Tuesday, April 12, 2011

movies In My brain: Movie Thoughts: 127 Hours

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Short story is: 127 Hours is a true story about a mountain climber, Aron Ralston, who gets his arm stuck under a boulder while canyoneering. Since he didn’t tell anyone where he was going, he needs to cut his arm off to survive. Yeah. I'm sure you've heard of it.

My Thoughts

This is a movie that you can’t say bad things about; the acting by James Franco is extraordinary and it’s could be so guttural and emotionally draining at times it’s hard to watch. There is subtle themes hidden in a rather simple storyline, but in the end it is what it is. It’s excellent.

Aron goes through so much in a span of 127 hours, it’s intimidating and uplifting because it makes you consider what type of person you need to be to be brave enough to accomplish the feat he did, and from the initial adrenaline rush to the shock and exhilarating feeling when he is free from the boulder, it just feels like every second counts. The video entries he films are amazing as well.

And I’m sure you want to know about the arm-severing part: it’s pretty brutal, something I was and wasn’t expecting. It’s not really for the faint of heart, but honestly, it’s only five or less minutes and you can just shut your eyes, because the rest of the film is something you don’t want to miss.

Popcorn Review: An amazing performance by James Franco creates an atmospheric, intense and emotionally draining movie that will bring the audience through a rollercoaster ride, but eventually to an uplifting ending.



  1. I've been wanting to watch this movie!!! It sounds really good, and very gruesome.

  2. Oh man that one scene has me freaking out about the movie. I adore James Franco he is just a smexy shizz. Fab review love!

  3. i am going to absolutely watch this

    and not just b/c of franco ;)

    fab fab review :)

    loving this series

  4. Hooray James Franco! Ahh, I love that guy and his acting. His purely magnificent and pretty good-looking. :D I saw clips of this everywhere...and I still need to watch it! I love the concept of his video entries. Ahh, I need to watch this!

  5. 127 Hours is not just a film – it is an experience. It is only in limited release now, but I can only hope that audiences everywhere will get the opportunity to see the movie. It is an amazing movie centered around an absolutely incredible performances..


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