Tuesday, May 17, 2011

do you miss It?

Do you miss the feeling of walking into the bookstore and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of all the books around you? The feeling of seeing rows upon rows of unread books with unknown synopsises and unfamiliar characters? The feeling of running your hands down the spines and not recognizing any titles but still loving the idea of all the books?

I do.

I miss not knowing what books are about and buying them because they have compelling covers. I miss buying books without reading a gazillion reviews beforehand, I miss opening books with absolutely no idea what to expect, and without the pressure to form coherent thoughts I’m supposed to translate onto the screen later on.

When I walk into a book store, I know what books I’m looking for, which titles ring a bell, which genres to be wary of. I recognize hundreds of titles and authors, and recall the many reviews of books I’ve read in order to gauge which purchase will most benefit my happiness.

I think this is the one thing that book blogging has taken away, and while the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot, it’s these few moments where I miss not knowing anything YA related; seeing a book, even one like Twilight, featured as a floor display and just reading it to see why the heck it was placed there in the first place. To be shocked or to fall in love with a book and not know that hundreds of people have done the same before me, to be absolutely unaware of all things YA related and just enjoying these random novels found in the “teen zone.”

Yeah. My little nostalgic moment of the week.



    I read alone for so many years. randomly found john green and jaclyn moriarty and melina marchetta and sarah dessen and elizabeth scott without having ever heard of them.

    it's an awesome feeling finding a book and not knowing a thing about it and then falling in love.

    i do not like hype or expectations.

    i am glad i read jellicoe road without knowing anything about it.

    also, i read the hunger games and twilight without having heard a single thing about it (!) i do not think i could read them for the first time if i had expectations without it colouring my experiences.

    i still find very little talked about books around and choose random books all the time at my library.

    (am reading a YA at the moment that is so absolutely gorgeous ~ heading straight for 5 stars ~ but have not seen one review of it anywhere. and for some reason that makes it feel more special :)

  2. I do as well but for not the same reasons you do - this is totally inspiring me to do a similar post, stating my reason! But for me, I miss going to bookstores simply because there ARE no more bookstores near me. The closest one to me is about an hour away, which is far compared to the 5-10min we had before.

    Anyway, I still do get what you mean though. Sometimes book blogging does that to you, but tbh while I shop/borrow based on other bloggers' recommendations, I still take frequent trips to the shops themselves. Nothing beats that!

  3. I'd never considered this but yes, absolutely. Also as I don't have much browsing time anymore I tend to be drawn to the books that I'v eseen everywhere.

    But being back in the UK and not really reading any UK book blogs (yet) I have been intrigued by quite a few titels and covers. Now I just need the money to buy them :)

  4. This makes me sad. I never thought of it that way, and maybe it doesn't really bother me because when I send my money on a book I'm pretty certain that I'm going to love it. Now that you mention it though. I suppose if I think about it I do miss that. I read so many of my favourite book unaware. Not hearing of the authors of knowing what I was going in for. I still have those moments because I don't go scouring for every YA/ Adult book online, but the odd few that I am considering buying. So, I still have those moments where I will spot something unfamiliar. Only thing? I have them a lot less than I used to. Fantastic post Audrey :)

  5. I agree! Everything is so "known", never any mystery. Thankfully I still read Adult fiction from time to time, so I can still have that moment of discovery. Great post

  6. Great blog post! First stores seem like they have less in stock and it does feel like you know what is out what should be out on Tuesday and what has been reviewed as an ARC. It did take the mystery out of it and like you I do miss it.

  7. Absolutely. I miss the smell of bookstores, and the complete unbiased opinion of a new book. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane.

  8. I feel the same way. I went into Barnes and Noble the other day, a place used to spend hours discovering new books, and I got through the YA section in about ten minutes. I didn't pick up more than a few books because I was already familiar with almost every book on the shelf. It really made me miss those old days.

  9. I totally feel the same way.

    I used to go to Chapters and make lists of all the books I thought looked really cool, then add them to a Word Doc of books I wanted to read. I'd check if my local library had them and if not I'd request it.

    Now I know pretty much every book, have added them all to Goodreads, and receive books from publishers/giveaways rather than buying them.

  10. Yes. I feel that way about bookstores and libraries. Some of my favorite books when I was a kid were from these places, as well as from flea markets. So many unknown books became familiar and loved by me.

  11. You totally have me tearing up here! Yes, I miss it. I don't even go to bookstores anymore. I order everything online.

    I suck!

    I should go stick my head in a library, just to sniff old books. :)

  12. I don't miss the bookstores per se, since I've always been more of an online person, but I miss the NEW feeling of not knowing what to expect. I just finished Divergent yesterday and my first reaction was "HOLY EFF," but then I had to start second-guessing myself and ask how much of that was ME and how much of that was the raves I've read? And why can't I just leave it to be perfect instead of having to nitpick during reviews? Which is why I think I'm switching back to the 4, 4.5, 5 etc. system because no book is perfect, but I like to think of them as so. Like how I thought before I got wrapped up in reviewing.

    But I agree, I wouldn't give up this to return to pre-blogging me. :)

  13. I do miss it. One thing, however -- I was never really the type of person who would just buy books (because, again, I'm cheap that way. :D) What I miss is seeing a brand new book -- you've never heard it before, never seen its cover before, never heard a premise like it before. You pick it up, marvel at the cover and break open the spine to take a look at the blurb. And it sounds AMAZING.


