Saturday, May 21, 2011

filler + Videos

Hey lovelies :) I dunno, this is just a brain-spew of all the boring stuff going on, filled with lame excuses and hopefully (more importantly) explanations.

For school, there's a due date for tests and stuff, and that is Wednesday, so I've gotta take 3 unit tests in two days, so well, I should be studying. Should being the operative word, because well, it's been 1.5 days into this 4 day long weekend and here is my list of accomplishments:

-start and finish Supernatural season 1
-ate a ton of junk food
-catch up on sleep

Yeah, I had a Supernatural marathon with my friend, and I overdosed a bit. But now I'm addicted to that show!! Dean + Sam zomggggggg. so. pretty.

So that's why I haven't been posting much. Sorry guys, you'll just have to deal with my dramatics and tv addictions and short attention span for a while longer. And unfortunately, it'll continue for another week or so, I just don't have time to read or really do anything blog-related.

So basically, school is kicking my butt but I'll be back hopefully soonish. I'll be away from Twitter too, so my lovely twitter friends, I will miss you!

I hope you guys are having a much less stressed weekend, with this gorgeous weather! Here are two adorable videos :)

A vlogbrothers vid:


A video that pretty much sums up my to-do list.

~I have de-bookmarked all the blog-related sites on Firefox, yet I can't stay away. Ahhh.

And an old(ish) song I recently heard on Glee that's been on repeat for my iTunes. :)

Have a great weekend everybody, hope to see you later this week. In the meantime, happy reading :)



  1. 1) I LOVE Jar of Hearts. I can play it on the piano, though not sing it because Christina Perri has such a unique, husky (aka pretty deep too) voice. It's beautiful. <33

    2) Vlogbrothers = awesome.

    3) I think I may need to check out Supernatural some time. Though would pretty be the best description of it? lol. (They look attractive to meee. xD)

    4) GOOD LUCK STUDYING! That's what I was saying to myself during the past two testing weeks... did I ever study at home? No. sigh... Well, kick some unit test butt! :D

  2. Good luck with the study.

    My best friend is totally hooked on Supernatural too. It's a great show!

  3. Good luck with your school stuff!

    And those boys from Supernatural are so pretty :)

  4. Christina Perri!!!!!!! Jar of Hearts!!!!!!! What a lovely song. I lovelovelove it. I like the Glee version too, actually. :P

    OMGOMGOMOGM SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!! You're a fan! YESYESYES! Unfortunately, I'm behind on the current season. I think the season finale passed. Maybe. I'm not sure. But my friends are all into it too so :P ISNT IT FANTASTICAL?! YEAH, HOT BROTHERSSS!

    Yaaaaay, studying /sarcasm. I've gotta get on that too. Got a test on Thursday. Goodluck on your tests, Audrey :P Will miss ya!

  5. Charlie and John Green vlogs are the best! Soooo fun!

    Good luck finishing up school!

    *lends you my serious glasses*

  6. I recently had a Supernatural marathon with some friends too! Although I spent a lot of it hiding underneath a blanket xD Dean is <3

  7. Awwww that puppy is so cute! All is forgiven :P Don't worry though. Good luck with school, and I totally get the Supernatural thing (I'm working on season 5 right now).


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