Thursday, March 1, 2012

on my MIND

I feel like every few months I look back and do an update-like post that really isn’t that informative, but I still do it anyways. Too bad, huh :p So here we go, this is just some odd blogging/book/world related thoughts on my mind.


The fabulous Linna from 21 Pages is a super-talented graphic designer, and I’m pretty sure ALL of you know about her gorgeous blog… but check out these designs she did for Chloe’s blog and Ezmirelda's blog! The designs are beautiful, that Linna girl is talented.  So if you’re fed up with your layout… *shoves you towards her design blog*


Another extremely talented and super lovely graphic designer (who, from my naïve assumptions, is pretty much the smartest person ever regarding codes, wordpress, websites, etc) Cialina also designs blogs (understatement, probably), along with helping you transition from blogger to self-hosted, if you want to jump on that bandwagon (all the cool kids are doing it!). And her blog.. it’s so pretty... so, so pretty.


What is with all the cover reveals?????
I mean, sure, it’s great publicity and that, but it just feels like it crept up on me and BOOM, one day all I see is cover reveals everywhere.


I need an awesome book to read. Any suggestions?
Requirements because I’m picky:
No love triangles, not a series, protagonist older than 15, no paranormal, preferably tears or laughter-inducing, must not have ugly cover (jk).


I want to venture into reading adult fiction, any suggestions? Realistic fiction, preferably. Not Nicholas Sparks.


I’m currently doing this "try something new for 30 days" project from this Ted Talk that I found on Stephanie Perkins’ blog. It’s basically a challenge for myself to take a picture every day for 30 days, and I decided to create a Tumblr to post my pictures, so you can check it out if you’re interested. I feel like 2012 will be a year of 30 day challenges, and I’m considering maybe collab-ing with someone who might be interested in doing something small/creative/writing-esque for 30 days with me, comment if interested? :)


I’m seeing the midnight screening of The Hunger Games!!! EEEP I’m excited, and I’ll be done midterms by then!!! I’m pretty stoked about the movie, though I wish they’d stop comparing it to Twilight. That makes me gag.



I think I’ve rewatched that 5 times. I CAN’T WAIT. And no, I haven’t read the comics and such, but I’m just stoked to watch a movie that looks friggin AWESOME. (youtube link)


I find this tumblr very pleasing on the eyes. And if that’s not enough, read the tags. They’re hysterical (brought to you by the awesome Yahong). #he's luscious when he's intense, ya'll


What's the best movie you've seen recently? I need a movie to fall in love with.


I'm contemplating the future of this blog. I find that sometimes I try and sit down and write something reasonably intelligent or thought-provoking and it just turns into a pile of dung. Yeah that's right, dung. I've read an absurdly little number of books this year, yet I don't find myself wanting to jump into a few that have been sitting on my shelf. I don't find that I'm dying to read Pandemonium or whichever shiny new release that's been out, which makes me question my commitment to sparkle motion. Or whatever.

That's all, my lovelies, and as always, thanks for reading. I like how these posts always start out book related then end up on different tangents.



  1. Cialina designed my blog, and I am completely and totally in love with it.

    Also, totally agree with you about cover reveals.

  2. lol I post the comment and then see your DFTBA message and your book of the month. nevermind.... in that case, Wildwing by Emily Whitman, or Triangles by Ellen Hopkins.The Language of Secrets by Dianne Dixon. The Diary of Pelly D by L.J Adlington.

  3. alsd;kfsj;l <33333

    Hey, with a title like holes in my brain this blog can be about anything you want. I often enjoy the randomness on your mind more than shiny new releases anyway ;D

    also HAHAHA Yahong's captions are fantastic

    1. hahhaha thanks Linna :P

  4. YAY for Linna!

    And also, seeing as your blog is one of my most visited links, I definitely don't mind the random ramblings! Ramble on!

    Also, I'm seeing THG at midnihgt too and I'm soooooo excited. Gah!

    Oh, and my step-sister is really into adult fiction lately, and one that I got her for Christmas that she really liked was Water for Elephants... She also liked Let the Great World Spin and The Birth House (lol I always feel awkward typing that title :P)

    1. Hahha, hopefully I don't stop rambling any time soon. AHHHH YES SO EXCITED!!!! :D :D Oh god, it's gonna be crazy! Ooh, I've actually really wanted to read Water for Elephants, it looks awesome! I've never heard of the other books but I'll have to check them out (despite odd titles, heheh) thanks for the recs!

  5. So many blogging designs! My friend is going to re-design my blog for me and I'm so excited/anxious waiting for it. I love love a good blog design. I agree with all the cover reveals! It seems like they're EVERYWHERE lately and it's just so weird. Eeek I'm so excited for THG but I'm not seeing the midnight screening. Your posts are definitely not dung, I really enjoy reading them! I get that you're a bit burnt out though and maybe a break is needed?

