Saturday, July 23, 2011

half-way Through 2011.. resolutions: lookin' Back

Inspired by Missie's post Half-Assed Book Report 2011 (I was gonna comment on my challenges as well, but then I realized I'm only like... doing 4 challenges and there's not much to say except I'm failing spectacularly in 3 of the 4.)

Anyways, I then saw she was inspired by Recovering Potter Addict's 6 Month Resolution Update and I'm like.. hey! I made resolutions in January! So here we go :p

I made 10 resolutions on the first of January, and I'll just list them and make comments. I'll rate how I think I'm doing.. I like this whole introspective thing (and don't you judge me about giving myself high scores :p)

1. Book of the Month
5/5 - I've done one every month! The list is also the link you get when you click the picture of BotM on my sidebar. Most recently, I have declared my Book of July though I would usually wait until the month is over... but I loved this book too much!

2. Top Commentators Love!
4/5 - I was really good about this in the first few months, but lately I haven't been doing it as often (especially during the weeks I was super stressed about school) but generally, I realize I already visit these blogs regularly and don't need to specifically go out and comment. However... if you wanna make that list I will totes visit your blog! XD

3. Lists
3.5/5 - I have good phases and bad phases. I have a label for "lists" if you want to check them out, I've done Inkcrush's faves of 2011 (so far) lists, along with a few random ones like character-inspired names I'd give my kids (daughters and sons). I haven't done a single list in July though... any ideas?!

4. Author Interviews
2.5/5 - I've done.. 3!! I'm actually really proud of myself considering I've never interviewed an author before this year. It was a bit daunting, but they made me happy. I know not too many people read the interviews (as seen from the survey) but good thing I haven't done too many, eh? :P
Siobhan Vivian (Not That Kind of Girl)
Gayle Forman (Where She Went) -- which to this day is probably my proudest blogging moment. I mean... Gayle Forman!!!
Carol Lynch Williams (Miles from Ordinary)

5. Read What I Want
4.5/5 - Okay, call me a terrible blogger, but I'm a selfish reader. If I see a book I desperately want to read and it's suddenly in front of me, it's at the top of the pile without a second thought. Yes, even above the review copies :p This score reflects the fact that my 2011 reading list has almost exclusively been YA, and I'll be first to admit a fair share is contemporary-- my favourite genre ;)

6. Covers!
3.5/5- I've done about one Another Cover feature a month (7 so far), and I think it's the right number. I don't feature a bundle of covers at once- I just feature one at a time so that doesn't really amount to much. However, I don't want to overdose on covers :p

7. Keep it Neat
4/5 - I tried decluttering by changing from 3 sidebars to 2. I think it's gone reasonably well, I don't see myself scrambling for sidebar gadgets and realizing I couldn't find it. There's a lot of white space (which to me = clean, but to some people it hurts their eyes.. in that case, sorry!). Anyways, I think it doesn't seem to cluttered which makes me happy.

8. Stay Organized
3.5/5 - recently I haven't really done that well in the organization department, I still find myself trying to make last-minute posts, or just end up posting reviews. Also, during May/June, I had a time where I didn't schedule anything for a couple weeks.. if only I could organize 2 weeks in advance! (yes Skye, I'm looking at you -_- :P) That said, I've posted pretty consistently.

9. Don't Get Too Attached
2.5/5 - I took a break from my blog when life was hectic without going mental! Wow! :p Maybe still a bit too often checking emails, but I'm still very fond of my blog :p Yeah.. I'm kind of attached.

10. LOVE More Books
4.5/5 - I've allowed myself to look on the bright side, to not nit-pick as much, and to just fall in love even when there might be parts that aren't completely perfect, and in doing so, I just generally find books and reading more fun. It's not very fun when I'm tearing apart books anymore, I think I'd much rather compliment them :)

So... that's not too bad. Looking at this list, I could probably be more strict on reading review books, etc, but I'm very... indulgent in my tastes :p And I can't see this changing anytime soon. If you made resolutions, how are you coming along?


  1. White hurts the eye only at night.
    I like posts like this. =)

  2. oh i love that you made goals ~ and you are so on top of them!

    i have been feeling my own failure as a blogger lately :/ i also LOVE making lists but can never be bothered making them for some reason (even when i think them up in my head ;)

    x Nomes

  3. Great reflection! I wish I'd made goals or something this year, I'll probably steal a couple of your for next year. :)

    I don't think your sidebars are cluttered at all, especially with the new polka dot design your blog looks really well organized.

    As for lists, how about "Most Awaited in 2011" or "Classics For People Who Hate Classics" or "Tips for Newbie Bloggers" or "Renaming Characters"?

  4. I love the John Green quote at the top of your blog. I adore John Green's books. DFTBA! :)

  5. Good job on your resolutions! :) I especially love your "read what I want" resolution; I think it's important for people to read WHAT they want WHEN they went -- you're probably going to like it more if you're in the mood for it.

  6. You're actually doing pretty good on your goals :O I don't even remember what goals I made, honestly. I think something about starting a blog, which I did, so I'm proud of myself :)

  7. OMG! I'm a total holes In My brain stalker. I didn't even realize I was top commentator till now. I feel equal parts happy and creepy.


    Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I should give others a chance.

    I love your lists. So fun! The Gayle Forman interview was da bomb! (Even though we both now I'm the bigger Adam fan)

    I think your new look for the blog is great. It is clean yet fun.

    You're doing a Great Job. No wonder I stalk this place! :P

  8. AUDDDDDREY! Looking at your list, I'm inspired. I think I'm a bit too UNattached in that I just poof away, then I poof back. Sorry for neglecting your lovely, lovely blog. <3

    ANYWAYS, ha. I was worried because it seems like everyone else has these super organized lists/piles of "I have to read these books in this order because they release in this order." Though I can never resist when I get a book I really, REALLY want to read. Glad I'm not the only one, but it's good that you're trying to remedy this good/bad habit. xD

    ... I think your post just made me realize how bad I am at all of this. I've scheduled posts like 20 times in my 2 years of blogging. ARHGHGHGH. *goes off to make my own resolutions. sob.* BUT, Audrey, you and your blog are absolutely amazing and I think these goals - and your achievements - are inspiring and useful. All the "problems" that you bring up aren't problems for me, so go on doing whatever you want to do and I'm sure Holes In My Brain will remain as brilliant as ever.

    (Sorry for the extremely long comment and the cheesy adjectives. I try.)

    And, uh, list ideas. LIST IDEAS.... I'm so unimaginative, sorry. Er, LIST ON WHY YOU'RE GREAT! (Yay for ego boosters.) :>

  9. Dude, somehow I missed your resolution post. So proud that you're keeping your resolutions so well (for the most part)! And I have mentioned I love the decluttering, right? AND your author interviews. Your questions are so stellar it blows my mind. <3

  10. You are doing a awesome job on your goals. I know some of mine I have definitely be slacking off.

    And I did notice that me and Missie are you top commentators. I think that is so we can keep an eye on you because you are always trying to steal our literary men!

  11. I think I need to start reading what I want. I'm still overwhelmed at BEA ARCs and it's really not fun... I think I learned my lesson and I will try my best to lower the amount of books I get next year. Then again, 20-something is low compared to some other bloggers.

    Huh. I didn't even know you had a top commentators on your blog. :P It's not showing up for me on this page though. ... Will try another to see if it works!


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