Saturday, April 2, 2011

fun beans

This post, like Voldemort's soul, comes to you in seven parts*.

1) Vlogbrothers style introduction ftw.

2) So looking back, I realize the entry form for the March Mayhem giveaway hop was confusing on my part, so I'm sorry about that. I was lenient on entries because of that, but anyways, has picked a winner and congrats... Rheanne! You've won a book under $10 to The Book Depository, please respond to the email within 78 hours. Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who participated :)

3) HCC March Madness is still going, it's the Final Four! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith is losing, and you should vote for it ;) Click here to vote! I mean.. who likes The Hobbit! hehe, just kidding!

4) movies In My brain is starting in 10 days! I feel horribly behind in organizing posts and such, so a hefty chunk of this weekend will be dedicated to that. Thank you to all the lovely people who have offered to do guest posts! If you're still interested, feel free to email me, it'll be fun-- I promise :)

5) Happy post-April fools! Mine was relatively quiet, anyone have good pranks to share?

6) I like tumblr. Here is my tumblr, it's kind of newbish and kind of sparse, but ehhh, I have too many procrastination outlets. I like to post about quotes and pretty pictures. If you have tumblr, feel free to leave a link in the comments and I'll follow you. Bookish people have awesome taste, I have learned.

7) I got accepted to UofT. Not too shabby, now gotta decide between schools. Oh, these grown up choices will be the death of me. Excuse me as I procrastinate about this decision.

Have a great weekend everybody!

*seven or eight, depending on how you look at it :p


  1. Oh wow congrats Audrey!! Just emailed you, of course I would love to be a part of MIMB :)

  2. Yay! Congrats!!!

    Also, can I sit back and watch this first MIMB? Will there be another one in the future to be a part of??

  3. Congrats! Now would that be Tenn or Texas?

  4. Congrats on your acceptance! Isn't it nice to be wanted by two different places and have to choose??

  5. Congrats! :D It's fun getting accepted (: Woohoo procrastinate! heheh. (I'm procrastinating too) Let's procrastinate together... -toughdesicions-

  6. Seems like everyone has a tumbir
    greast prank this year was the one Maggie stivater pulled saying there was a fourth book in the shiver trilogy XD it was great so many people fell for it

    not me though

  7. I saw the beginning of your post on my google reader and instantly knew you were referencing the vlogbrothers! Yay nerdfighters! I totally made a DFTBA button for my blog last night. LOL! How did I not notice you were a vlogbrothers fan before now?

    COngrats on getting accepted!

    I have no idea what a tumblr is! Hhhhmmmm. I;ll have to check that link out.


    Jennifer of Little Shelf

  8. Aly- awesomesauce! I'm repying now! :)

    Zoe- thanks :) And of course! I hope you enjoy!

    Juju- thank you! and it's Toronto =)

    Erin- hehehe.... not really #procrastination #harddecisionssuck xD

    tearyeyedstars - yay! sounds good!

    Kate- HAHA ohh, won't lie, that's a GOOD ONE! :) LOL

    Jennifer- dftba! haha, awesome!! And thank you :)

  9. You've done so great, Audrey! Can't wait for mIMb. ;) And YO, Tumblr buddies! *cyber high-five*
    Am excited to hear which university you'll end up going to. :)

  10. Congrats on your acceptance. Well done. And very cool tumblr you got.

  11. YAY FOR GETTING ACCEPTED TO U OF T!!! CONGRATS AUDREY!!! Did you go to the open house? I went to the winter one :P My friend got an acceptance too! Lol, I'm so happy for everyone! Hooray! It would be so cool if you went to U of T, hehe :P

  12. Congrats on being accepted to UofT, I know what it's like decideding for university, I may know where I'm going, but I haven't chosen what program (Damn you university for making apply for the faculty instead of the program. Now I'm still undecided...)

    Good luck choosing!

  13. Hey! I have tumblr - :) I just checked out yours and it is pretty! Also, congrats on UofT! I know a lot of people going there.... what's your second choice?

    YA Booklover Blog

  14. Yahong- aw thank you! And me too xD I'm terrible with decisions... :P

    Missie- thank you so much :)

    Justine- Aw thank you!! I went way back in October, it was soo crazy! And congats to your friend :) Ack, gotta make decisions :p

    abeautifulmadness- thank you! Gosh, it's just like... ackkk (i don't want to think about it!) gosh, your decision sounds tough too :s gl!

    Chloe- awe love your tumblr, those cupcakes look so guuuuuud ;) And thank you! Second/tied choice is mcgill :)


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