Saturday, April 9, 2011

books i Wish I could Rename

Inspired by this Tuesday's theme of "Top Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign" I decided to do my own list (I'm very aware this topic has probably been already done.) Plus, I feel like it's been a while since I've done a list =) Please know that these are just my personal opinions. Also, I don't want it to look as if I'm ragging on these titles, I'm just saying that sometimes the title doesn't give the right conceptions about the novel or serves as a turn-off, but sometimes the books turn out way different than what I expected.

5 Book Titles I Wish I Could Rename

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
by Beth Fantaskey

-Ugh. For a wary paranormal and YA-romance-centric reader, I initially shied away (more like ran away) from this because of the title. It's just too paranormal and too girly (well, "dating on the dark side" just doesn't appeal to me.) Glad I was totally wrong about it though!

Anna and the French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins

-Ack, I think this is even worse than 'dating'. French Kiss? Call me 12, but icky! If someone asked me what I was reading, I think I would whisper the title, it's just not something I love to publicly acknowledge. Of course, after I finished it, I'm a bit less antagonistic about it because the book is brilliant.

Going Too Far
by Jennifer Echols

-Oh dear. I'll admit, it's quite the tantalizing title but honestly, for (the self-conscious, insecure) me, it's another title I would not be eagerly revealing to strangers. And if I'm in a bookstore and asked a recommendation, I just feel awkward saying "oh, there's this book, Going Too Far, which is not completely about sex and it's excellent and please don't judge the book by the title.. wait, where did you go?"
-Also, I don't want to seem like a terrible person but I think this book kinda got screwed over in the cover and tagline department as well. Shame, because this book is really, really good.

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June
by Robin Benway

-Just too much of a mouthful. It's tooo long!
-However, might I add, her first novel Audrey, Wait! has a fantastic title ;)

The Summer I Turned Pretty
by Jenny Han

-I'm like... really? It's too fluffy, I think. My initial judgementalness makes me dislike it, I had assumed it would be incredibly shallow. After rave reviews, my assumptions have changed but still, it doesn't erase what I first thought. I will read this sometime though! I think it's one of those pleasant surprises that makes me happy to be proved wrong.


And as a bonus, I'll add in a title I like. In the YA spectrum of endlessly awesome titles (think The Book Thief, Like Mandarin, Please Ignore Vera Dietz, The Sky ie Everywhere...) here is another:

Castration Celebration
by Jake Wizner

-Shocking, crude, and attention-getting! Love it. And okay, okay, it's not a title I'll be parading around but whatever! :P

So, what do you think of these titles? Disagree? Are titles make-or-break for you? And what are some books you wish YOU could rename?? Let me know in the comments! =)

Also, movies In My brain starts tomorrow! I'm kinda gonna be running around stressed out about it but ah well, it's all in good fun :)


  1. I agree with all these picks, especially the first two. I wanted to recommend Anna And The French Kiss to so many people, but the title...

    Also, I always mean to ask: is the capitalisation in your post titles a reference to Margo Roth Spiegelman?

  2. Skye- YES! =D I think I mentioned it in the very first post on this blog (almost 2 years ago?!), it started out b/c I just finished Paper Towns :p

    Belle- thanks :)

  3. Agree on Anna and the French Kiss and maybe Going Too Far but I really like ...April, May and June and The Summer I Turned Pretty as titles. Fun article though!

  4. I don't think Jessica's Guide to Dating even fit for what the book was about and I agree with Going Too Far - brilliant book with a title that just doesn't fit or draw you in.
    Castration Nation??? No comment ;-))

  5. I mean celebration.....either way - weird

  6. The summer I turned pretty will prove you wrong, seriously! Hmm there may be some titles that make me cringe but they have to be pretty crass. I don't let such things bother me easily though, but I get what you mean. :)

  7. I put off reading Anna and the French Kiss for the looongest time because I hated the title and the cover. It was only thanks to about a zillion bloggers saying how good it was that I was able to overlook the cover fail and read what turned out to be an awesome book!

  8. LOL, YES! Not only is Jessica's Guide a silly name that makes the book sound really immature, but it's a gigantic title.

    Going Too Far makes me feel like I'm back in school gossiping about "bases" and eh, yeah, that makes it awkward if someone asks what I'm reading.

  9. Nice post! Totally agree with you. While recommending Anna and the French Kiss to friends I had to explain that the eiffel tower was on the front and that it really was 'french'.

  10. Poor Anna and the French Kiss, not only does it desperately need a new title, but a new cover too!

    Fun List Audrey! The holes in your brain always give us much to think about.

  11. Castration Celebration! LOL!!! Hmmm what is that book about????

    I agree with some of your list especially The Summer I Turned Pretty. It sounds like a title of a book for a 10 year old. Also Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. Sound like a funny self help book!

    Great post. I love lists :)

  12. I agree about every single one. I'm always recommending ANNA, and then going on and on awkwardly, explaining that it's set and France, and it's a play on words, and it's not all that disgusting and... You get the picture.

    Have you posted your review of ANNA yet? I must have missed it! *sigh* I'm so behind right now. 163 unread emails!

  13. I completely agree with you on Anna and the French Kiss and Jessica's guide. I've only read Anna, but I definitely see what you mean. I'm like "have you read Anna and the french kiss? No, I know the title is dumb, but, hey wait! Hear me out. HEY! ... Where are you?"
    I don't really pay attention to the titles, to be honest. I don't care if it sounds cheesy, I'll still read it if I'm intrigued :)

  14. Ooh, this is a great idea for a post!
    Robin Benway's book is extremely long, I agree. I've yet to read it though. And I did love her first novel like lots :D

    I would also agree with you on Anna and the French Kiss. Although I've not read the book yet, I'd think the same with whispering the title, haha.

    Ooh and yes, The Sky Is Everywhere is a lovely title. Seriously, that book is filled with poetry, including the title!

  15. Ugh, gotta agree on Jessica's Guide. I stayed away from that book because it sounds so... well, creepy self-help book. But I loved it, once I was suffering from vampire withdrawl so severe I would've read anything as long as it didn't have twelve-bajillion sequels. Really a shame. Haven't read any of the other books. My mom looked at me odd when I pointed out Anna in the store. XD;


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