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In My Mailbox (10) + movies and traitor-ish feelings

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Oh guess what. OH GUESS WHAT. So.. I wanted to do a vlog so I could tell you guys this (non-exciting) story but ah well. My mom kept telling me my aunt wanted to get me a grad present (lucky me :D) and I was never really sure what I wanted. And I did tell my mom over and over again that I did NOT want an ereader. I did NOT want to let go of my physical books and my dream would to bring my entire YA collection with me to university.

Well, she didn't really listen and using her mother-common-senses (and telling me over and over again that "books are heavy"... pahh) she told my aunt to get me an ereader. Yes. A Kindle to be exact.

So now... yeah. And it has this really nice case (the book is Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard!).

I have read a book on it (plus I can put Netgalley ARCs on it, yes!) and yeah. I don't really have words because I feel like SUCH A TRAITOR *SOBS* *clings to physical books* *apologizes profusely*

I do like it. It pains me to say, but I do!

I'm leaning towards calling him Reid, after Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (and honestly, what a clever punny thing, eh?) but I'm also considering Sheldon. Since Leonard is my laptop. Big Bang Theory anyone? (though to be honest, Leonard didn't inspire Leonard, I just thought the name was perfect)

haha, and no books this week!

other stuff

I decided in my IMM I'll also include random tidbits from the week. Such as movies I watched (since apparently I've stopped doing "Movie Thoughts").

X-Men: First Class

-loved it (and yes, I've watched all the X-Men movies, I'm surprised by how many people haven't)! James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were awesome, I thought Jennifer Lawrence was great as well (and I love the Hunger Games casting, contrary to public opinion). The setting during the Cuban Missile Crisis/Cold War was really well done (and I felt smart because I took History in last year so I knew what was going on, hahaha). I loved to see this whole 'prequel' thing and the mutants and how Magneto and Professor X had their differing opinions. Acting was great, though thanks to Twitter, all I can imagine is James McAvoy touching his temple in his uber-concentrated gesture :P I thought the action was exciting and the evil guy definitely fit the evil bill! Overall, great film, definitely recommended. 8.5/10

Something Borrowed

-I'll admit, I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while now despite grand reservations. It surprised me! I couldn't get through the book (cue headdesking at the very thought) and yes, a lot of the annoyingness carried over (the super bitchy, self-centered best friend gahhhh and the annoying, chicken-shit Dex) but hey, whatever. John Krasinski (Ethan) was probably the gem of it all as he was both hilarious and down to earth (I LOVE HIM). And Colin Egglesfield (Dex) is so fine. But anyways, story itself was ehh but it was kind of nice at parts. Good, not great, very predictable, but if you're in the mood I think this movie will do. 7/10


I JUST MADE THIS. Because I have nothing else to do at 1 in the morning.

(click to enlarge)

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And sheesh, I always forgot to mention this, Linds at Bibliophile Brouhaha and Nic at Irresistible Reads are hosting KIRSTY EAGAR WEEK! YAY! As you might know, Linds let me take part in a tour for Raw Blue and I totally loved it (understatement) so I'm excited for this feature. You ladies rock!


And that's it! Leave a comment and I'll be sure to drop by. Let me know if you want me to write a post about the Kindle, but ehh, it's ultimately up to you guys. I finished Nevermore by Kelly Creagh this week (my reading has been in the dumps, despite the list of great books I'm looking forward to reading) so expect a review of that soon :) And I've got an awesome list idea coming up too! Happy reading lovelies!

ps~ dear parentheses, why are you EVERYWHERE.


  1. i thought i'd hate reading through an e-reader but i downloaded the free kindle for ipod touch and i was surprise by how much i didn't hate it. now i'm trying to save up for a nook. but i think i'll always prefer physical books. :)

  2. I resisted and resisted getting a Kindle... and now I love it! I still buy lots of physical books, but I love being able to carry around so many books in one device and the ability to buy a new book and get it in a couple of seconds (magic!).

  3. I think my pie graph would be eerily similar, especially the fangirling of Melina Marchetta. Also, looking forward to Kirsty Eager week. I love her writing!

  4. Thanks for the Kirsty Eagar Week mention :)

    I really like my kindle but not as much as physical books though. It is good for netgalley etc and travelling.

    And I see you forgot to add in your twitter graph trying to steal other people's book boyfriends ;)

  5. A kindle! *gasps* Yeah not my thing either. I know I'd get into it if I got it but physical books are just more for me. XMEN ohmygosh wasn't it just amazing?!! I loved it like crazy. Magneto was such a hottie. And being a fan of the movies and watching all the movies makes it feel oh so wrong saying that xD

  6. Ha! Ha! I know what you mean about feeling like a traitor. That's how I felt when I started reading on a Nook and I actually liked it. I thought for sure I woudln't and, well, I did.

