Friday, December 9, 2011

book Oscars voting time! Yay!

My lovelies!

*hides in corner*

*tries to survive all the intensive studying by procrastinating*

*last minute studying*

*and even more studying*

*study study study*

*chem. bio. sociology. chem. bio. sociology. and more and more and more*

So I have exams Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then I'll be officially DONE my first semester at university! Needless to say, it's been kind of a crazy 4 months, and I'll have more book-updatey stuff but for now, I bring to you, the final voting form for the Book Oscars 2012 hosted by TotallyBooksessed! (you should totally click that link because it's awesome.

If you remember, few couple weeks ago I asked you guys to fill out a form with your nominations. Now the nominations are in and it's time to vote! It's easy! I promise! Clicky clicky clicky (I apologize for sounding more than slightly crazed in this post. It is exam season and I'm dreadfully unprepared and stressed out)

I have to say you guys nominated some pretty flippin FANTASTIC books, I can't wait to see who wins!!

The winners will be announced on the TotallyBooksessed channel the week of December 19th, so don't forget to tune in :)

Bye guys for now! If you're studying for tests too, GOOD LUCK!

PS- the omg-lovely-awesome Nomes from Inkcrush is doing a 2011 faves/wrap-up-list-meme-thing that will be fantabulous. I am totally participating and you should too! I mean, best of the year lists are always fun! And she included SO many categories this year, it'll be interesting to pick a single winner.


  1. Ooh, some tough decisions!!

    Good luck with exams, Audrey. Ack, I remember how insane and stressful they can be.


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