Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poetry Slam Sunday (10)

oetry Slam is a competition in which poets recite original work. I love it. Plain and simple, I love the way it combines words, rhythms and performance, the sounds blending together to bring attention to anything and everything. When done well, it has the power to accomplish great things.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this feature, so to you who are new to this blog or have just stumbled upon it… PLEASE STAY. Don’t close the page yet.

Recently there was a Poetry Slam at my school where students—students
created their own slam and performed it to a huge crowd. Some were amazing, and I’m so glad my friend had recorded the audio because I think it’s something that should be shared. This anonymous person is in grade 12, and he’s an incredible writer. And his poem reminded me of why I love reading and… words.

Title: Words

I included the 'lyrics' to his poem in the video, so you can read along. Please watch it.

Wow, right? As I was listening, I was thinking “Markus Zusak would really approve of this”. It takes me back to The Book Thief, and the power of words.

Also: I think anyone who loves words – authors, readers, writers, librarians, bloggers, teens, adults, poets.. everyone can take something from this. I know this poem isn't exactly about books but.. still. Words. hehe, or maybe I'm the only one who feels this way :P

**I rarely ask you to do this, but I would love it if you would spread the word about this. Retweet it, link it on your blogs... I dunno. I think it's something a lot of people will enjoy, and I feel strongly about it. Thank you.

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I hope you enjoyed it, and if you'd like, leave a comment telling me what you think :)

disclaimer: the poem is not mine. at all.

PS- a few of you have told me how this feature has 'introduced' you to Slam Poetry, and it makes me so happy :) Click here to see other poems featured on this blog.


  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I'm big into poetry writing but I've never heard of poetry slam before. I don't know if I would be able to do it because my poems are normally super personal and I hate having to get up in front of people to read my own work. But thank you for sharing. That was powerful, and amazing, and all together awe inspiring. :)

  2. Julia- Oh, your comment makes me so happy :) If you ever feel like sharing any of your poems, I would love to read them.

  3. That was SO amazing! I'm no good at writing poems, but I love to appreciate them, and THIS I appreciate!

    Also, that guy goes to your school? You should marry him. Just sayin'.

  4. WOW!!!! That was really just...i'm at at loss for words because of 'Words'!

    I'll post this on my sidebar ^-^ LOVE IT!

  5. I missed this Audrey, so glad you brought it back! This is so inspiring, shame there's no video I would have liked to have seen him speak those words, but nevertheless, just amazing! Very talented guy.

  6. ... I'm at a loss for WORDS. Slam poetry is so pro! We're having this at our school too, and although I'm not old enough to take part in it, I've heard some of the poems, and they are really just amazing! Thanks for posting this; that guy is really talented!

  7. I LOVE slam poetry! I'm a huge fan of spoken word, as I've tried it and know how hard it really is. Thanks for sharing and for letting people know about the wonderful power poetry can have over our lives.

  8. I missed your Slam Sunday, Audrey! It was one of the things that first drew me to your blog :P

    Gahhh, this poem is soooo gooood. I can't believe the guy's from your school! We don't have a Poetry Slam here but how I wish we did. I don't think anyone would go and perform anything though. It' so sad.

    But I love this. I will watch it again in the near future! :D Thanks for sharing!! <3

  9. I actually have posted some of my poetry on my blog! You can read it here if you want. Maybe I'll post some more in the future. :)


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