Sunday, August 7, 2011

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I went and watched the last Celebration of Light fireworks in Vancouver yesterday, they were awesome! I'm so exhausted but in the morning after I have a long, long long sleep, I'll edit this post and hopefully add and other recap-ish-fun-stuff.  I'm awake! *springs out of bed* I'm not actually going to recap stuff (unfortunately, no pics today) but I'll give you a run-down because sometimes I forget this can also function as a blog-blog instead of just a book blog.
-I live about 2 hours transit away from downtown (which is excruciating when busses run once an hour, but more on that later). Got to Vancity at about 3ish
-walked. and walked and walked. We walked across the city (about 30ish minutes, I would say?) to a beach, then turned around and walked back to the skytrain station. And walked some more, just around
-tried Japadogs! Japanese flavoured hot dogs, delicious :)
-Went to the beach about 3 hours early for an awesome spot and realized I forgot a book! Travesty. So my friends and I just played games
-Fireworks were lovely. It's been so long since I've seen them and I really loved all 25 minutes of it, the music worked pretty well (my favorite was Imagine by John Lennon).

-until it came to to go home. Line-ups for the skytrains were insanely long. Like eep! Plus we had to walk the 30 minutes from the beach to the station. Anyways.. after we got on (then off then on to transfer) we realized the bus that should take us from the station to a bus station (in which we were supposed to take another bus to get home, does that make sense?) didn't run for another hour. Then we did some running around and hopped on the skytrain again we managed to get home... at 1:48. About 3 hours after the fireworks
-cue tired-ness. Highlights of the day: Japadogs and Fireworks :)

For now (at 1:48 in the morning and my feet falling off... wow, I must love you guys a lot, excuse the stupid-ness in this post, I'm really tired) here is what I got this week.

My actual IMM:


Underdogs by Markus Zusak

- GUYS. It's Markus ZUSAK only like, the most amazingest amazing person that has ever graced the world with his words. The Book Thief remains one of my favourite books of all time. Underdogs is an omnibus of his first 3 novels, The Underdogs, Fighting Ruben Wolfe, and Getting the Girl. I've read and like the last two but the first one is a first :p I saw it at my local indie bookstore and yes, maybe I cringed a little when I paid full price (sorry... I'm a poor student here with too much internet access) but I'm so psyched about it and couldn't resist.


Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
-(in which I thank Mary for the heads up and I squee my brains out. Dude. Even when I'm dead-tired (as I'm writing this IMM post) I'm excited to read this). Oh. Double parentheses. My brain must be mushed. A Little Wanting Song has been my recent book-love, so I'm so so so happy to get a chance to read this.

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
-I want to say finally, but I'll just say YAYYYYY!!!

... and that's it!

*falls into bed*
*disappears for 12 hours*


  1. i definitely need to read Mark Zusak! i've been stalling for months! happy reading :)

    my IMM:

  2. Yayyy for you! Knew how much you wanted that and now you are finally together. You gotta make it work though and whatever you do don't break up! WOW it must be too early in the morning for me LOL. Goodnight hun and get some rest we shall catch up later :)

  3. YAY!!! If you paid full price you must have wanted this one bad. Now did you sleep or stay up and read?!

  4. Yay, 'The Iron Knight'! Very awesome series.

    I just started 'Graffiti Moon' and it's great so far. I was so excited to read it after seeing a couple great reviews from Aussie bloggers I follow.

  5. Hope you had fun at the fireworks! :)

    I haven't read any of those authors, I know, I suck, but they all sound awesome! I've heard really good things about Cath Crowley so I should probs grab Graffiti Moon from NetGalley too.

    Here's my IMM:

  6. 1. Your hat is adorable.
    2. YAAAAAAAAAAY for the Iron Knight! IT'S. SO. GOOD. You have to read it like, right now. Haha.

  7. You know the first thing I thought wasn't 'Ooo Markus Zusak has another book?'. It was 'I love that hat'

    I really do - it's great :)

  8. Sweet books this week! I'm very curious about Graffiti Moon,

    Happy reading (and sleeping, lol)

  9. Graffiti Moon was awesome. I will forever be in debt to the publisher for putting a galley up.

    And then there's Markus Zusak. Heh, enough said:).

  10. Pure Win!

    Hope you are getting the rest you need. :)

  11. Marcus Zusak! I ordered Maze Runner from the library, and I'm looking forward to reading it :)

  12. All awesome books this week! I hope you love Graffiti Moon (and please don't try and steal Ed). The fireworks event sounded like it was worth the tiredness :)

  13. THE IRON KNIGHT!!! *FAINTS* Anxious for your review...ahhhhhhh


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