  14. Nomes- I wish I could say I discovered as many awesome authors as you did on my own, but truth is i can't be thankful enough for blogging introducing me to all those authors (minus John Green) that you names, and their books that changed my life. I read Twilight w/o hearing *anything* too, probably why i adored it so much at the beginning. I wander the library too, but much less browsing books than trying to spot books I recognize. I seriously can't wait to read this book you're talking about, I love it when you rec books I've never heard about and I end of loving them! (God is in the Pancakes, yay!)

    Jillian- I feel so bad :( I'm lucky to be pretty close to bookstores, plus a very AWESOME library. Bookstores = <3

    Alexa- I know what you mean, I don't think this year I've purchased any books without reading reviews/knowing what was going on beforehand. I'd love to hear what you think about UK books, it's something I definitely don't read enough of (well, those exclusive UK titles, that is).

    Aly- I wish I was more like that, but I'm ust wary about books that I 'research' them beforehand, which obviously takes away the 'magic' of discovering a book you fall in love with, you know? Thank you :)

    Katie- I haven't started wandering into that section yet, but it'll be so refreshing when I do, I think :)

    Cari- I know what you mean! I went to bookstore the day Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers was supposed to be released, but it wasn't there! :( I agree, it takes the mystery out of it.

    Jen- ahhhh the smell <3 :)

    Stephanie- I know! I still spend ages in bookstores, but mostly deciding which books to buy because I know what books I'll like. I miss the odl days when it was like, so many unknown books on the shelves.

    Laura- ME TOO. I used to do that too!! Haha, I felt kind of silly but it saved so much money and I could figure out what was the 'big thing' aka twilight :P I know what you mean.

    Medeia- Completely agree, I know exactly what you mean.

    Missie- Awwh, might I add it's very very hard to avoid puchasing a boatload of books when you find yourself in a bookstore? :) and you totally rock <33

    Jenn- I KNOW! Exactly, sometimes I feel like the hype influences my opinions, and then it gets into nitpicky territory. But it's hard to beat the feeling of finishing a book and thinking HOLY EFF though, which I wouldn't trade for anything. So with you for Divergent.

    Yahong- Libraries! <3 Yeah, the day swher you just browse through the shelves picking up whatever, then trying it out and loving it :) Ahh you're still relatively new to blogging world, so hang on to the "unknown" for now, hun :)

    ~~thank you all for these wonderful comments =) you brighten up my day.

  15. Yes, I so totally do!! I haven't heard many other book bloggers mention this, but it's so true. I used to walk into the library or bookstore and not recognize a lot of the titles on the shelves. And now, although there have certainly been many rewards of book blogging, I do sometimes miss that feeling of all of those unknown books waiting to be discovered. *nostalgic moment*

  16. I totally know what you mean. My big thing is that I'm tired of analyzing every single book I read. I just want to read some books for pleasure :)

  17. This is sad it reminds me of me just today my mom was on a website and I saw the trailer for "Matched" on there my mom was thrilled I said "oh yeah and the second one is coming out soon too" with out much enthusasium

    But I find I'm the same way in the YA section of book stores now "seen it on good reads, heard about it on good reads" and have Some Tuesdays marked and Memorized even when books come out. However I'm not going to be hard on it actually if it weren't for Goodreads I wouldn't have found shiver at first or learned about nevermore or angel star or the ghosts of ashbury high

    And yeah book stores are normally stocked with a lot of books I've heard of but sometimes I'll find a book with a cool cover and its not all a loss because I still find my manga that way I know of the companies in manga but not what is coming out when and such and there is always a new manga to go "ohhh this looks good" about

    PS. not only that but the boarders near us has been doing a crummy job at keeping books stocked like the lesser known ones or even some manga

  18. I still do that. :) Before I got into blogging, I rarely purchased a book that I hadn't read, so I don't miss it in bookstores.

    But, I do that all the time in the library. There are a lot of older books, so I just browse the shelves, randomly pulling off any titles that appeal to me. I'll go in periodically & grab 3-7 books I've never heard of and take them home to see what I think.

    I've found some... not so great books that way, but I've also found a lot of really amazing titles. :)

    Utilize your library!

  19. No, no, I love being steeped in YA and children's literature. I love going into a store, and knowing that in an instant, I'm seeing much more than the ordinary shopper -- knowing which authors are favorites, noticing when there's a debut novel, seeing an unrecognized title, but realizing it's from one of my favorite imprints, so it must be good. Love that feeling!

  20. I actually get the opposite thrill. I love strolling the aisles and knowing so much. Usually more than the folks that work there.

    Fun post.

  21. Oh yes, I miss that feeling. I love finding that unknown gem of a book I'll treasure for years to come. Even though I know all the new titles now, I can still get that unknown discovery in libraries because they have so many old titles I haven't heard about.

  22. Now that I think about it, I do. Particularly the bit about not feeling pressured to form my opinion into a coherent thought and somehow find the time and energy to post it online. I love blogging, but in the past year or so, it's been getting so hard. Harder than exercising and homework, really. I feel an obligation to post more often, but I don't have the time or energy anymore, and then I feel guilty for not taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities I receive because of blogging, and.... You get my drift. ):

  23. Weird. I actually don't miss it. MAYBE it's the fact that I don't go to the bookstore much and don't buy a lot of books and stuff. But I so, so love knowing some things about the books I see. I love it when I see a book that's not on the Recommendations shelf when it really should be on it. It makes me want to work at a bookstore and be a part of the staff so that the book would have a "Staff Pick of the Week by..." .

    I love knowing things about books. It makes me feel...knowledgeable. LOL

  24. Yes, I miss it. Not so much because of the blogging but because I work in a bookshop I see everything as it comes in - I can't have a proper browse any more.


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