Friday, September 16, 2011

totally booksessed?

so... hi.

I SO should be doing homework of some sort right now, but I'm not. Ah shucks.

Harmony asked me to be part of this YouTube channel called TotallyBooksessed where a different blogger vlogs a day, 5 days a week! I'm Friday! However, the video is an epic fail on my part, so here's a list of stuff if you watch it on MUTE that you can do.

-watch me wave around an iPhone with covers on it
-watch me wave my hands around a lot
-admire my touque
-check out my awesome dorm room in the background and note on the lack of books

...and seriously, mute it, it's embarrassing. This week, we talked about covers we liked/disliked)

Monday: Harmony @ Radiant Reads
Tuesday: Jamie @ The Broke and the Bookish
Wednesday: Lauren @ 365 Days of Reading
Thursday: Katie @ Katie's Book Blog
Friday: me!

... until the next update of my non-bookish-related life  in which I should be doing something bookish :)



  1. Audrey you're hilarious! I love how it's 7minutes long when you were trying to keep it under 5, haha. Anyway, your vlogs are awesome. So are your drawings, really! Lol at Shatter Me!

  2. Hahaha!! You TOTALLY crack me up!! :D <3

    Good luck at University! And don't feel too bad about the book thing- just utilize your library! You should have a local AND campus library to chose from now! The library legit saved my life when I lived in DC for my internship. :)

  3. Lol ed at Shatter me too:D AWESOME VLOG as always of course! It's good to see you. Hope you vlog more when you get time :)

  4. You look different! =O
    You are... more confident. and outgoing. less shy. more fun.
    My god. University looks good on you!
    haha =D

    Post-it art.
    Beatle meets Destiny is so pretty. *want*

  5. Oh my god, it's 1am right now and I was watching this and almost burst out laughing hysterically at your post-it drawings, which would have woken up my entire household, I'm sure.

  6. Your book ramblings are always great, Audrey! Your cover drawings were spot on ;)

    I hope you enjoy Uni and that things calms down a bit for you soon.

  7. Great job on the vlog. I think I loved all the covers you mentioned except for Wither (which I didn't necessarily dislike).

    And those stick figure post-its you did were brilliant. I am not a fan of any of those covers as well. That Vivian cover - gaaag. I had such high hopes for the Shatter Me cover, because I'd been following Tahereh's blog and Twitter for such a long time and I wanted SUCH good things for that cover and knowing that she was a designer as well...that cover just breaks my heart. I felt like I was being punk'd.


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