Monday, May 30, 2011

we Want what Everybody Wants... or do We?

*waves* Hope you guys are doing swell. Here's another brain-spew.

While I have a lot of thoughts on book hype, most are common opinions shared by most bloggers (as in *squee* I want that book!)... but I guess today I'm rambling about overhype. Yeah, I just might name books *gasp*

So... The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin.

Okay. I feel like now is the time to shut the computer window and go back to studying, but hey, I'm not called a professional procrastinator for nothing.

I was so stoked for this book-- way back in, I dunno, June of last year? Before the cover, I stumbled across Michelle's blog and the title just stuck with me and I've kept an eye out for it ever since.

Then the cover-splosion*. Then the widget-splosion. The twitter-avatar-splosion. And suddenly the ARC is the hottest commodity and I found myself starting to think "hey, I don't want this anymore."

And then I tilt my head and do that whole confused head-scratching thing. WHY? It looks awesome! Why am I not salivating after it like I am with LOLA?? (plug for Anna and the French Kiss zomg)

And honestly, I don't know. It might be because everybody wants it. It probably is. *shrugs* It doesn't mean that it's not a great book-- it probably is. It's just that this time around, I guess the hype just didn't do it for me. Too much too soon? Maybe. On the other hand, I've bought into the hype of other books a LOT (aha Wither, anybody?).

I'd love to hear your thoughts on book hype, but if you're thinking "uhmmmm, I'm too lazy to write a long comment" how about you let me know if this has ever happened to you and if you'd like, I'm interested to know which books.

*Hey, I posted about the cover too!

Bonus! if you like Game of Thrones (TV show) or Harry Potter, you might like this picture :p Clicky


  1. Ohhh book hype. I'm afraid of book hype sometimes. Mostly because you can build it up to be so amazing in your mind and then it just can't measure up and so you end up disappointed. I'll let my interest pique but I won't actually jump onto the "its amazing!!!" train just yet. That way I don't ruin an otherwise pretty awesome book. :)

  2. I'm not a fan of book hype. Majority of the books that have been overhyped this past year have turned out completely disappointing for me. And sometimes I wonder if my disappointment and harsh criticism of the books is primarily due to me developing overly-high expectations because of the hype. Perhaps, if I took the books at face value without any preconceived notions, I would have enjoyed them more.

    Two examples of this would be Clarity and Paranormalcy. I was super psyched for these books, but once I started reading, I felt very underwhelmed. I don't think they're bad books by any means, but I don't think they're anything really special either.

  3. Hmmm... I'm a little wary of hype sometimes, but mostly I just think "Well, it can't be hyped for nothing, it must be pretty good." I can't really think of a time when hype really let me down, but I do have a lot of super-hyped books in my TBR pile, so that could change soon.

    One time when the hype was SO, SO RIGHT was with Anna and the French Kiss. I had heard that it was sooooo good, and it was even better than I'd anticipated. Stephanie Perkins is one of my favourite authors now, and I'm counting down the days to LOLA!

  4. I seem to not trend the same was as a lot of other bloggers, and hype makes me very wary of books. I didn't like Across the Universe... Unearthly... City of Bones... I thought Wither didn't live up to its hype either although it wasn't quite as bad as the other ones I mentioned.

  5. i thought Mara looked good too but now I am completely blase about it.

    i am not a fan of hype.

    then sometimes i wonder if i ever add to the hype machine myself, haha. via reviews or whatever.

    i do think ppl jump on the hype bandwagon a lot

    i often wish some of the little known books would get their chance in the spotlight :(

    i have a copy of divergent and havent read it yet. i do want to but the hype has scared me away a little.

    *most* hyped books i have not loved. i prefer word of mouth about good books from trusted bloggers.

    back to Mara. have not actually heard much about it yet in terms of reviews. it's not on my wishlist but i am curious about what some ppl will think and they may sway me to get interested again. i agree it has an awesome title and amazing cover.

  6. So I actually didn't find Mara Dyer from all the hype since that was how low I was on updates. I do have to admit that I'm kind of hyping it myself now since the cover is just awesome and over all it sounds amazing.

