Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello, 2012! here Are My new Year's resolutions!

WE HAVE SURVIVED ANOTHER YEAR, my lovely bloglicious friends. *cheers*

Firstly: I'll be posting a quick 2011 recap sometime within the next few days, along with another contest (of the #namethatbook variety, thus you should be excited).

Secondly: my reading and blogging new year's resolutions, which do have some repeats from last year, but *shrugs*

1. Book of the Month
I kind of slacked with writing reviews towards the second half of the year but I still chose a "book of the month" and featured it on my sidebar, which was something I really enjoyed! The idea originally belongs to Ticket to Anywhere.

2. Review Those Old Review Copies
I accept very few solicited review copies (as you can see on my policy on the sidebar) but I still have a bunch of old review books I want to get around to reading and reviewing, or I just feel guilty and I feel like I'm racking up the blogging karma...

3. Keep in touch with bloggers and be more social
Self-explanatory, I feel like sometimes I'm absent from commenting and I lose touch with my favourite bloggers :( I want to make sure that doesn't happen, plus I want to make new friends :)

4. Keep posting videos on TotallyBooksessed
I'm loving this collab channel with awesomesauce bloggers and making videos on Friday talking about YA books. I don't want to slack on my part.

5. Post somewhat consistently
I know I'll probably go *poof* when school starts, but I want to at least post 1-2 posts a week, even if I'm insanely stressed out. I realized over Christmas break how much I missed blogging, and I don't want to give up on it.

6. Read What I Want
A repeat of last year's resolution, it's important for me, and I've gotten pretty good at it. I know it means that sometimes review books don't get enough attention from me but I've found that the books I want to read are the ones I enjoy so much more. And sure, it means sticking in the contemporary genre a little while longer ;)

7. Improve my reviews
I feel that looking back at old reviews I thought I considered somewhat good, they weren't really that amazing. I really want to work on my reviews, whether it is just writing style or conveying my opinions more concisely, or just stream-lining my train of thought. Also, I do want to cut them a bit down on length, but I doubt I'll succeed.

8. Read older books
And by older, I mean like, pre-2010. Which probably concludes to reading my favourite authors' older/first books instead of being obsessed with the newest shiny thing. I think far too many blogs do that already :)

9. Read consistently
At least read a few YA books a month, because I know with school it's tough to get any enjoyment-reading done... yeah. But I usually reward myself when I finish a test/get a good mark with reading a YA book, so hopefully this trend can continue!

10. Stop complaining so much
Yeah... not gonna happen, I don't think

Yeah, I don't really know what I'm doing here. It might just be an winter-break-impulsive thing, but I've been wanting to comment on TV and movies for a while, plus see what the fuss about Wordpress is :p I still totally confused about /.org but... yeah... it's just for rambles. If I decide the blog is going anywhere, I might try and recruit some other bloggers! If you're interested, do let me know.

12. Be happy
I don't need to increase my follower count or get more review books or get an ARC of Insurgent (though I'd really like one...) I don't want to slave away trying to increase SEO (I still don't really know what that is) or my Klout score or whatever. I want to be happy about my blog and myself as a blogger,  and not hate myself for not reviewing more or not reading 150 books a year or having a bazillion unique hits a day. Be happy. I'd like that.

I'd love to know what your resolutions are, and until then... Happy New Year, my lovelies :)



  1. Awesome resolutions, Audrey! I like the last one best- it seems so easy to do to just be happy, but... yeah. It's not.

    Happy new year, and I hope your first year of college turns out to be everything you wanted it to be (and more)!

  2. Awesome goals my friend! Especially that last one :). Good luck in 2012!

  3. Be Happy and Read what you want are good advice. I should follow that too. Harder than it sounds, but doable :) Happy New Year!

  4. Great resolutions! I hope 2012 is a great year for you!

    Happy New Year (:

  5. Great resolutions! Several of mine are similar, particularly posting and reading more consistently.

  6. Love your resolutions. Good luck in 2012! Keep blogging, you're awesome :D

    My resolutions (I'm being lazy and just throwing the whole long link down):

  7. Great resolutions!! :) I laughed at the- Don't complain so much :P

    And, reading what you want... Getting to those old review books... Yup, yup. Me too!! :)

    Good luck meeting your goals!

  8. Great resolutions Audrey! I must say I personally love your review style, it always makes me smile and I've never thought they were too long or rambly or anything.
    Love Screens and Scribbles - if you do consider taking on other bloggers, hit me up! I've toyed with the idea of blogging about movies/TV shows as well because I love them (nearly) as much as books and do quite a bit of watching, but it just seems like too big a time commitment on top of my current blog - but if it was with other bloggers, maybe it would be more fun and not too much stress/time. Maybe ;-)


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*