Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring break... so Far away, Yet So close..

First, SNL yesterday was awful.

So for my school, this Friday will be the last day before Spring Break. WOW IS THIS NEWS EXCITING OR WHAT?!

Well... yes. But before I can jump out of my chair and dance around maniacally, I need to do 3 tests (1 midterm, 2 unit tests) and finish 3 labs plus assignments... So I will be stressed out and crazed and demented... just a tad more than usual.

And Spring Break itself? Well, I'm getting my two wisdom teeth removed (not going under... which it always reminds me how much I detest needles) and if the recovery is like it was 2 years ago when I had the same procedure done, I'll need a solid 4-5 days to recover. Fun, right?

On the bright side, I will have a very decent excuse not to go out and hang out, so I can get a TON of reading done. I'm pretty behind on lots of stuff, and I've got a few lovely library books (dear library, I love you) which I'm totally psyched about. Plus review stuff, so I'm excited to be able to sit down and read, no distractions, no stress. NO STRESS.

Lastly, to end on a somewhat sad note, Spring Break marks 3-ish months left for school. 3 Months till I graduate high school. 3 months to decide on post-secondary schools, future stuff.... yeah. It makes me scared.

So I've got mixed feelings on Spring Break, obviously, but I'm definitely looking forward to a week of relaxation after a week of frenzied studying and working. So sorry if this blog gets a bit neglected :( I really really need to buckle down and work, 6 more days!!!

Have a lovely week everybody!

So what are YOUR plans for spring break? Going away? R+R? Catching up on sleep?


For the meantime, why don't you check out my post yesterday? Sign the petition against Word Verification! :)


  1. American school is WEIRD. I can't wrap my head around it. But I'm currently sitting my first assessments for my last year of high school, and I can relate somewhat. Good luck with your...American school stuff that I can't wrap my head around. Hope you do well :)

  2. LOL yay for spring break. Oh gosh the assignments sound like a killer poor you. Thank god I got most of my work out of the way! More time for reading did I hear? Now this meh likey!! :D

  3. Well, the wisdom teeth removal thing doesn't sound fun, but the time spend reading and relaxing does! Glad you are getting some good in with the bad(ish).

    And I know thinking about the future stuff is a bit scary, but it is also fun. You've got a lot of awesome to look forward to Audrey!

  4. YAY SPRING BREAK! Mine started on Friday...but I didn't do anything that day except catch up comments and other blog stuffs. Initially, I was going to go to driving school over the March Break, but no! It's like $560 and that's wayyyyy too much money. So now I'm babysitting. Yes, babysitting & driving school are related because I need to earn the stinking money for driving school. And I'll have to study and do a huge project as well.
    It sucks to be a teenager sometimes, yknow?

    Buuut this break is much needed. And I'm ever so grateful with it.

    (Lol sorry I just needed to rant a little bit.) Have a fantastic week, Audrey :)

    P.S. OH MY GOSH HIGH SCHOOL IS ENDING!!! Oh and I got my prom dress yesterday :OOOOOOO

  5. Oh no that's terrible!!! I wish you a swift recovery. But it will get you a lot of reading done! I have a long way til spring break .... so you are kinda lucky to get a break from school.

  6. I'm headed to NYC! Have ambivalent feelings about it, actually.
    OOOH! Tell me which university you end up going to, okay, Audrey??

  7. Ahhhh wisdom teeth. That was a fun time. Well the laughing gas was a fun time, and recovering, not so much. I looked like a chipmunk. :P Then again, my brother looked perfectly normal, so hopefully you'll be one of those people that bounce back like it's nothing. XD

  8. My spring break has just begun, too! I'm hoping to get a ton of work done today so that the next week isn't too stressful... but it's nearly 11 am and I haven't even begun. :P


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