Thursday, March 17, 2011

the Hunger Games movie news??

So yeah, I don't really follow casting and stuff as obsessively as some people, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested. And being that I'm in love with the Hunger Games series I've been keeping an ear out for news (as opposed to being bombarded with news for The Mortal Instruments, but that's a story for another day). Anyways, I didn't have any posts planned and I'm rushing around studying for school so why not, eh?

It's been confirmed that Hunter Parrish (Weeds) has been 'in talks' about playing Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games movie.

I read the article HERE. I'm sure you can google more about it.

Eye candy?

My Thoughts:

I'm down.*

Your thoughts??


[edit] And many thank
s to bibliophile brouhaha for pointing out Jennifer Lawrence has been cast for Katniss! (source)

My Thoughts:

Ehh, could work.**

*as in yesyesyesyesyesyesyes but I'm still open to other options
** as she better be able to pull of Katniss' bad-assery... or else.


  1. Hmmm I really don't know, he doesn't look like Peeta to me but as long as he can convince me he is Peeta when I watch him on - screen, I'm with! :)

  2. I'm down. Maybe he could grow his hair out a bit?

  3. Not bad though both me and my mom kinda pictured peeta with a big of chubbiness in the cheeks(think probie from NCIS) but that can be fixed other wise I'm not going to complain now they have to find the right person for gale and katniss

  4. I'm okay with this - did you just see that J. Lawrence is def cast as Katniss?

  5. It would be awesome if Hunter was cast. He can play any part, and I think he could make a great Peeta. He's not only in Weeds. He played the dorky kid in Freedom Writers, the bully in 17 Again, and the nice son in It's Complicated. I've always thought he'd be a good choice!

  6. Like Kate and her mom (see above), I thought that Peeta would be a little fuller in the cheeks. Based on looks alone, though, Parrish is pretty darn close to my mental image of Peeta. Not so for Jennifer Lawrence. She's absolutely nothing like what I'd imagine Katniss to look like. Oh well. Going to watch the movie no matter who's in it. BIG HG fan!

  7. Okay, now I really need to read these books! ;)

  8. who cares about Peeta?

    Gale is the one that really counts ;)


  9. I actually wouldn't mind Hunter Parrish! He's cute enough and he looks innocent. I think he can do it!

    As for Jennifer Lawrence...well, at first, I wanted Hailee Seinfeld for Katniss. But I discovered that Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar and I just watched this trailer of Winter's Bone in which she stars in:

    She's pretty darn good, I must say! I think she holds potential! She even has a Southern accent (natural or not, Ive no clue)! :D

  10. I'm all for Hunter Parrish. Yum. He's my kind of eye candy. :)

  11. I'm totally down. He's a hot piece of ass. Not really feeling the girl, though.

  12. I love him on Weeds, but I don't know that I'd be able to see him as Peeta. I'd probably keep seeing his Weeds character and if that was the case, he wouldn't last 5 mins in the arena.

    As for the casting of Katniss, I was really hoping for Alyson Stone. :(

  13. I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with Peeta's casting. I'm trying to ignore everything I hear until the verdict is in. :D However, I'm pretty satisfied with the choice for Katniss! I bet she can pull it off.

  14. Aly- ditto that comment! Not really Peeta, but still attractive, eh?

    Juju- yes! I always imagined Peeta's hair like something from Sam-from-Glee type... just me? ;p

    kate- mhmm, totes see what you mean, b/c in the book he's described as like, broader, I guess xD Bakers=yay :)

    Linds- thanks for that note! And no problem =D

    Nina- yes!! IT IS AMAZING READ IT!

    Nomes... oh poor you. We will have to convert you. PeetaFTW

    Justine- I saw that! I agree, she'll probs pull that off :) I'm kinda glad they went for older actors, not high-school ones :)

    Cialina- *high five*

    Lilly- LOL YES. And yeah, my thoughts too, but I'll admit she's kind of growing on me!

    Missie- I've never seen him! :( But yes, like whenever I watch a Jennifer Aniston movie.. No, she's Rachel from Friends! xD

    Madeleine- haha, I know what you mean! It'll be pretty exciting when they get the whole cast together, I think.

    ..thank you all for your comments! Love to know what you guys think!! =D

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