Monday, January 23, 2012

some YA contemporary mini-Reviews

**I'll announce the winner + answer for my Fever contest soon! I'm sorry for taking so long!**

It’s become quite a troubling idea for me that I’m both procrastinating writing book reviews AND working. I mean, when has it become some sort of chore to write reviews? It makes me sad thinking about it, but as I stare at this brick of a textbook I’m supposed to read 100 pages in, I find myself turning back to my blog... And writing these little reviews for books I don't think I'm going to get around to fully reviewing.

Freefall by Mindi Scott (8/10)

Honestly, while I really liked it when I was reading it, this book is unfortunately forgettable. It’s for those quick engaging reads that keeps you in the story for the moment, but thinking back.. there’s not much I want to say about it. The characters, writing, and plot are all well done, and I greatly enjoyed reading it, I just don’t find it the most memorable of the bunch.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (8.4/10)

You have no idea how much I wanted to read this book, Anna and the French Kiss is one of my fave contemps of 2011, and I had equally high expectations for this sequel… which really proved to be my downfall. I think I expected too much and I couldn’t help comparing Lola to Anna (both person-wise and book-wise) and because of that, Lola and the Boy Next Door was.. all right. It had everything I could want though, the perfect formula for a quirky yet lovely story—interesting protagonist, the cutest boy ever, awesome parents, some angst—yet it wasn’t as awesome as I wanted (I know, I’m a demanding twat or something). I felt some of Lola's quirks were forced and I never fell head-over-heels for Cricket, despite him being so obviously charming (the pants!). So yes, this book is lovely and fantastic but ultimately, I couldn’t stop the Anna comparison and I enjoyed Anna a whole lot more, but Lola is worthy of the praises it’s been getting.

Saving June by Hannah Harrington (9/10)

I’ve been dying and lusting after this book for ages but it took me a while to finally buying a copy and reading it. It was what everybody said it would be—and here is where I would usually add “and more” for added effect—but not this time. It was frankly, what I was expecting (with some VERY high expectations, mind you) with heartwrenching scenes and beautiful quotes and boy I would definitely not mind road-tripping with. Harper’s a gorgeously drawn out character, as was her development through the book. Secondary characters were wonderfully done as well, but I think I wasn’t as blown away as I wanted to be. It was one of those books where I wanted to totally rave about it and declare my love for, but after letting those feelings simmer a little, I think I can just give this book a huge-ass shoutout but it’s not exactly my absolute favourite.
A “do not read in public” warning should be attached as well, I think I looked silly on the plane with my teary eyes and sniffles…

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (9.4/10)

I went out and bought it the day it was released and finished it shortly after. I was originally intending on writing a flat-out gush review with all my thoughts (I still might because I have a lot..) but for now, here’s the quick ‘review’ I wrote immediately after finishing on goodreads:
It's so much more than a book about cancer kids. It's about more than love and death and the Something that awaits, it's more than Amsterdam and An Imperial Affliction and the idea of sacrifice and nobility, the idea of heroism and the universe, the smallest quirk and the grandest, most metaphorical gesture. You've really outdone yourself here, John Green.


  1. I was disappointed in Lola too! I didn't even have high expectations for it and it STILL fell flat for me. I'm going to try to read it again to see if I like it better. Lola felt forced to me too and although Cricket was adorable, I couldn't completely love him either. I hated his pants though, haha. Hooray for The Fault in Our Stars! I've been thinking about it and John Green a lot lately!

  2. I'm so glad you liked Saving June- I've heard so much about it, and I really didn't want to be let down by one of the rare hyped contemporaries. And yay, The Fault in Our Stars was awesome, too!

  3. OH MY GOD, HOW OUT OF IT AM I TO NOT HAVE REALIZED THE FAULT IN OUR STARS IS OUT. And I'm glad to hear that while Lola wasn't entirely amazing, it was still enjoyable. I love quirky characters haha. I think I've probably assumed some quirky habits from them. :'D
    Glad you're holding up at uni, Audrey! <333

  4. I just got The Fault in Our Stars from the library! I'm so excited to get started on it. I've been meaning to read Saving June and Freefall for awhile. Hopefully I can around to them sometime!

  5. I can't wait to read The Fault in Our Stars... Somehow I've missed all of the hype until the last two days or so. I know, I should have crawled out from under that darned rock.

    I love Saving Hannah and was disappointed in Lola too. I totally agree that Anna was way better! Here's hoping Isla is awesome!

  6. Huh. Maybe I've been buried under an avalanche or something, but I actually haven't heard much about Saving June. (Oh wait, that's because my library doesn't even have it yet. #facepalm) Freefall turned me off with its immediate profanity, but I'm glad you enjoyed it; Lola... yeah. After Anna not living up to my expectations, I'm not surprised there's no line at the library for it... but I think I'll pick it up anyway, since you liked it. :P

    The Fault In Our Stars -- this one I'm neutral about. I've only read John Green's Paper Towns, in which I could definitely see why one would like his writing, but I think I was too young for it. We'll see with TFIOS.

    Isn't it wonderful to always, always, always get confirmation of how fabulous the contemp genre is? Not a single rating under 8. *smiles proudly*

  7. omg sooo excited to read TFiOS! I am also really excited to read this one tonight. I just bought a signed copy today. Also, can't wait to read Lola! I absolutely adored Anna.

  8. Wow! Bravo in regard to the TFIOS review! That little bit is absolutely perfect and so, so true.

    I felt the same way about LOLA. There's no way on earth I'd say I didn't like it - It's Stephanie Perkins. You have to love it. But I felt like this book didn't have as much spirit as ANNA did. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, thanks for the short and sweet reviews! I hope you're doing well.

  9. love these mini reviews, audrey ( i wlays love reading anything you write!)

    hope youre having fun at uni, i have hardly been around but i am thinking of you!

    my fave out of these books here is Saving June. it has its flaws, but it was so much fun <3

  10. I felt the exact same about Lola! I can't wait to read Saving June and The Fault in Our Stars. Great mini reviews!


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