Saturday, July 30, 2011

July, lookin' back

I know, I know, it's a bit early for a wrap-up post but tomorrow will just consist of an IMM so it's not like everything will be out of wack. July has been awesome! Seriously, definitely been a great summer so far (minus some crappy weather, but the sun is coming back!) but I've had tons of time to read (which I don't utilize very well), watch movies, watch tv series, hang out with friends, go out to eat.. lovely. I'm happy. Plus I think the blog looks pretty healthy too.

this is July in Review at holes In My brain

Reviews (10!)

Bitter End by Jennifer Brown

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley

Hex Hall by Rachel Dawkins

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Switch by Tish Cohen

The Lighter Side of Life and Death by C.K. Kelly Martin

Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

The Forever Crush by Debra Moffitt

Enclave by Ann Aguirre


10 reviews! YAY! Plus I read a lot of books too that have reviews coming, I'm really happy with the amount of reviews plus, I think the like-ability of the books definitely increased as the month went along. There has been no wrong in the last bunch of books I've read. Seriously, free time gives me such joy.

Book of the Month

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley (9.3/10) I was steamrolled by how much I loved this book. Seriously. Like I'm always a bit hesitant about completely shoving this in other people's faces because I know it's not going to be for everyone, but I loved the quiet style of it, and the gorgeous writing and oh-my-lordy characters. Easy choice.

Honourable Mentions

One I haven't reviewed yet, Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John (9), it was such a fun read. Like it's not har-har fun, it's just.. lovely fun :)
For some har-har funny though, I really liked Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins (8.8)
And for a really emotional read, Bitter End by Jennifer Brown (8.9) was awesome.

Random Acts of Kindness

It was my first month participating! And I got a book! Thanks so much to Mary at Anxirium for Freefall by Mindi Scott. Thank you!! x

I also sent a book for RAK, I sent Amanda at On a Book Bender The Iron King by Julie Kagawa :)

Also this month, I...
Got a new header! And with that, a different layout (3 column to 2 column, colour change) and background.
Asked you guys to fill out a 'satisfaction survey/feedback thing', so if you haven't done one yet, I'd really appreciate it! Just give your thoughts on my little blog and things I could improve :)
Another #namethatbook contest! Ends tomorrow night at midnight, win a $10 Gift Card!
reflected on my blogging New Year's Resolutions and how well I've done in them half way through
Top Ten Tuesday featuring a list of books that tackle 'tough' issues
Guest-posted at The Unread Reader! Things I do "When I'm Not Reading"

Parting Thoughts
Hmm, thinking about it I wish I did more random stuff. Only problem is, I didn't have any ideas! Overall though, I'm happy about the going-ons, the only think I wish is that I tackled more of my review pile (I'm a very "read what I want" blogger haha).

Looking Ahead
A super-fun list! Stay tuned, I think it's gonna be awesome ;) Also, more reviews, and random posts (if my creative juices ever start running). I don't really have much planned but.. when have I ever? :P Just gonna enjoy the last month of summer (oh the nostalgia) and soak up the sunshine!


  1. Great month for you, 10 reviews is amazing and I love the new header =)

  2. Looks like you had a awesome month lovey! :)

  3. oh! when did you change your layout! i love it!

  4. Awesome month! 10 reviews - impressive! The blog is looking great :D

  5. Ten reviews! Who's looking prolific? (And 30 posts for June, holy smack.) :P And WHEEEEE for Five Flavors of Dumb! You better review it and there better be lots of happiness. :)

    Are we ever going to hear about the results of the feedback/survey thing? I'd love to know how our feedback helped.

  6. BooksforCompany- Yay! and thanks :)

    Aly- =D

    Kristi- Thanks!

    Belle- haha thanks!

    Yahong-WOO! There will be lots of happiness and even a few footnotes I actually like :p And probably not, I'm just going to make the changes that I feel are right to me taking into account people's thoughts =)

  7. You read some good books in July. And glad to see A Little Wanting Song was your favourite! Dave <3 (mine)!!

  8. your blogging genius completely puts me to shame!

    i <3 your blog.

    i really cannot wait for you to read graffiti moon! your head is going to explode. it is that good ;)


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