Sunday, September 11, 2011

A terribly late Update



As in, life has been very hectic this past week, it was frosh week at my university so it felt like I was deprived of the bookish goodness I've become accustomed to over the summer. I've been completely gone from the internet, it feels like, but don't worry... hopefully this week can calm down and I can write a few blog/bookish stuff!

For now, the winner of the HADES by Alexandra Adornetto is: LINDSAY! I will email you shortly!

Bye lovelies, hope to see you guys soon and chat with you guys on twitter and such :)

After I clean up this mess of a room, of course.... :P


  1. Congrats Lindsay!!

    I bet Frosh Week was fun for ya!! To me it only lasted for like two days, haha. But I took advantage of it and went to both days! WOO! There are still other events but most of them are not all ages :(( Boo. GLAD YOUVE UPDATED! I MISSED YA!

  2. Wooho have fun at uni! It sounds impossible because it's really a lot of hard work, but enjoy it while you are there;)

  3. yahoo for uni <3

    i have been scarce as well.

    you rock

    x Nomes


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*