  7. LOL!!
    I love your little chart! =)
    Physical books will always win but it's ok to get an ereader ;)

  8. I never resisted on getting a Kindle, and I love it so much! I still love physical books, but really, I adore my Kindle!

    X Men was amazing! I still have to watch Something Borrowed

  9. Traitor!! LOL, just kidding though I am the same way as you were and still have not gotten an eReader! Your mom is very smart though as bringing the books to university would be a pain.

  10. I really love my Kindle, which I thought I may not because I love books. But I can still get books from the library, and even buy ink and paper books. The coolest thing about the kindle is that you get your books instantly. Unfortunatly, my mother, who is not much of a reader, also loves it, and I will not have my Kindle for months at a time...

  11. Hahaha I had the same feelings toward the e-reader before I got mine. I thought "what could be better than an actual book" and while I still prefer my beautiful paper books, I love my e-reader something fierce. It's just so easy to get books:)

  12. lol. You are not a traitor unless you stop buying physical books. I doubt that will happen. Promise. :)

  13. Awesome!! And I love Criminal Minds and The Big Bang Theory! =D

  14. Ha! I love that pie chart... and now I have a mad craving for pie. :(

    And YAY! I love my Kindle. Believe me, I didn't want to let go of physical books too, but now I can't imagine my life without my kindle. LOL

  15. I love my Kindle, too. I will marry it one day; just you watch >:]

    And I quite liked Kelly Creagh's Nevermore. Although I didn't like the cover much.

    That tour reminds me: I still need to go try out Raw Blue...

    <a href=">My IMM</a>


    I have a MASSIVE crush on Spencer Reid. Sigh. *fans self* no seriously, good name.

    We are totally on the same wave length.

  17. Hmmmm, Reid is really clever but I do so love Sheldon. I wish he was pocket sized so I could just listen to his snark all day.
    I LOVED X-Men First Class too - it was so well done though I think that between it and the original trilogy there was some loss of communication. Granted, I don't know which was more accurate since I've never read the comics.
    And as much as I adore my physica books (and I'll never pay for an e-book) I do really love my reader. It's just so convenient for carrying around something to read without putting out my back from a 50lb purse.
    Enjoy! And good luck deciding on a name!

  18. Ooh, Kindle! I have a Kobo that my Dad bought me for my birthday last year and I really love it. I mostly use it for review books and library eBooks. I've probably only bought about 5 eBooks myself. I find them too expensive... I'd rather get the physical copy when you pay about the same amount for it through Book Depository. Sometimes I want to read a physical book, but most of the time I don't really care if it's an eBook or not. A good story is a good story no matter which format you read it in.

    Ooh, loveeee the idea of naming it Reid, first because it's clever, and second because I adore Spencer Reid/MGG. But Sheldon is too adorable as well, and matching the names with Leonard is just lovely. You'll have to work out a roommate agreement between the two, though. =b

  19. I love so many things in this post, Audrey. I love that you joined the Kindle club, I love your pie graph and that you are fangirling MM most of the time (Me.Too.) and also that you are excited for Kirsty Eagar week. So am I.

    For the record, I vote for Sheldon. Actually, I vote for SheldOR.

  20. Great Post :)
    Really excited about Kirsty Eager week too! I have a pic on my blog aswell promoting it.

    I think kindles are goood for travelling, ect and I've heard great things about them, but I don't think i can go physical books with adorable covers and the wonderous pages filled with the written word. Well.. not yet as least. I would feel guilty to books and feel like I'm only helping kindle/eraders and that we need to stick by our books. Pysical and all.
    -sorry for my rant.

  21. Congratulations on your Kindle. I LOVE mine especially since I'm an international blogger and Netgalley is a fab way to get some good galley's. I do love printed books as well but I'm almost out of shelve spacing for them.

  22. I never thought I would go e reader either but then.... I did. :) I dont use it much - really for travel mostly but I do like it.

  23. I feel EXACTLY the same way about ebooks and ereaders. I don't want one because I just love physical copies too much. I don't think I could ever go over to ebooks. Not all the way at least. :P I do like the fact that ebooks are more eco friendly though....

  24. KINDLEEEEEE! Oh my gosh it actually looks so nice heehee. Eek, I got a Sony eReader and I never use it LOL. Physical books all the way!!! And yeah, Something Borrowed was a good movie...DID YOU LIKE THE DANCE PART?!?!??!!? I love Kate Hudson :P


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