Monday, May 16, 2011

fictional characters I'd name my Sons After

I had this post a few weeks ago ago about characters I'd name my daughter after, and you lovelies responded very positively! Yay! So I had tons of fun pondering what I'd name my son after...


from If I Stay/Where She Went and Shatter Me. I LOVE THESE TWO ADAMS OMG OMG OMG. Currently my favourite name, seriously. It's hard to decide which one I love more, they're both so. freaking. awesome. *flails*
Also, will it be weird to name my son after characters I lust after so publicly? hands off, ladies, these boys are mine.

from The Piper's Son, I love this boy. He is mine. See? That's something I can say to my kid! (and hey, if a Thomas Mackee comes in a husband form, I will take him! Nic, Missie, and any others can be a bridesmaid at our wedding :P)

from His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman and Saving Francesca by MM. I think this name actually has huge potential to be future-child-namesake.. it's kind of understated but still classic and very lovely. Love it!

from Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert, I think I've said this before but there's something special about this amazing character that I just want to give him a huge hug. He's so far from perfect, but still... :)
~if you haven't read this book, you are seriously missing out.

from 13 Reasons Why. It's an odd kind of name, but after rolling it around my tongue a few times, I actually like it. Doesn't hurt that this book is amazeballs. Plus, Markus Zusak's new book is called The Bridge of Clay... I am sure I will love it xD

from Along for the Ride. Mysterious loner boy! I adore Eli in this book, he's just.. le swoon. Plus the name! I like the simplicity of three letters (well, short for Elijah) but anyways...

from Fire by Kristin Cashore.. okay, hear me out. I LOVE THIS NAME. That is all. Actually-- can I just swoon over it a bit more? I don't even know why I love it so much.. it's just... hot.

from Harry Potter. Oh I am so funny, I'm kidding :p I'd go with something less ostentatious... like Xenophilius.


Honourable Mentions (aka fantastic characters, not so much the name): Jonah, Etienne, Virgil, Puck, Four (ahaha.. imagine that), Po, Gabriel, Jacob (from North of Beautiful, not Twilight!)

--Okay, I notice these boy names I chose are all, well, love interest names. I wish there were more leading-character boys I'd name my kid after... something like Quentin (Paper Towns), Todd (Chaos Walking), or Ethan (Beautiful Creatures). Ahh well, I love me some swoony boys.

So.. what do you think? Names you like? Dislike? And which male characters would YOU name your sons after??

in case you skipped the beginning: female characters I'd name my daughter after. Check it!


  1. Have you read Hex Hall and its sequel, Demonglass? There's a swoon-worthy Archer there, too!! :D

    Oh, and they're also just fabulous books.

    I approve of all your picks!

  2. I love this post! It's such a fun idea, and although I haven't read all these books, the ones I have, I've loved and totally agree with you on their name-worthliness.

    The only point of contention I have with you if over Tom. I'm very sorry to inform you, but he's mine. I've already fought it out and, aside from the whole Tara thing... He's mine.

    I am just about obsessively in love with Melina Marchetta. I'm a little sad not to see Griggs of Jellicoe Road on her. I think I'd probably give up Tom for him... Although, maybe not. Can I have both?

  3. Becca- I've heard! It's one of the huge reasons I want to read that series, to MEET ANOTHER ARCHER YAY! :P

    Ashley- *ahem* Oh my misinformed, deluded friend. Nay, Tom is all mine. Since forever. BUT NICE TRY. hehe Griggs is actually my favourite (how can he not be?!), but I'm not a huge fan of the name "Jonah" as much :p Or trust me, he is SO on the list. Sidenote: Jonah Griggs is ALSO mine, just so you know ;)

  4. Love this!

    I personally love Adam, Eli and Jonah.
    I also love the name Wes. (Bit of Sarah Dessen influence there) :)

  5. go TOM :)

    and I have many literary crushes names WILL :D

    I also like the name ARCHER. I always hear it in my head with a south african accent for some reason (a la Leonardo dicaprio in BLOOD DIAMOND)

    I have a crush on Nathan from Psych Major Syndrome

    and Ed from Graffiti Moon (not to be mistaken with another Edward (who I am sure ppl have name their kids after ;)

    adore this post :D

  6. Awe! I'd love to be your bridesmaid.

    You can return the favor at my wedding when I marry ADAM!!!!! ha!

    And how could W.W. Hale not be on this list? And what the heck do those W.W. stand for? As soon as I find out I'm having a kid (or getting another dog) just to name him after Hale.

  7. Great list!

    Did you see how high Jacob has been rating?

