Thursday, November 24, 2011

Totally YA Book Oscars!

My lovelies!!

As you might know, I'm part of a Youtube collab channel called TotallyBooksessed with Harmony, Bailey, Lauren, and Katie, and we are hosting the Book Oscars!! And yes, I really think you should keep on reading and then nominate your favourite books. SERIOUSLY. It is going to be FUNTIMES.

Super duper easy peasy RULES
  • only books published in 2011 are eligible
  • nominations end Nov 30 (in 5 days, so get on it!)
  • no need to follow/subscribe/anything 
  • there will be a final voting round before winners announced the week of Dec 19

I really think you should fill out the form. Really. Plus it'll get your brains turning when you get around to making your best-of lists in December (oh I KNOW you guys are ALL making one, don't even try to pretend otherwise).

The form! Yay!


Have an awesome (and safe!) Friday with hopefully either lots of books or lots of shopping. Or both. And if you tweet/spread the word about this I will love you doubly and send you internet karma.


  1. Picking favourites is harder than I thought, but it makes me realise that there have been a lot of amazing books come out this year!

  2. That was tough, but a lot of fun! Great idea :) Can't wait to see the winners

  3. Oh no I'm 2 days late :(

    looking forward to voting though!

  4. ahh, bugger. i meant to come back and nominate. (soo behind in my reader, hey)

    xx Nomes

    (I will so be voting though)


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*