Saturday, April 16, 2011

movies In My brain: Movie Thoughts: The King's Speech

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With movie week coming to an end *sniff* I thought I'd leave my last "movie thoughts" to be the supposedly-best one... The King’s Speech was the Academy Award winner for best Director, Actor, Original Screenplay and Picture. And following its big wins, I went ahead and watched it because I had to know if it was true to the hype (I'm predictable like that).


It’s about King George VI, a ‘reluctant’ king with a stammer who needs to overcome this obstacle to act as a voice of hope during World War I. He is helped by his lovely wife and a working-class speech therapist who eventually becomes his best friend.

My Thoughts

Man, this was a good movie!! I’ll be hesitant to say it is the best one, because I admit I enjoyed The Social Network just a bit more, but I can say that Colin Firth fully deserved that Oscar. And the whole ensemble cast and the acting is absolutely superb, the period is extremely well defined and the movie is shot beautifully. This is a perfect feel-good movie. Seriously.

What I loved a ton in this film was that it was a great blend between serious-ness and humour, but this barely holds a candle to the characters. Albert "Bertie" (King George- Colin Firth) is fully formed and everything from his attitude to his quirks has been just splendid, and I ‘got’ so much from him: his passion, bravery, fears, confidence, and love. his wife (Helena Bonhom Carter) and his therapist Lionel (Geoffrey Rush) were both fantastic as well.

Lastly, it never bored me. I thought it might fall into one of those ‘period piece’ traps but I’m glad it didn’t. I would definitely recommend you guys to see this :)

Popcorn Review: The King’s Speech is a heart-warming, surprisingly enjoyable movie about a man who overcomes a great impediment to bring together a country in a time of need. And Colin Firth is just stunning in it.



  1. I loved this movie! I probably preferred it just a bit more than the Social Network, but both were great. Colin Firth was amazing, I agree. So much love for him - and this film! The one thing that detracted from it for me was the idea that Guy Pierce was playing the older brother - I thought he looked so much younger!

  2. I have heard such great things about it, I have to watch it soon. Good to see that you loved it Audrey! :)

  3. I wasn't even going to watch this until my family + some friends said we were going to watch it one night. And so I ended up loving it. The humour and seriousness was amazing! I agree, it's not all that makes this movie A+...I loved the relationship between Lionel and Bertie. The ending was nice too :)

  4. The King's Speech is a feel good movie, but a very adult one, and while it tells a good story, well scripted, absorbing and believable , Tom Hooper's film is far more driven by character than by plot.


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