Thursday, April 14, 2011

movies In My brain: Movie Thoughts: The Kids are All Right

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I'm slowly easing into a different theme in this movie week.. I know, it's very subtle. Only the organizer would've thought of such un-obvious stuff :p Anyways, we are shifting into "underrated movies" theme!

Disclaimer: I’m not a movie critic, this is just my thoughts. NO SPOILERS in this post.

Also: This movie is rated R, for a reason. There are mature sexual scenes that are inappropriate for younger audiences. JSYK.

Synopsis (IMDB): Two children conceived by artificial insemination bring their birth father into their family life. (hehe, yeah… )

My Thoughts

I seriously loved this movie. I can’t get over how impeccable each performance was as the cast really came together and delivered a heart-felt, emotionally honest and heart rendering performance. I don’t really see this as a comedy, just a movie with some lighter parts, but it’s a blend of multi-faceted themes which is awesome. It’s hard for me to describe what it was about this movie that makes it so special, apart from the fact that it was.

I think the relationships between the family members, especially between the mothers Nic and Jules were my favourite part of the movie. The family atmosphere felt honest, real, and above all: relatable. Their family is realistically imperfect and the fact that the same-sex marriage is presented in this movie only enriched the movie. I thought the performances of the two kids (they boy, Josh Hutcherson, has been cast as Peeta! The girl is Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre.) were incredible as well; the awkward, tentative relationship they had with their birth father was fantastic to watch. People change, kids grow up, and mistakes are made… but is this enough to tear apart a family?

Plus, this made me cry. I don’t cry easily.

Popcorn Review: The Kids are All Right is a funny and honest contemporary movie about love, relationships, love, and above all: family… it is simply amazing and one of my favourites amongst the Oscar-noms.



  1. :O The girl is Jane Eyre! Whoa I didnt know that. But I've seen the movie poster everywhere in the theater lol. I've gotta watch this still! The cast seems absolutely awesome. And wow, it made you cry. Oh my gosh, which means it will make me cry because I cry easily!!

  2. l seen this trailer and it looks so good!
    Going to add it to my rental list =)

  3. I'm watching this tonight with my siblings!!! :) Thanks for the rated R warning. I'll be ready for the unfortunately awkward moments that are soon to come. I've heard so many good things about this one so I can't wait. :D


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