Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday

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Browsing through Goodreads is always so much fun, right? Actually, not so much because there's so many awesome-looking ones that just (unfortunately) have such cliched summaries I feel bad adding them to my 'to-read' list. Like seriously. Anyways, in search of a WoW for this week (and wanting to avoid the more obvious picks like Lola and the Boy Next Door-- which trust me, I am dying to read) I stumbled across this one which made me go "hmm, sounds good". It's a boy-ish book, and I don't think I've read many of those lately.

by Andrew Smith

Summary (goodreads):

Stark McClellan (“Stick”) hears the world in a different way. He is surrounded by cruelty and ugliness, but holds on to a powerful sense of wonder, faith, and love for his best friend, Emily, and the most important person in Stick’s world -- his older brother, Bosten, who happens to be gay.

When the boys’ father throws Bosten out of their home, Stick steals a car and takes off on a three-state odyssey to find and rescue him.

Hmm, perhaps not the most incredibly original sounding, but still looks pretty good. Plus there's a boy named Bosten, which is amazing. Also, Andrew Smith is the author of The Marbury Lens, which I've been meaning to read!

Stick is released October 11, 2011 from Fiewel & Friends.

What are you waiting on this week?

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  1. This is the first I have heard of this book. Sounds good. I love boyish types of contemps. Adding to my wishlist :)

  2. Sounds good! Great pick! I hadn't seen this one before.

  3. Sounds really interesting. Love the cover too. Great choice!

  4. This one sounds intriguing! Amazing choice :)

  5. I haven't heard of this one before either but it does sound good. Thanks for sharing your find with us Audrey :)

  6. Hmm I can imagine it being an okay-ish and normally a synopsis will click with me and I'll know it's going to be an amazing read, but I get a nothing out of the ordinary feel with this one. Hopefully you'll get this sometime and prove me wrong. :)

  7. This looks like a great book :) New follower! Happy Reading! My WoWs:

    Butterfly Feet Walking on Life
    For the L♥ve of Reading

    -- Zakiya LadyWings

  8. What interesting names for the guys! I'm jus wondering if you'd add them to your post "fictional characters - names you'd name your son after" haha :P

  9. Yes Bosten! Also, I have The Marbury Lens right on my bedside table. There's an attempted guy-to-guy rape in the first two chapters. *hides* But hopefully the rest is good! :P


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