Monday, July 18, 2011

BR: Switch

by Tish Cohen

Freaky Friday!! Okay, maybe that wasn't my favourite movie ever, but it's cool to see a book take on the twist.

Summary (goodreads)

Good girl, honour-roll lifer, Stanford-bound, mildly neurotic, high strung twelfth grader Andrea Birch just wants a bit of privacy. Oh, and perhaps a bit more of a social life. Or just a life in general. But when your mom and dad are foster parents who can’t turn away a child, trying to carve out a little space for yourself while tending to the needs of everyone from twin toddlers to angst-ridden adolescents is nearly impossible. And then Joules Adams, daughter of internationally famous rock star Nigel Adams, jumps into Andrea’s car, setting off an improbable car chase and ending in detention.

For Andrea, it’s the last straw. Why is it that Joules, breaker of all rules, living a life of luxury, gets off so easy? Why does she have everything, including a cool famous dad, and Andrea has nothing, not even her parents’ full attention?

My Expectations: Average-ish. I was wary about it being too predictable
Delivery: It surprised me! I liked it :)
Put-down-ability: 4/10

My Thoughts

Switch was a book that surprised me, I went in thinking it would be… how do I say this… like Disney (which is a hit or miss for me) with the cheesy plots and the clich├ęd dialogue. However, I was totally wrong as Tish Cohen managed to refresh the Freaky Friday plot.

I really liked the fact that Andrea narrated the book from start to finish, I was worried that it would be alternating narration which, since the two girls who switched bodies were the same age, would probably get repetitive (as in "omg I want my body back this life sucks" esque). It was interesting to read more about Andrea and get the hang of her voice and her character, especially when she talked about her own family and the foster siblings.

The relationship I found most interesting was not the crush, but the one between Joules and her father, Nigel. Andrea (in Joules’ body) learns about the ups and downs of the glamorous rock-star life and I think the father-‘daughter’ dynamics were handled really well. I was surprised by the twist, but it definitely added to the story; I really liked the ending because of this.

The plot itself was kind of straight forward and what I expected, but that said, I can comfortably say I was never bored—there wasn’t any eye-rolling or sighs, I was engaged and wanting to know what happened next. I liked how Cohen managed to touch on so many aspects of the two girls’ lives, yet I also appreciated the strong focus on family. I love books about family! :

Rating in HP Terms: Exceeds Expectations
Recommended for: people looking for a lighter contemporary read about family and other teen stuff
Acknowledgements: lovely! 4/5

8/10 – because I liked it but it doesn’t really stand out for me. Thinking back, I remember that I enjoyed reading it and that it exceeded my expectations, but I can’t really remember specific details. It’s a fun, light read that I would easily recommend. In fact, I passed my copy on to an girl I know and I'm sure she'll like it :)

source: publisher
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  1. I love books that are surprisingly good! This isn't my usual type of read either but I am going to add it to my list for when I am looking for something light and fun. Thanks :)

  2. I wasn't even aware this plot existed outside cheesy television! But cool that it could pull it off. Might be something I consider reading. I do happen to be a fan of "teen stuff" :P

  3. A little wanting song review! A little wanting song review! =D

    I'm not a top commentator anymore! This sucks! I thought I would frame my name or what but I'm not on the list anymore.

    haha. "midly neurotic"

  4. Interesting take Audrey because I believe I've read reviews for this one in which the reviewer wished that it did have alternating POVs.

    Guess it's a matter of preference.

    P.S. CMM was so gungy hot Freaky Friday, the remake!

  5. A fun, light contemporary read- sounds cool :) the whole Freaky Friday thing is kind of tiring, but hey, if this book pulls it off well, then I'm probably going to read it.

  6. Interesting stance, glad it was good in one POV! And it's good to hear that there was no eye-rolling, I can't help feeling that with two girls out of their depths, I'd roll my eyes a lot. :P

  7. I watched Freaky Friday at my tenth birthday party (it was my first sleepover birthday! Squee!). I don't think I've watched it since. However, if, as you say, this book pulls off the premise and is as entertaining and cute as you make it sound, I might have to give it a try.

    Thanks for the review!


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