Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Authors,

Canada is a friendly, kind, caring, enthusiastic, high-energy, chill, low-maintenance, happy, upbeat, and overall wonderful country. We are the true north strong and free. We don't actually ride polar bears to school, and no, unfortunately only a minuscule percent of our population live in igloos. Sure, the weather might be crappy but it's just a bit of rain.. or snow. But who cares!

Amazingly nice people line our streets (well, most of them). You know what? YOU SHOULD VISIT MORE.

Pretty please? And NOT JUST TORONTO. Sheesh, that place is OVERRATED (though I will probably be going there in September, and in that case, I take it back). COME TO VANCOUVER-ish area. WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU.



~a teen who has never met an author in person before... I know. Blasphemous.

ps~ new favourite word... awktopus. bahahahahaha
pps~ Divergent by Veronica Roth is out tomorrow. It is excellent. You should get it.

ppps~ I am VERY stressed at the moment with school @_@ which means: more random, short posts like this, or no posts at all. Sorry :/


  1. aww, sorry youre so stressed :(

    but this post is very cool :)

    i met an author for the first time 3 weeks ago (and I am 30 yrs old...)

    cant wait to read DIVERGENT

  2. As a YA reader living in the Vancouver area, I totally agree with this post!!! Authors needs to visit western Canada more!

  3. Good for you!

    I feel ya. I live in Florida (at the moment) and they hardly ever come this far down.

  4. Good luck with you school stuff.

    And I haven't meet any authors either. They do come to Australia but never near where I live either :(

  5. Please know that you do not stress alone. I suffer with you. Good luck.

  6. This X 100. Canada is awesome! Vancouver is awesome! How could you NOT want to visit? :D

  7. Can I extend the invite to Montreal to? I mean we are freaking awesome =D

    i've never met an author either =(

  8. I agree not many authors aome out west. Are you from the Vancouver area? Cassandra Clare and Holly Black was just here last month. And I know the Smart Chicks tour is making a stop later this fall.

  9. LOL! It's not just Canada. I have never met an author either...and I live in Missouri. *sadface*

    I hope one comes to your area and mine someday soon!

  10. This is so true! I'm from Washington State and every time I get a chance to visit Canada, I love it so much.

  11. I absolutely agree with you, although I wish they'd visit Toronto more often, since that's where I live! I mean, come on US authors and their schedulers - we're so close! Why not give your brother-in-arms a little love?

  12. Ugh school stress sucksssss. I definitely feel for you right now. :( Must say I do love this post though haha.

  13. Hope the school stress is over soon.

    You're so lucky to live in vancouver (even if it is an author free zone!) I loved it there.

    Glad to hear Divergent is excellent - i have it to read next :)

  14. You're kidding me! I totally thought that Vancouver's a prime spot for authors -- it's DEFinitely a prime spot for Canadian publishers, dude.

    I guess I have it a little better. I'm not sure why authors don't come to Ottawa (hello, nation's capital anyone?), but at least I can beg my parents to let me go to Toronto if there's someone I REALLY want to meet.

    BTdubs, LOVE the map you wrote over :P And BTdubs again, hope Divergent is as good as you say AND that we can make it through the school stress. *hefts homework* *grunts*

  15. Montreal too Please! We never have any author here, unless they are from Quebec! Please, we love you here too!

  16. I love Canada. I will totally come to Vancouver, even though I'm not an author (yet, hopefully). Is that okay? :)


    Yeah I don't often go to's too much of a hassle. I could go...but then again, I know of no one who would go with me! (Actually I do buuut meh) Anyway, I agree, they should totally go to Vancouver! Or branch out to more Canadian cities!!

  18. Yes, we need more authors coming to Canada! Unlike you though, I need them coming to the Toronto area at a time when I can actually go see them. They always seem to be scheduled for when I'm studying for an exam or writing an essay/exam :(

  19. I'll have to agree with you hon! And it would be awesome if authors can come to Montreal as well.. I've never met an author either :(

  20. Definitely! Although I do live in TO.... I went to my first about 2 months ago! Love your blog!!

  21. Have I mentioned you should come visit? Well, you should. And probably around October if you want to come to Wordstock, where I just happened to meet Patrick Ness last year.

    Sound fun? ;)


    P.S. Hope school's going all right! Feel free to email and complain to me if you need to. :)


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*