Monday, January 2, 2012

#namethatbook GIVEAWAY! (Fever by Lauren DeStefano)

I love the #namethatbook twitter game created by Erin Bowman (see her twitter & website & most amazing review of The Scorpio Races ever) so complete credit goes to her!

I got extra ARCs of the book so I'm giving it away as the prize! You can always just enter (just for fun, because that's something I would do) and if you win, pass along the prize if you don't want to read it!

Prize: ARC of Fever by Lauren DeStefano  (sequel to Wither, released Feb 21, 2011)

This game is really straight-forward: I'm going to give you 10 pictures and you have to name the book and author for each! Every correct answer give you one point (max = 10 points)

Apologies for the shoddy pictures, they were taken with an iPhone because I couldn't find my camera :(

open internationally!
ends Jan. 14
one entry per person, and please don't cheat. You don't have to fill out every space.
fill out the form at the bottom of this post

BOOK #1:

BOOK #2:

BOOK #3:
(it's hard to tell, but the words are dark red!)

BOOK #4:

BOOK #5: 
(hint: author initials are KH)

BOOK #6: 

BOOK #7:

BOOK #8:

BOOK #9:

BOOK #10:

Ta-da! Remember, you can play even if you don't want the prize :p I love playing trivia games :p

And if you desperately want an ARC of Fever and live in either US or Canada, you can enter this second giveaway I have (yeah, I ended up with multiple ARCs), which ends Jan 4.

[EDIT: to add a few things] Answers will be posted when the winner is announced! You can come back and answer the ones you didn't know before, but you must mention it in your name on the form (just write "your name + 2nd/3rd/etc attempt") so I know.
There is no need to tweet/spread the word, but I'd really appreciate it! I mean, you had fun, right? :)


  1. This was fun! (Even though I only knew about 4 of the Thanks for entertaining me and for the chance to win! :D

  2. What a fun giveaway! Think I only know one of the answers, so I'm not participating. Are you going to post the answers in a post later? It would be really fun to know!

  3. Ooh, I love doing these so much! I think I have them all save one and it's killing me!

  4. That was fun! I was able to guess 5 of the 10. I'm a new follower to your blog. Glad I found you.

  5. Not entering, but I love you for including Book 10. <3 So fracking good.

    Also, lol @ the passage you chose for Book 9.

  6. K, so I think I failed. But OMG you included such fab books. <3

    PS: don't enter me. I just wanted to try my hand at this. :D

  7. Love these trivia games! I don't think I got many right, it was really hard, but it was fun!

  8. Thanks for the chance! It was fun!

  9. Thanks so much for this, it was really fun! I managed to fill them out but I'm pretty sure I got half of them compleeetely wrong :P.

  10. Oh gosh I'm always so bad at these. I only got two. Blehehehehe. :P


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