Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another Cover (6) ; the death cure

I'm so excited for this... this is the first time I've "templated" an Another Cover post, which means I got it all set up... just waiting for the big reveal! I really enjoyed the first two books of the series, I can only hope the ending is... wicked (I'm so punny, thanks for noticing.) It was released here.

Title: The Death Cure
series: The Maze Runner #3
Author: James Dashner
: Dystopian/Futuristic/action

Summary: none, so far :(

Books 1 & 2

Initially: What's this?

Stop and Stare? Yes! But to figure out what's going on, to be honest!

Image: It's pretty good, i feel it is kind of busy with the trees on the side, but I actually quite like that weird building thing. The whole cover has this sense of mystery and chaos, probably what they were looking for.

Font: As expected :) Matches the other ones in the series. Bold and bright, I think.

Colours: I think I like it! I had expected something a bit darker (since it's book 3 and all) but I like the greens and blues (it's definitely growing on me).

HP Rating: Exceeds Expectations

Will I read? You bet :) I'm really interested to see how this series ends!


Alright, now the anticipation is over! What do you guys think of the cover? I think for this series, they're not the absolute strongest covers, however, I really like the fact that they're all adventurous, and boy-friendly.

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  1. Oooh, boy-friendly and adventurous, definitely. I love the way the font is set up, too, with all those letters touching. I'm just wondering... what the heck are those pillary things? And is the blue around it pine trees? waves? mountains? snow? The colours are gorgeous, but the cover is discombobulating me. >.<

  2. I love it! Especially how it contrasts with the other books in the series. I like how each one has a different color scheme haha :)

  3. Oh man I still have to start this series! I love the hype though :P :P And this cover looks really sickkk.

  4. O that is an awesome cover. Thanks for the reveal.


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