    1. Eeep, I love blog redesigns, I just get tired of my theme, though this one has been around for a while :P Hahaha, awhh, thanks! Yeah, I feel I'm burnt out with life/schoolwork so I don't have time to blog or read :(

  6. oh Audrey. i'm not really the best with my blog either, but try to think it over and not delete it. i mean, even if life gets hectic, we can always blog when we get more time if it's still there. i would miss you too much :( yeah, i need to read more and review on the blog. also feel like i'm running out of things to write about at times but maybe i'm just rusty after being away for three months. might take some time to get back into it, is all. and I love the 30 day challenge. saw all the pics you took and were awesome! keep it up love. LOL at yahong tmblr. was hilarious seeing all the pics. he's quite the pretty boy :D

    yay for hunger games!! can't wait dude. and oh YEAH JEREMY RENNER, YEAHHHHHH. <333333

    1. <333 Awh Aly you always know what to say, you're right, I feel completely rusty when it comes to doing blogish things.. yeah, maybe just take time to get back into it. And thank you, only 10 more days till I feel reasonably accomplished XD and ISN'T IT SO PRETTY? SEE YAHONG? PRETTYYYY ;)

      BOO YA JEREMY RENNER, ooh he's playing the main character in the new Bourne movie EEEEEP BE EXCITED!!


    How 'bout picture books, yo? THIS ONE: Don't know if it's exactly up your alley but OMG it's adorable. <3

    And gal, I'll read you no matter what you blog about.

    (...Okay. That wasn't supposed to be lascivious or whatever. ^_^;)

    1. YAHONG WE LOVE YOU OKAY so when we say we love your obsessions, it also means YOU NEED TO TOTES FLAUNT IT because that boy is so FINE and deserves YOUR FLAUNTING ;)

      (don't be mortified)

      and D'AWWW that cover!! omg, that cover!!
      here you go. He's looking luscious, if not "O_o" in that picture :)

    2. OMG THAT IS AWESOME THANK YOU MY DEAR *files away in Tumblr* heeeee. :D LOLOL, okay, I agree with your assessment <3 <3 <3

      ALSO FOR MOVIES (I should probably give my shift key a break here): at Christmas, I saw Adventures of Tintin, and oh my donkey, that blew my mind. SO AWESOME. Dunno if it's still in theatres, but if not, rent it when it comes out. <3

      PS: your own captions for the thirty-day challenge are pretty darn awesome too, hey? ...And definitely more meaningful than mine. LOL. :D

    3. hehehehe :)

      And I'll totally admit I had no interest in TinTIn for some reason! Same with Hugo, but I feel like people have only been saying good stuff about it..

      and lol, thanks xD I was considering for my next 30 day challenge to do haikus.. i feel like that's a terrible idea all around.

  8. I am seriously in need of a good book, too :(

    I loved all the stuff in this post.

    Good luck with adult fictoin. What genre are you thinking? For thrillers I like Lisa Unger, she's breezy and egagaing. I'd tru Beuatiful Lies first. Also, Nicci French for thrillers :)

    one of my FAVE ever authors is Maggie O'Farrell. She is SO SERIOUSLY good.

    Also, if you ike Jaclyn Moriarty you might like her sister, Liane moriarty's books :)

    for relaxation and humour, Sophie Kinsella is good :)

    oh and i TRULY adore The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Which looks massive, but I swear is an easy read :)

    Love whatever you talk about :)

    and YES about cover reveals. They seem to be everywhere ~ and I dont find them overly interesting...

    1. I just want a book to either blow my mind or be hilarious... or something that's like INSTANTLY addicting because I'm sick of having to trudge along before getting sucked in to a book. Ooh, breezy and engaging seems pretty perfect, I'll put that on the list! I'll actually have to put all those books on my list, they seem like a great place to start!! Thank you so much!! :)

  9. Have you read Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith? I'm halfway through it right now, and it really is a kick-ass book.

    1. Ooh, sounds good! I feel adult books can be so much more... slack (?.. maybe?) and just write kick-ass, no-nonsense books, if that makes sense :P

  10. I love your ramblings! If you need to take time, take time away from the blog. I think reigniting a passion for reading is more important than blogging, but that's just my opinion :)

    I also recommend The Birth House if you like Canadian/historical fiction. One of my favourite adult fiction books is Riding in Cars with Boys by Beverley Donofrio. If you've seen the Drew Barrymore movie DON'T judge the book by it please!

    1. hahaha, awh, I'm glad XD Ooh, that's 2 for Birth House, it looks interesting, I just checked it out on goodreads! :) and Canadian too, yay! Hahaha I always think books > movies, no worries xD

  11. It's really hard to come up with recent standalones. I haven't read it yet but Loreal reviewed (raved, really) Wanderlove by Kristin Hubbard for Muggle-Born (review should be up in a few days...) and she really loved it. I don't know if it fits ALL of your criteria.

    As for adult books, gah. No clue. :P

    Lastly, thanks very much for the shoutout. <3

    1. I LOVED Wanderlove!! Hehe I hope you get a chance to read it too, it's so lovely :) And no problem, i love your designs (as you should know XD)


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