Monday, April 4, 2011

just for fun- Polls

Hey! Just thought I'd let you guys know I think I'm gonna try an experiment and run a poll in the right sidebar (see it?), probably changed biweekly or something. It's just something quick and interactive to do if you're bored :p

If the clutter gets to me (I can see my sidebars kind of filling up...) or it just doesn't feel like a good idea after a test run, I'll get rid of it.

Anyways.. what are you waiting for? :p

Yeah. I know, this is a filler post because I kinda ran out of ideas recently. Have a happy Monday!


  1. argh! it wouldn't let me vote :(

    in other news LOVE your book of the month!

  2. yeah same, wont let me vote :( ...but I love the idea!!!

  3. Great idea.

    It wouldn't let me vote either for some reason. Maybe it's my search engine.

  4. yeah same as above it won't let me vote it says I have to be signed in (I am signed into blogger!) but I vote Yes to a in my mailbox yes yes yes

  5. Oh, so sorry ladies :( Probably a glitch on my part, I tried a different gadget this time :) thank you so much for pointing it out! =)


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