Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Thoughts: Unstoppable

Kay, this is like a sneak peak of "movies In My brain" I realized I have too many movie reviews saved up, I mean, I don't want to swamp you guys that week! Oh, and that week will be very Oscar-friendly, you'll see what I mean xD

I think since Star Trek, I've been a Chris Pine fan. Scratch that, I KNOW I am ;) so I wanted to see this movie for awhile. Anyways, while this movie has a slightly 'simple' storyline it still looked pretty good, despite my skepticism. Unstoppable is basically about an unmanned train with tons of toxic and chemical cargo going at over 70 miles per hour. After failed attempts to stop it, two people (Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, sorry, I apparently don't know character names) must stop it before something tragic happens and thousands of people are killed.

This one is easy, Unstoppable is awesome! It's surprisingly thrilling and kept my heart pounding throughout. What it lacks in complexity it makes up in intensity and acting, I thought the acting was superb and the urgency was definitely prominent. The aerial views, train blowing past, and view from the tracks camera shots do become slightly overdone but you can't really blame them, what else could they do? There is some sentimental moments amidst the high-stakes rollercoaster, but luckily it's not very sappy.

My mom watched this before me and she found the beginning boring and generally didn't like it as much as I did, so I guess it's not for everyone. However, if you are looking for an entertaining, action-without-bang-bang-guns then this is for sure the movie for you :)

Popcorn review: A thrilling, heartpounding flick with excellent acting and will keep you at the edge of your seat wondering if two likable regular guys can pull of the nearly-impossible.



  1. From your review, sounds like I would enjoy this movie ;)

  2. Going to add it to my lovefilm list!

  3. "without bang-bang-guns"... ahahaha you're too funny, Audrey. This sounds super interesting, especially since movies aren't usually that original. Glad to hear the sentimental moments are balanced!

  4. i want to see this.

    and LOL @ your mum :)

  5. I've been skeptical about this movie from the start (I mean a runaway train? Really?), but based off your review I think I might give it a shot. Plus, I'm totally feeling the Chris Pine love. I loved him in Star Trek (and Zachary Quinto! *swoon*) Stop me now before I go all fangirly on you. Save yourself, really!

  6. Great review, not my type of movie though


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