Thursday, August 11, 2011

blogging bucket List

So late last night on tumblr, I stumbled upon this post on effyeahnerdfighters (dftba!), then I tweeted “what I really REALLY want to do. annotate and scribble and highlight a book and then send it to the author. with some cookies.” (oh yes, I’m delightful like that on twitter #notreally) Then the wheels (I don’t have gears, apparently) in my brain started spinning.

And this is what it churned out (through the holes, obvs)

(things I want to do sometime in my blogging lifetime)

Let’s face it, I probably won’t be blogging for the rest of my life (ha!). I don’t even know if I’ll be blogging 3 years from now (because in all honesty, I frankly can’t picture myself in 3 years), but why not jot down a list of stuff, some stupid, some fun, some ambitious, some unlikely, some frankly impossible… stuff I dream of doing through the book blogosphere. Starting with #1.


1. Annotate and scribble and highlight a book I really loved and send it to the author. I’d mark my favourite quotes. Parts that made me cry and laugh and smile and ache.

2. Search for a book and an author worthy of #1.

Side note: I have contacted in my lifetime, 7 authors. Twice for an interview, three times to say something about their upcoming book, once to say how much I enjoyed a series she wrote when I was young, and twice to completely… it’s not really fangirling, but really, it was to say how much their books meant to me or how much I truly loved their books. (yes, the math adds up wonky, but ha! It’s a puzzle!). “How much I truly loved their books” really doesn’t equate, but you get the picture.

3. Find a book that makes me cry like a loser.  Both when I’m reading and when I sit down and write the review.

4. Interview an author in my Holy Trinity (plus one, plus God, plus one) of YA authors. Melina Marchetta. John Green. Sarah Dessen. Courtney Summers. Markus Zusak. Patrick Ness.
And a good interview too. Not just some standard interview questions, I want to ask something thoughtful and note-worthy, and then be completely blown away by whatever answer I get.

5. Write a blog post ranting about inane things and stuff that will make people hate me. Look back on it and cringe, may or may not delete.

6. Do a vlog review. Shouldn’t be hard actually.

7. Send a fangirly email a book blogger who doesn’t know I exist.

8. Get as many people to read Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta as I possibly can. If you’ve read the book based on my recommendation, you make me happier and prouder than I can ever say (even if you didn’t like the book)

And somewhere along this list, the line between blogging bucket list and book-related bucket list blurs.

9. Leave a nerdfighter note or a fangirl-note or a buy-this-book-note or a this-book-sucks-note (yes, I’m not afraid of doing that) in books at a bookstore.

10. Randomly run into an author I know and recognize at a bookstore. Squeal and fangirl and be a fool and make a memory.

11. Browse bookstores and eat cheesecake and talk books (in real life) with a blogger.

12. Build my own bookcase. Paint it. Scrawl the titles of my favourite books or my favourite quotes all over it.

13. Name my kid after a fictional character. But that’s a big commitment, (the kid is, not the naming part) so how about a pet? And if all else fails, I’ll name a stuffed animal after one.

14. Read a book on a beach in Europe or Australia. Get sunburned but decide it was worth it because the book was brilliant. Take a picture.


I'd love to know what would be on your blogging bucket-list :) Make your own list if you'd like, you can never go wrong with lists.



  1. I will try to do a blogging bucket list too!! And a reader bucket list would be interesting.


  2. Ok. I clicked on your link for Jellicoe Road. Read the synopsis. And I want to cry.

    Hum hum.
    I want to do number 9 too. and 11. and...well. I should start a list. =D

  3. No.11 sounds pretty appealing to me too...books and cheesecake, perfect combination! :)

  4. I loved reading your list, Audrey :D I'm not sure what I would have put on my list, I need to think about it. Oh, I know one thing I would like to do; meet and chat with another book blogger.

  5. Hi! Okay, well you already know how much I <3 you and your blog, but this just made me squee. With joy. Because it is awesome. You are awesome. Anyway, I think I just checked off number 7! But anyway, I totally want to do number 12, 11, 6, 10.... oh basically all of them!

    Thanks for the super cool post :D


  6. I absolutely love this! Most of them sound wonderful to me as well. I don't have a list like this, but it would be fun/interesting to make one.

  7. DUDE! I LOVE this! What an awesome idea! I don't really have a list like this that I'd like to do and don't know that I could really sit down and come up with one, but I shall be watching anxiously, waiting to see what & how you accomplish yours!! :D

  8. That's the best list ever! I may just copy+paste this onto my blog, minus the Jellicoe Road reference. I promise to read it as soon as possible. We should do a book swap/trade!

  9. 1) I agree wholeheartedly with your Holy Trinity (plus one, plus God, plus one). You have good taste. ^^

    2) And the Blogging Bucket List idea is bloody brilliant (say that with a British accent).

  10. This list made me laugh :) And I read Jellicoe Road because I read your review on it!

  11. I'm definitely going to have to make my own list. I love yours! Many are on my mental list as well. And dude, your holy trinity - Sarah Dessen {sorry!} = my holy trinity. Great post! :)

  12. I love all of this haha. You've still gotta get me to read Jellicoe Road...I need to get the book! :P

  13. I love your list. Love, love, love. I have done several of them actually. Let's see...
    I've done #1 and #2. But instead of writing in the book I wrote on little pieces of paper I stuck to the pages where they were relevant.

    #3 Between Shades of Gray. That book makes me cry just to think about it. There are several others as well.

    #4 I interviewed my favorite author, Jacqueline Carey. It was scary. I also met her in person shortly after that. Also scary. But she's very nice and hopefully next time won't be so scary.

    #5 I don't think I've done...

    #6 I did but then didn't post it because I did it on the beach and I kind of just repeated myself over and over. It was hard to concentrate! So I know- it doesn't count.

    #7 I don't think I've done...

    #8 I read the book, but I suppose I should put in my own book I want the whole world to read and I suppose it would be any of Lisa Schroeders books. And any of Jacqueline Careys books also...

    #9 I've left notes in books at the bookstore. And at the library...

    #10 I've done. That's how I met Lisa Schroeder!

    #11 I've done that a few times...

    #12 Nope

    #13 I did that. Named my daughter Phaedra after a character in Jacqueline Carey's books. It's spelled different though.

    #14 I WISH!

    Well, I'm pretty satisfied, I've done a good job doing bloggy, bookish things!

  14. 14. Read a book on a beach in Europe or Australia. Get sunburned but decide it was worth it because the book was brilliant. Take a picture.


    10. Randomly run into an author I know and recognize at a bookstore. Squeal and fangirl and be a fool and make a memory.

    Again, YESSS.

    Okay, well, in all fairness I was pretty much yes-sing to every point up yeah. YES.

    LOL. :D Great post, Audrey!

  15. I'm with you on Jellicoe Road. It is so wonderful!
    #13 If I have a boy, it's quite possible that I'll name him Jonas after the character in The Giver. Or I might to Bennet after Pride and Prejudice. Or Beckett after Samuel Beckett the playwright. Girls names I like aren't literary though.

  16. Lovely aspirations, kid. Knowing how awesome you are, I have no doubt you'll get these done and many many more.

  17. I love this list! Especially #1 and #9 :D

  18. oh well this is so awesome.

    now i want to make a list like this.

    (it's on my bucket list to make the list, haha)

    let us know how you go with it :0


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