Saturday, March 12, 2011

a Petition against CAPTCHA

Why hello...

It has come to my attention as I was trapezing across the blogosphere that there is a lot of captcha, or "word verification" out there. And I'm not a fan of it, so I have prepared a gift for you!! I have manufactured a pie chart with my guesstimates of people who support the use of captcha. SEE WHAT I MEAN?

You might not even know your blog has it turned on! But if you wanna turn it off and you use Blogspot, go to your "Dashboard". Click "Settings". Click "Comments". Under "Show word verification for comments?" click NO.

So this is my silly protest against those silly squiggly words that you're secretly praying don't appear after you click "post comment". This is a protest against the countless hours that must add up typing in a word that you simply don't care about, sometimes two or three times if you mistype it! And this is a polite message, no, an imploring message, to all bloggers out there, to TURN THE DANG THING OFF. (Intense Debate / Disqus people, you guys rock)

Thank you.

If you would like to sign this petition, link up your blog URL below*, and YOUR BLOG BETTER NOT HAVE WORD VERIFICATION OF THE CAPTCHA ZOMBIE UNICORN WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL**. That is all***.

[edit] let's spread the word! Bit link:

[edit 2.o] to the people who obviously didn't read anything and just linked up your blog... shame on you. I am just saying.

* I sure hope it works

**okay, I understand there are circumstances, like if you get an insane number of spam comments that you MUST keep it on, but still... Or you can just keep it off an make it 'registered users only' who can comment, that's what I do and I haven't gotten a single spam comment since I changed the setting (from anonymous comments allowed). Or turn on comment moderation.

***this post is NOT trying to insult blogs or hurt bloggers who use Word Verification. I'll bet your blog totally rocks. It just means commenting isn't as fun.


  1. I say NO TO CAPTCHA!!! ~runs off to check that doesn't have it on blog~

  2. I totally support this!

    Against spam protection I recommend moderating comments you get (at least the ones on older posts), that helped in my case.

  3. Oh my gosh I so freaking love you for this Audrey! I feel the exact same way. Ever time I press "post comment" I am thinking one thing. DO NOT have WD. Urgh most of the time they do. It gets so damn annoying and at times I don't even feel like commenting because of it. Hell to the yes for this petition meh says whoop!! LMFAO now I'm just going a tad loony :D

  4. I swore off CAPTCHA months ago. The commenting system change came afterwards.

    I love this post, and this is one of the best ideas I've seen all week. :P

  5. I totally agree! After I comment I'm always like "please don't come up, please don't come up" but most of the time it does =[

  6. I am in total support of this petition. I'm going to tweet this post to my followers! =)

  7. I have a really crappy old laptop and the keys stick, so it is hard for me to type those stupid letters. I turned on Spam filtering in Blogger and it has caught almost every single spam post.

  8. i loath this with a passion. i've shared my distaste many times. it's especially annoying when you are trying to do a mass commenting spree... because it takes an extra minute or more for all those pages to load. that equals time i don't have.

    i actually rarely comment if the word verification is there.... i know that's bad, but it takes me two or three times to do it and like i said above... no time to waste.

    i've never had it and i've never really had a problem with spam comments. maybe two or three sprees in the three almost four years I'v been blogging. and with bloggers new comment spam catcher there is really no reason for it.


  9. I love you for this post!!! I get so annoyed when captcha pops up, because even though I am a literate, semi-technologically savvy individual, I CAN'T EVER READ THOSE RIDICULOUSLY MORPHED THINGS PRETENDING TO BE WORDS!!!

    Phew. Sorry. I guess I have some pent-up frustration. But really. Thanks for this! You rock.

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  10. OMG Me too! I hate it. I visit lots of blogs and all it does is slow me down. Grrrr. Great post!

  11. need another petition to get as many bloggers as possible to use google docs for their contests. even the non-book-blogs. blogger has horrible comment system sigh.

  12. Eeheee, Disqus! (Although it's been acting up lately. *frowns and scolds*)

  13. Sooooo annoying.
    I had no idea I even had it switched on on my blog so thanks for letting me know how to get rid of it.

  14. Woot! I hate the captch code and what makes it worse is when I waste my time typing a long comment and then forget that the person has the code installed and so close my tab thinking that I've left them a comment.

  15. Wanna see something hilarious?

    People using captcha words to create funny comics and images. It's amazing, even if you hate captcha.

  16. Audrey! You don't know how happy this post makes me. I'm always ranting about WV on Twitter, even though I'm ignored:

    It doesn't make commenting fun at all!

    Thanks so much for this petition. I will probably refer to this post many, many times!

    *TX sized hugs*

  17. l really support this, l don't have it on my blog and have yet to get spam on it (although l got some on my UK giveaway site)
    I think if your getting spam then fair enough!

  18. yay! I love this!! I think people just think they will get spam, but really it hasn't been a problem for me. I'm always secretly celebrating when I don't have to enter the captcha!

    I'm going to tweet this now and will probably post later.

  19. THIS IS A WORTHY CAUSE! Word Verification makes me cry inside.

  20. I posted here:


  21. THANK YOU!!!! Seriously, I HATE captcha. HATE! I'll still comment on blogs who have it but I often start clicking away and notice it didn't go through. That means there's plenty of times that it really didn't go through and I'm already clicked away. I also don't have patience if it doesn't go through the first time, or if the page takes forever to reload. I'm gone by then. I have hundreds of blogs I want to read and comment on, I can't spend all day entering in a fake word on one blog.
    I also prefer these pop up windows to comment in so that the page doesn't have to reload. I can cruise through all the posts on one page and commenting is fast and easy.

    I don't have any word verification or moderation. I have disabled anonymous comments. And I get NO spam. Not even a little!

  22. And thanks so much for this post, I hope it lessens the amount of Captcha on blogs out there (especially since it really is time-consuming to figure out what the hell the words are).

  23. I've never used CAPCHA and I've only gotten a handful of spam messages over the years. I don't hold it against people who use it but it can be annoying, specially when you can't read the words.

  24. YES! THANK YOU! You're totally right, whenever I post a comment I'm holding my breath waiting to see if the stupid captcha box will pop up. It drives me nuts typing in those nonsense words and it wastes so much time. Down with captcha!

  25. Hahaha!! Finally someone who I agree with!!=)

    I hate Word verification!!!!!!

  26. I detest captcha. Like ComaCalm I use Disqus and have amplified my spam protection by using Askimets. There is no reason to use captcha and I've actually started to de-follow those who use it. Extreme I know, but gosh those things drive me nuts!

  27. Brava, and take a bow! Brilliantly stated and I applaud your moxie.


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