  8. Love it

    for me...hmm other then my Own oc's I'd probbly want to name my boy gale from the hunger games or sam (shiver, linger) but other then them I'd stick with my OC's names I think

  9. I like Archer, it's a solid name. My husband and I really like Atticus. It's a perfect marriage between him (lawyer) and me (librarian)

  10. I know someone who did name her child after Will from HIS DARK MATERIALS.

  11. Rebecca- hehe, Wes was pretty close to making the cut! It's a gerat name.

    Nomes- Love the names Nathan an Ed (DEFINITELY not Edward!) Awesome picks :)

    Missie-.... NOT GONNA HAPPEN I WILL FIND A WAY TO MAKE SURE I CAN HAVE BOTH OF THEM! LOL and when I find out Hale's first name, maybe I can name my kid after him XD But for now, I think Hale is like, the perfect name for a new pet :)

    Juju- I KNow! most popular name of the year, I think :O

    Kate- hehe, Gale's pretty cool, so is Sam. What's your OC's names?

    Katie- If I ever have a boy, I think Atticus is a given middle name.. Love it :) And yes, it totally fits you guys!

    Diana- TOO COOL!! Seriously! What a great name :)

  12. Etienne. Definitely Etienne. LOL. I just looove how it rolls out of your mouth with an already existing accent! Oh my gosh I cant belive I don't remember Ballads of Suburbia although I did read it already. Ahh, I miss that book. :D

    Awesome names, seriously. I'd give birth to many sons just to give them all these awesome names.

  13. Archer and Thomas are some of my top favorite boy's names!!

    My ultimate #1 name is Simon, as in Simon from the Mortal Instruments series. He's just so cute and funny and dorky! :)

    - Alyssa of Redhead Heroines

  14. I'm totally with you with Eli. Also, Nate from Lock and Key. Four is totally unique, but he will get teased and bullied in school, but I like it better than his original name. I want to add one: Riley from Inside In/Outside In. Love that name.

  15. ARCHER IS SO HOT. Totally agree. I don't know why exactly either... Archer... Archer... because it sounds completely bad boy, badass? And, GAH, I used to LOVE the Dark Materials series. I cried when they had to part, aka saddest day of the 8th grade life. Love Will though, and his adventures into the underworld! Awesome post. :D

    As for MY names, I'm totally blanking right now... hm. OH, I just finished Nightspell, and one of the main character's name was Kestin. I LIKE THAT. Kestin. Kestin. Kestin. Sounds so pretty and elegant. :3

    Can you tell this comment is 100% stream of conciousness? I'm not even sure what I'm talking about anymore because just thinking about all these yummy boys has short-circuited my brain, lol. xD

  16. Interesting post!

    I would totally name my kid Adam or Eli! Those are really nice names.

  17. Justine- *swooooooons* haha, he is in my honorable mentions, I can't imagine my son named that hehe :P I KNOW EH there are infinite awesome names! It's sad that 19 Kids and Counting has people with such... eh names :P

    Alyssa- YAY! Simon's a cool name, though I think the name is tainted by a Simon I know in real life and don't like haa ;P

    mfay2- yay! Nate/Nathan's a great name too, haha, I'm not a fan of his original name tbh :P Riley- love it!

    Jenn- I KNOW. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way!! I read Dark Materials wayy back in like.. grade 6. I like, barely understood anything, esp. the overlying themes of religions/god/etc.. haha xD But I just LOVEd the books! Kestin, awesome!! Haha, love the comment :)

    Jillian- thanks! and yess ;)

  18. Well HDM definitely influenced the naming of my son :) Will is just the best name. It's why I can never quite forgive Sarah Dessen for Just Listen ;)

    I love Archer, I'm now swooning over it. Like Auden though I doubt the husband would go for it :(

  19. SQUEE at Etienne, even if he just made an honorable mention. Gah I thought you would have had more Potters on the list. :P I'd feel bad if you did named your kid Severus. Archer is a lovely name though.

  20. I feel bad for both of us... No way either of these amazing Marchetta boys are going to leave their equally awesome Marchetta ladies for us. :(

    (But if they did, they'd totally be MINE! Bwahahaha!)

  21. I want to marry a Tom! And it's kind of a family name. How perfect would that be? And then you can have your Adam and we'll both live happily ever after. :)

    I already intend to name one boy after a ficitional character. I'm not the biggest fan of the name itself, but the person is admirable, lovable, and heart-breakingly sweet. --> Walter Blythe from the AOGG books. I love Walter to pieces. However, I wish there were a nickname better than Walt. :P

    Anyway, I love these posts! I really need to do one myself. Thanks for sharing!


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