    I was never a fan of the whole bandwagon thing. I know it seemed like it when I read the Hunger Games but that was even before I knew what book blogging was and I had no idea that it was being made into a movie and all that.

    Guess I was just late on all the hype which may become an advantage :)

  7. I pretty much try to ignore hype merely because I like to make my own opinion on a book that hasn't been swayed by major hype overload.

    I agree with Sniffly Kitty, City of Bones didn't leave me wanting more and a few others I cannot be bothered naming.

    I try not to overload my own blog with hype, while I do swoon in reviews if I love the book, I don't tend to create posts to ramble about a book I haven't read yet.

    But I think it also depends on the degree of hype. Sometimes it is too much while at other times, it is just enough to grab your attention. Although since I am on a constant book hunt, I don't really need much hype.

    And another but, sometimes you just have to ignore it and see how you feel when you hold the book in your hands.

  8. I'm a little scared of too much hype, it builds my expectations of the boo sky high and I usually end up being disappointed. So too much hype makes be a bit more reluctant to read a book(that being said I REALLY want to read this book).

  9. After Shiver, Beautiful Creatures, Paranormalcy, I Am Number Four, The Mockingbirds, Matched, etc.. I don't pay an ounce of attention to hype anymore. If the book is super hyped and I might be interested in it I always check it out from the library first UNLESS I'm both interested in it and a trusted and honest blogger reviews it favorably.

  10. Hype is a scary thing sometimes especially since you have always this expectations. I certainly have been let down a few times (eg. Shift) and other times they have been everything and more than I could have hoped for (eg. Where She Went).

  11. SUCH a fantastic post Audrey! Hype can be a tricky thing, but if you think about it don't all the books at BEA have a lot of hype. Lola, Bloodlines and Shatter Me just to name a few. I guess we mostly buy into it because we have a pretty clear feeling that these books are going to be fantastic, or not. Who knows for sure? I have had many instances when hype has put me off, it definitely can do that to you. But when your instinct is strong that you're going to love it eg. Shatter Me and Bloodlines, Imaginary girls then it becomes hard to let the hype get to you.

    I mean come on, when you have people RAVING about a book, preaching it's awesomeness, well then: if I trust those bloggers then I put faith into those statements. I hate and mean HATE when you have blogs raving about a book, and then you read it. LOL. And you realise they were talking absolute shit. And I get that we all have our own taste but no. It's just obvious. Too obvious. So hype can work to ways, I agree. I don't blame you. It can definitely make you reluctant and completely put off. Sorry you have to feel this way hun.

  12. Yeah, this has happened to me before. When there's so much buzz and you're seeing the book mentioned all the time, it gets to be overkill and the excitement kind of dies for me. I think that was the case for Delirium, once I actually had my hands on a copy I was all, "Why am I not more thrilled to have this in my hands?" I think if you've seen it everywhere for a long time then it just becomes part of the familiar to you and loses that special draw.

  13. This is exactly why I haven't read Anna an the French Kiss or Divergent or other hyped books yet. The over hype caused over kill and somehow I lost interest. :(

    Funny picture. I'm loving the GoT.

  14. I hate book hype. I always have my doubts about ANY book before I pick it up and read it for myself. I'm going to read what I feel like I'm in the mood for. If it happens to be an overhyped book, I ignore all the reviews for it so I can make my own decision about the book.

  15. I'm afraid of overhype because those books that everybody is gushing about are usually going to let you down BECAUSE you wanted to read it so much and your expectations were sky-high :|

  16. Ohhhhhh don't get me started on hype. I want the same books as everyone else, but I usually read them either earlier or later because I can't stand to see 1309482903849328 reviews that all rave. I just want to love it all, you know?

  17. Book hype. Okay. I recently started in this YA world/internet/twitter/blogging community last year, after summer. I remember the hype for Matched. It was a good book, but it wasn't great. I bought it anyways. Then Anna. The book was amazing. As for this one, I want it badly. I hope it lives up to the hype. I don't mind that everyone wants it. That just makes me want it more.


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