Sunday, March 20, 2011

I need your HELP.

I received one of the best emails ever on Friday, I found out through luck of the draw, I'm a finalist for Sandra Brannan's contest. She was originally going to fund a teen to get to the Book Blogger Convention (I KNOW RIGHT), but because of new age restrictions, she's opted to donate money itself to the finalists.

However, I need YOUR help. And I don't want beg for votes (which did cross my mind) or host a contest with a mandatory entry (which just isn't very cool) but I'm here to ask you as best as I can. Will you please vote for me?

I'm 17, I love reading and blogging and the community online, but I also have another life. I have one where I will be heading off to a top-tier university in the fall, not to mention a university that's across the country and isn't exactly the most cost-friendly (tuition, res, meal plan, textbooks... the list goes on).

It's a long road for post-secondary education, nobody needs to tell you that. And (to my disappointment) I'm not made of money so any monetary amount I receive from this will make a difference ($1000 makes the most difference, but hey, you know that already, eh?), and it would mean the most to me for my lovely blog readers to help a girl out.

Summary: All the money will go towards my schooling.

The first place winner with the most votes will receive $1000. Second place gets $500 and third gets $250. Click HERE for more details and to see my entry.

All you need to do is email your vote (my name? yes?) to * and if you have a blog, please include a link because you get bonus points. Also, if you attended the Book Blogger Convention last year, please include a link to the roster, it also gets bonus points. (deadline is this Friday) [edit] I'll include a rough template to avoid confusion xD

I'm voting for Audrey (holes in my brain book blog) in Sandra Brannan's contest!
-your blog link if you have one-
-(optional) whether you attended Book Blogger Con + proof-

That's it! =D

So yes, that's it, it's all in your hands. It will only take 2 minutes and it'll make such a difference, please don't think it won't.** No matter where I place, I will always be grateful, and maybe I'll love you more than I love cheesecake. Scratch that, I most definitely will.

Thank you. xoxoxoxoxo

*JKS Communications is a literary publicity firm, not some spam email account :)

**Oooh, I've got a fun analogy. Imagine there is a celebrity (probably male, preferably handsome smoking hot). You get to meet him (for the sake of this analogy, I shall assume this celebrity is the ever-amazing Andrew Garfield) and he takes a few pictures with you and gives you his autograph. It takes him 30 seconds. It means the world to you.
YOU are my Andrew Garfield.


  1. Awww I'm on it. You know I got you girl :)

  2. Yeah I'll vote.
    You deserve it :)

  3. Thank you, you two, you guys are amazing <333

  4. I'm gonna vote I want to but I got kind of confused so I just email these people saying "I vote for Audrey(holes in brain)" and thats it? just double checking before I do anything

  5. ok voted I think/hope I did it right

  6. I did it :)
    My reasons:
    a) you are awesome
    b) your blog is awesome and I luurrrve your reviews
    c) you are canadian, and us canadians gotta stick together!

    I also included my blog link, but I didn't really understand it.

    good luck!
    YA Booklover Blog

  7. kate- thank you! that's perfect =D

    Chloe- thank you! GOOO CANADIANS xD

  8. How exciting! Sandra Brannan is the best. Good luck!

  9. Eep! Of course! I love your blog - and yeah, us Canadians gotta stay tight! Good luck for this contest and next year!

  10. You definitely have my vote hun! Of course I only require that you admit Mackee and Rhino are mine. ;P

  11. Michelle- hehe, i know right? Thanks!

    Lissa- WOOT! THANK YOU!

    Mflick1- thank you!

    Missie- Seriously, that comment MADE MY DAY, I think I sputtered a bit. let me get back to you on that....
    ... okay. You can have HALF of Rhino, but Makee is still mine *clings onto him for dear life* XD

  12. SO voting for you right now!!! Haha loved that Andrew Garfield analogy. "YOU are my Andrew Garfield!!!" I laughed so hard. XD Hope you win!

  13. I voted for you and told her that you were awesome.

    PS. When are you and Missie going to learn that Thomas Mackee and Rhino are all mine. They live in Australia so you have to come here to get them. Hmmm.....maybe I shouldn't vote for you because really you are going to use the money to fly to Australia and steal them from me EEK!

  14. Wow, this is awesome. I'm hoping to go next year when I FINALLY graduate from high school (yessssss). I'd love to vote for you, though you MAY have to remind me because I can't email right now. xD

    Where are you going to college, if you don't mind me asking?

  15. Voted for you, of course =D Glad to help out, and you must promise us an epic post about the convention!

    How could I resist Puss in Boots AND Andrew Garfield? Sheesh. I hope you win~

  16. LOL I just read your post properly and it's even better that it'll be going towards your uni costs. Good luck!!

  17. Hey Audrey. :) I voted for you! Good luck. And I love that picture of Andrew Garfield. Yum!

    I hope you get to attend BBC this year. Unfortunately, I only can attend BEA. :/

  18. This is so awesome! My vote is in. :D

    I got an email recently saying I was close, but didn't make the final cut. If there's anyone I think really deserves the grand prize - it's you! GO AUDREY!

    -Your sister wife

  19. OH MY GOSH AUDREY CONGRATS! I will totally vote for you after I write this comment. I just read your entry and it was awesome! Really, really, awesome! You're an excellent writer and I love the analogy you used :D Especially the analogy you just mentioned about ANDREW GARFIELD OMGGGAJOEFGJEOAJG. He's my idol, okay? You don't know how much he means to me that you mentioned him! Ah! So right now I'll be sending an email. :) Goodluck, girl!!!

  20. Natalie- thank you girly =)

    Julia- Hehehe, thank you!!! =)

    Nic- Awh, thank you! LOL I *will* go to Australia one day and WE WILL HAVE OUR WEDDINGS IN YOUR BACKYARD. AND YOU'RE NOT INVITED! haha, kidding! *goes back to my delusional fantasy*

    Jenn- Oh, graduating high school = noooo xD I sent you an email about the collges, I'm weirdly internet-paranoid like that xD I might announce on my blog when I make up my mind completely. thank youu!

    Linna- hehe, thanks hun, you rock!! =D

    Cialina- thank you!! me too, me too ;) He is... just.... YES. ;)

    Madeleine- My dear sister wife, thank you! We need to support each other ;) Awhh, thank you girl!! xx

    Justine- awww FFANKS JUSTINE!! =D *blushing* though I do owe credit to a friend who helped me edit it xD ZOMG ANDREW GARFIELD FAN CLUB RIGHT HEEEEERE. He's totally my beauitful Adonis-idol too, just perfect xD lol thank you again!

  21. Totally have your back on this one! I'm a sophomore in college right now, so I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I'm off on my merry way to vote for you ♥

  22. My daughter is 17....I voted for ya kiddo, good luck!!!

  23. Good Luck! i just voted for you. So glad I hoped on line and saw this and was able to help ou, in a tiny way :)

    Your entry was brilliant - I LOVED it. Loved the WIP analogy, very clever.

    I have my fingers crossed for you.

  24. Done and done!
    And I love the Andrew Garfield analogy!
    Never Let Me Go, best movie ever <3


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