Monday, February 20, 2012

Vlogging in February! a bookish tag

I originally saw this on The Readables (it's hosted by Sonya)! Clickie the links!

So this second vlog of February (hope you're enjoying this so far) is kind of a fun one, not as discussion-y but oh well. Just a tag in which I answer bookish questions I know you're dying to ask (not). I hope you enjoy!


1. What genre of books do you prefer?
2. What are some of the must-have books in your library?
3. What is the most expensive book on your shelf?
4. What book do you covet the most?
5. How much do you spend on books?
6. What do you think about the current trend in YA books?
7. What series do you wish had more books?
8. What are your go-to books in your library?
9. What book is currently in your bag?
10. What is the most prized book in your collection?
11. What are some non-fiction books on your shelf?
12. Favorite authors? (name up to 3)
13. Favorite bookstore?

If YOU want to answer ANY of them, just leave it in comments, I'd love to know! If you watched the video, thanks!! And of course, as always, if you have any vlog topic suggestions, I'd love to hear them as well :)


  1. You're so on point with the romanticization of dystopians. I feel like they negate the point of dystopians by making the whole point of it girl + boy = really fuzzy world building and hey let's kill some people off to pretend it's a dystopian. I feel like the point of dystopians (such as Fahrenheit 451) is to raise questions and I have yet to actually read a YA dystopian that made me think. Also yes to paranormal fading away! I've read quite a few but don't really prefer them.

    Your video also made me REALLY want to read a Melina Marchetta book! Also, I love Sarah Dessen too even though I only REALLY love two her books but boy, do I love them.

    1. I know, it especially annoys me when a story has so much potential because the premise sounds so cool on the surface, yet no development is done for the society because all the focus is on the brothers. Hahhaa I looove MM, you're probably already able to tell :P hehhe it's tough for me to choose a favourite Dessen books, I really do adore pretty much all of them! thanks so much for watching and commenting!

  2. I'll awnser this in its own post tomorrow
    Also I have a TV show for you to try if you like stories about brothers
    Best brother story on TV you have to watch season one
    barrow Supernatural season one on DVD from your local library give it till episode 3
    after that if you still don't like it well... first try it
    this is one well HERE look at this:
    I still have to write my reasons I got into the show

    1. hahaha I actually DO follow the show! My friend got me into it last year and I sped through like 6 seasons in a month, it's fab and definitely makes a huge case for my love for stories about brothers! :) Season 5 is still my fave, probably :)

    2. haha yes! one of us! one of us! lol
      I still have to get though season one (not my fault the DVD's were scratched)

  3. hell yeah for our contemps baby! gotta love me some harry potter. fab answers love. so over the dress covers and para trend too.


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