Wednesday, June 22, 2011

blogoversary Giveaway part II: #namethatbook

Welcome to day 2 of my silly little celebration :)

Today's contest idea was created by Erin Bowman (twitter, blog) and it's a TON of fun... even when we aren't competing against lightning fast typers :p Thanks Erin for letting me borrow your idea!

Prize: ANY one of the books below! They are good books, trust me.
Runner up: $5 Amazon Gift Card + extra pats on the back

-I will take a picture of a page from a book, and you will NAME THAT BOOK!
~ Fill out THIS FORM with your guesses. Please do not leave your answers in the comments, they will be deleted!
-winners chosen by random draw (each correct answer = 1 entry), winner is not based on the person who 'got the most' :)
-open Internationally, ends July 2nd


Simple, right?

There will be 10 pictures, and you just name as many as you can. These are all books I loved and I tried to include passages that would make it easier for you guys to figure it out. Some are a bit tougher than others ;)

If you have ANY questions, no matter how silly they may seem, leave them in the comments and I'll get back at you!

book 1

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5

book 6

book 7

book 8

book 9

book 10 (this one might be tougher, so here's a hint. Author's initials = JD)

Also, you can come back and answer ones you missed, just make sure your name/email is the same and I'll just add your entries together!

Have fun. Play fair. Stay awesome.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff :) Click here for more contests!


  1. Doood, I know like only one answer. LOL

    What a challenge! I think it's still to early for my brain to comprehend.

  2. oh fun! I know lots ;D but No 1 is going to drive me crazy because I know it and I can't think of it.

  3. Oh, number one number one *hugs book*

  4. Also, do I get disqualified for putting *LOVES KISSES SQUEEZES* in the answer box?

  5. I'm having so much fun with this! Number 10 is killing me, though...

  6. Missie- ahaha book 4? <33333333

    Alexa- i had a feeling you might!! EEEP I'm disappointed in you!

    Yahong- *cuddles book 1* hehe and of course not!!!

    Lucia- You did so well! =D ehehe no hints xD You can come back and answer it if you think of it :)

  7. Some of these were HARD - loved the first one - got that right away :) and I got the last one! But #9 - bo clue!

  8. Ah, okay. I THINK I got all of them. I think. :)

  9. This is such an awesome idea! I've never seen a blogger do something like this before, very creative.

  10. Linds- Awesome job! hehe #9 isn't really an obvious clue :p

    Brielle- AWESOME, YAY! I just checked, you got 9/10 (if you can figure out which one you missed, go ahead and change it :P) <-- this goes for everyone! you can come back to change answer but your final answer will be the one I take (so don't get it wrong!)

    Laura- hehe, thank you, but all the credit goes to Erin Bowman, I loved playing it on twitter! =D

  11. This was so much fun lol, I had to do some hardcore googling, and then felt completely ashamed that I even had to think about what it was for some of them *facepalm*

  12. This was so much fun!
    You will give us the answers one day right? Because #5...It reminds me something and I don't know.
    Happy Blogversary!

  13. This is a really good idea. I only got 5 and 10 but I'll be coming back if I remember any of them :)

    Omg love love love number 5 and 10 btw.

  14. Number 4! LOL! Love that book!

    This is such a fun contest!

  15. Soooo much fun! You should do this again (just for fun, not necessarily as a giveaway). Thanks!

  16. Fun! I think I got 4 right answers. Maybe.

  17. This was so fun! I only got 3 lol

  18. Dear Audrey, You rock!
    and LOL Number 10 was easy peasy for was one of three that I knew. :P

  19. Oh you are good! I can only get 5! But I am coming back for the rest.

    And you included my favourite book!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  20. Glad you added #10! It was the first one I knew :) Loved it.

  21. oh my gosh''this is genius

    i am going to try to get some now

    *please let me know them*

    x Nomes

  22. Brilliant idea for a contest, Audrey!

  23. What a cool contest! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  24. MAN THIS IS SO FUN. i didn't get all of em but thiiiisss is so challenging and fun! haha. Brilliant contest!!!


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*