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Guest Post: Nadia Jones on Getting Your Creative Juices Flowing

Hey! I have a guest post for you guys today, hopefully it'll help all you writers out there :) Welcome, Nadia!


5 Easy Ways Young Aspiring Writers can get Their Creative Juices Flowing

Reading the Twilight series is great and all, but what if you aspire to do more? What if one day you actually want to be the next Stephanie Meyer and become a writer? Let it be known that there is no better way to grow and develop your skills than by practicing your craft and writing as much as you can. But even award-winning writers suffer from the agonizing stresser called writer's block. No matter if you need to write for a school assignment or just for fun, use these tips listed below to learn how to unclog the ever-annoying blockage known as writer's block and get your creative juices flowing.

1. Stop Over Thinking, Just Write. This may sound impractical, but simply writing—about anything—is the easiest way to get rid of writer's block. It doesn't matter what you're writing about or whether the sentences are even cohesive or grammatically correct—just write whatever comes to your mind. Remember not to be too concerned with editing or with the mechanics of your writing, just write. Most likely you'll end but with some unusable gibberish, but you may be end up with something phenomenal (or at least at least a phenomenal sentence or two). To free write with more ease, it's usually best to hand write than using the computer.

2. Change Locations. Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration because your location itself is uninspiring. Instead of locking yourself up in your room, give yourself a break and go venture out some place that is not only less stuffy but that is also swarming with people. Since it's the summer, go to the park, the pool, or the zoo for example. You need the fresh air because the more oxygen you get the better your brain will function and will be able to think more clearly; and "people watching" can be very inspiring—you can come up with great themes, characters, dialogues and story ideas by just watching and eavesdropping on bystanders' conversation. So make sure you don't forget your notebook/journal at home.

3. Read. Another excellent way to get rid of writer's block it to read some of your favorite material—this can include books, magazines or even movie scripts. Whatever the case, reading material of people you admire can help you not only emulate their writing style but can also help you come up with your own original idea.

4. Grab Your Smart Phone. Your smart phone can do far more than increase your texts per minute; it can actually help you find inspiration and get rid of writer's block in more ways than one: the first is by simply having a juicy conversation with a best friend—he or she just might say something that could turn out to be a perfect book/essay idea. Your best friend can also help you brainstorm and give feedback about ideas you may be dabbling with already. The second is by downloading apps that are specifically designed to help alleviate writer's block. If you happen to have an iPhone, some of the best apps to invest in are Storyteller and Writer's Block Buster. These apps generate different characters, plots, and themes to help you mix and match and come up with a great idea on your own. There are tons of other apps available on the market for android phones as well, just make sure you read the reviews first.

5. Get Beauty Sleep. Lastly, one of the best ways to recharge your brain and come up with something great is to take a nap! If you've been struggling too hard trying to come up with the perfect thing to write about, you might just have very well exhausted all your mental power. Getting some rest will give your mind a chance to relax, which will pave way for the creativity to spill through. And if you're lucky, you might just find some inspiration in your dreams like other famous authors such as Stephanie Meyer and Stephen King do. So keep a notebook handy at all times, you don't want to risk forgetting a gem because you failed to write it down the moment you wake up.

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  1. Some great tips here. I would epically fail at 1 and 5 :D

  2. Get Beauty Sleep is all I've been doind since they told me school is over. =)


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