent" hype being a little to much... but seeing as I'm on Team Amity I can't really complain too much I also don't have twitter so for me it seems liked for every 15 posts there is two for the insurgent hype which isn't that bad IMHO -shrugs-
    I am waiting for the DVD of the hunger games due to the shaky cam effect I've heard it doesn't sound like I'd want to watch it on the big screen
    I know what you mean about hype which is why I'm the wierd one of "Everyone is reading it? I'll check it out later then" I actually have a new shelf on my GR account just for such books called "my back burner reads" Shelf and "This is not a test" is on there

    I'm happy to see your back at least a little though I love your posts

    1. Yeah, if shaky cam bothers you, I'd agree b/c it can get a bit overwhelming if you're watching it in theatre and you don't like the effect. I think different book hype can have different effects on me, because I know sometimes I completely buy into the hype, and other times I hate it.

  4. Ugh, I am also sick of reading about Insurgent on Twitter. It makes me not want to even sign in. I just started reading it and I honestly find that I am less excited about reading it because of all the hype. It is like reverse encouragement.

    I really need to read This Is Not A Test. I adore CS but I've only read her contemps so far.

    Good luck on your finals!

    1. I'm curious to see what you think of it! I'm staying away from reviews because I think that would just overdo it. I'd rather not let myself get TOO subjective with regards to letting hype affect my reading experience, and LOL yes, reverse encouragement XD

      I think This is Not a Test really has the CS flavour to it (intense writing, great characters) and I was apprehensive about the whole zombie thing too, but honestly, it didn't bother me at all and it had pretty much everything i loved about her contemps :)

      Thank you!!

  5. I get you on the Insurgent hype! The campaigning for it is cool but wow, it is SO INTENSE. I liked it better when I thought there weren't going to be ARCs around it so it wouldn't be overhyped. I'm trying to stay away from it because I don't want to it to be a total buzzkill when I finally do read it. I'm pretty excited for The Avengers film too although probably not as excited for you. SUPERHEROES! Team work!! Some of my favourite things.

  6. The Hunger Games was freaking amazeballs! Jennifer Lawrence was just perfect as Katniss.
    Good luck in your finals!

  7. Me! Pick me! I'm so royalty in love with super hero movies! I've been excited fot this movie for like three years! :p

  8. Me! Pick me! I'm so royalty in love with super hero movies! I've been excited fot this movie for like three years! :p

  9. Good luck with finals!

    Bitterblue and This is Not a Test are two of my most highly anticipated books of the year - good to know they're amazing.

    And yes there is definitely a thin line between enough hype and overhype!


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