Thursday, July 7, 2011

i like Change

So... blog revamp! I got a new header, button and a background, along with switching up all the colours... it seems like purple is the new favourite, eh?

All the credit for the header and blog button goes to bestlies at TDA*! I definitely don't have the skills to create pretty things :p

And just for fun.. I thought I'd post this little blog-evolution sequence of how my blog has progressed since I first started. 

.. so yeah. I can't get myself to stick with a single background for too long :) But I like this one, and hopefully you guys do too (but it's totally all right if you don't).

If you'd like, you can snatch my new blog button (left sidebar). I think it looks shiny, don't you? xD 


*TDA = the dark arts, it's a forum in which artists create banners for fanfictions** and sometimes other stuff
**yeah, that's right, I used to write fanfics***... don't you judge me, girl 
***which were terrible.. you won't be able to find any of them :p


  1. For me the header is a wee bit too messy... but as long as you like it, Audrey *hugs*

    The blog evolution is super-sweet to look at -- you've come so far! *HUGS again*

  2. I love it! :) I used to be a member at a forum like TDA. It was fun, but too much pressure to create graphics. :P

    That is an awesome quote though. <3

  3. Cool :) I love new blog designs! Just added your button to my blog roll.

  4. Yahong- haha, ah well :p lolol one day you can have one too! except 4 isn't really a big deal :p

    Cialina- Have I mentioned how much I love the graphics you do? Whenever you make them for you blog... *stares at the pretty* :) Aaaah, I love that quote! Which is why I was sad my last banner couldn't have it :p

    Vy- Thanks Vy!! =D *hugs*

  5. The new purple colour is soooo PRETTY!! :)

  6. I like it! I also like to see the changes. I'm resistant to change, myself. ;)

  7. I love change too, Audrey. Every so often I feel the need to put a new blog-look together.

    I love your new look. :)

  8. I like it the header looks a little to busy though but if you like it hey as long as I can read the blog (which I can) it shouldn't matter what the header is

    I like the purple and the background is great and the evolution is amazing too

  9. PURPLEEE! LOVE. And heyyyy, Audrey! I feel like I've totally disappeared from everything blog-related, aghh. Summer is too busy. @-@

    More technically, I think the header IS busy. BUT I think it works because everything else is pretty plain but very color-coordinated and suchsuch. This one and the second one on the list are my favorites. :)

  10. Love the white and purple combination! Looks really clean and understated, yet soo pretty. Your header's nice too :)

  11. Belle- Yay! :)

    Liz- haha yay! :) I'm glad you think so :)

    Amanda- lol, I'm always changing my mind about change, actually :P

    Mardie- thanks!

    kate- Yeah, you bring up a great point! More about content than looks! :)

    Jenn- Yayy!! And YEA! Get your butt on twitter or something so I can spam-tweet you xD I hope you're having a great summer so far though! You're blog has actually been pretty busy, I'm loving TFFOS feature :) Hehe, maybe I'll switch back to the 2nd one sometime, I liked it too!

    Jillian- Yay! I didn't know what colour I was going for, but seeing the purple-- it's been growing :p thanks!

  12. Ooh, shiny new design! I love it! My favourite of the four you showed.

  13. OOoh, pretty design, I really like your new header and your blog evolution. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
    My Follow Friday + Blog Hop = TGIF!
    Tweet Me!

  14. IUt's so pretty and I LOVE the quote from Looking for Alaska :)

  15. Love! It is gorgeous Audrey. I will have to update the button.

    And awesome quote :)

  16. How cool is this look back?! Love it.

  17. I LOVE your change!! You always make it look great :)

  18. I love this one!
    Also the second one looks great. This one has to be my favourite though, great colours

  19. I love it. I think you should always use dots. They work with your name.


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*