Friday, March 25, 2011

last call: This girl needs HELP. (not in that way!)

Hey, it's the last day to vote for me in Sandra Brannan's contest. Voting ends tonight, 11:50 PM. You've got 12 hours! Details below, and here's my entry =)

Hello there! I’m Audrey. I’m a 17 year old teenage girl bottled up as a plethora of emotions, labelled simply as: “teen; includes: fears, dreams, hopes, and other fanciful things.” I swear I’m stable. No, seriously!

So I should probably mention, I’ll be gallivanting across the country to attend university in September. Scary how soon that is, eh? But in this typhoon of uncertainty, here’s what I’m sure about: I want to learn more, do more, see more, discover more, and expand my view on the world.

I’ll attempt an analogy: let’s say I am a young adult novel. I have plot, character, personality, prose, and emotion; I have chapter titles and page numbers and blank pages waiting to be filled. I have a cover page and acknowledgements… but I’m still a WIP. I still require editing from an educational institute known as “university” before I can go out and find an agent (commonly called “tackling the adult world”).

However, university is expensive and unfortunately, I’m not made of money (or trust me, my bookshelf would be much larger). There’s no way I will get through four-plus years with my cheque-book (or sanity) intact. Sandra’s donation means so much to me because like the clichĂ© goes: “every journey begins with a single step.” Except in my journey, this money will act as an escalator, one decorated with ribbons, balloons, and YA literature— because it would be made of awesome.

Sandra Brannan couldn't fund a blogger to BBC, but she's donating money to the teen writers and I'm a finalist :) The placings are determined by votes; First place with the most votes gets $1000, second gets $500 and third place gets $230.

All the money I receive will go to my education, not to buying cheesecake.

To vote, email your vote (my name? yes?) to * and if you have a blog, please include a link because you get bonus points. Also, if you attended the Book Blogger Convention last year, please include a link to the roster, it also gets bonus points. Just something like this:

I'm voting for Audrey (holes in my brain book blog) in Sandra Brannan's contest!
-your blog link if you have one
-(optional) whether you attended Book Blogger Con + proof

Lastly, I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who has voted already and have left the nicest comments, it seriously gets me all glow-y. I knew you guys were the awesomest people ever. Ever.
Thank you. So, so much.

*JKS Communications is a literary publicity firm, not some spam email account :)

pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease *cough*I thought I was above begging, apparently not*cough*

~And lastly, I thought there can always be more Andrew Garfield swooning so I'll include the same analogy I did before :p
Imagine there is a celebrity (probably male, preferably handsome smoking hot). You get to meet him (for the sake of this analogy, this celeb is Andrew Garfield) and he takes a few pictures with you and gives you his autograph. It takes him 30 seconds. It means the world to you.
YOU are my Andrew Garfield.


  1. Voted for you. I wish you luck! Where are you planning to go to school? (If you don't mind my asking)

  2. Voted for you! And I had totally forgotten about this until now, but last year I was accidentally sent an ARC of In the Belly of Jonah by Saudra Brannan (too many people named Jennifer in this world, sigh) -- what a coincidence! :D

    *crosses my fingers that you win*

    Just an additional note because I also forgot about the email you so kindly sent me about your colleges: Those are some awesome colleges, and congrats on getting in! I'm actually looking at McGill... but I don't speak French, so I'm kind of worried about hanging out there, haha. >_<

  3. Katie- Thank you!! I haven't made up my mind between UToronto and McGill :) But I'll probably end up announcing it all embarassingly when I decide :p

    Jenn- hehe, that's cool! and thank you! I know pretty minimal French (despite studying 5 years), but from what I'm told, it's definitely not crucial to know it. I'm pretty sure the majority of the school speaks English (lucky me!).

  4. Oh wow! Two amazing schools! If I could get into McGill, I'd go there lol. I grew up in Montreal though so I'm biased. UofT was on my list too.

  5. Audrey - fingers crossed. That says it all.
    <3 you, girl!

  6. I just voted for you! Good luck!

  7. I voted for you, too. I hope you win!

  8. Katie- =) I've heard Montreal was a really pretty city :)

    Yahong-thanks girly :) <3

    Birdy- thank you!

    Christin- thank you!

  9. I'm rooting for you hun good luck!! *hugs*

  10. Just voted for you, Audrey. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  11. Aly- thanks girl :)

    Mardie- thank you! Me too ;)


for those who are confused, it means "Don't forget to be AWESOME". *hugs*