Monday, March 21, 2011

flap off... Literally

Title inspired by Missie at The Unread Reader, because she (and her blog) is awesome, and I really couldn't name the title anything else, eh?

So like the title probably inclined, this is about books + their cover flap (which I hope is the right word, I'm talking about that cover thing you can take off hardcovers).

[edit] it's kind of like *headdesk*. It's called the Jacket/Dust Jacket (not cover flap) which I did know but obviously didn't comprehend properly as I was writing this post :p Ah well, thanks to Cialina, Small, and Linds for pointing it out! =D

Here's one of my shelves after I removed all the flaps (I know, I have too much free time on my hands) Ooooh, pretty.

Q: When reading, do you keep the flap on?

One of my friend's collection doesn't even have covers, he says they annoy him. I think his books look naked. Hmm, difference of opinion, hey? When reading, I usually take off the flap, but for my shelves, definitely keep it on.

Q: Does the design of the 'inside binding' (dude, I so don't use correct terminology, my apologies) matter to you?

Some books keep it simple: solid colour, just the title/author printed on the spine. Some books go a bit bigger: 2 colours + words on spine. Some go all out: Colour + word + embossed symbols.

Easily, I love the 'all out' ones, it feels like more effort has been put in it and it's just simply more creative. For example (I Am Number Four), not the hugest fan of this book, but I do like the details (a lot):

Also Mockingjay:

Embossing / extra stuff = PRETTY

Q: Does colour matter?

YES! I LOVE the bright colours of Like Mandarin and Please Ignore Vera Dietz. Bright Orange? Purple + Yellow? LOOOVING it. Lastly, the dark purple of Nightshade is just gorgeous.

Oh, and the colour of the author/title on the spine also matters to me. For example, Hate List (blue on black) looks amazing, as does Vera Dietz (purple on yellow).

I like the simplicity of Black/silver-or-gold, but I also appreciate it when something like Blue or Red is used.

So yeah, that's it. Just a random post on my thoughts, I'd love to know what you think, and if you'd like, answer the questions =D

ps~ have you seen my post yesterday? Please take a look =D


  1. I am a book snob, so HCs definitely get extra points from me if they are pretty without the book jacket. Mockingjay is a great example. Love the embossing. The book itself is a pretty color. Great feature. :)

  2. hehehehe! I love this post and all the pretty pictures. I love book flaps, but I always take off the cover when I read the book because 1. they get in the way and 2. I'm terrified of tearing them.

    I love it when I remove the flap and the inside cover is just as beautiful. It feels like an extra gift from the book. Even the simple ones often make me so happy.

  3. I always take the jacket off when I read the book, but when they're on the shelf they must have their jackets on.

    The jackets are so pretty and I don't want to mess them up while reading, but why hide pretty covers when they're safe on their shelves?

    I love it when publishers put more effort into making the book look pretty beneath the jacket.

  4. Neat idea for a post! It's fun to see what the books look like under their covers. I love the inside cover of Mockingjay too :)

  5. I read with the flap on, but file on my shelf with the flap off :)

  6. Q: When reading, do you keep the flap on?
    Yes though some of my harry potter ones are missing there flaps now

    Q: Does the design of the 'inside binding' (dude, I so don't use correct terminology, my apologies) matter to you?
    eh I did like the ones for the hunger games but they don't really matter much seeing as I try to keep the flap on I don't see it much

    Q: Does colour matter?

  7. The outside cover is called a dust jacket. I do keep my jacket on, because I like to eat baaaaaad food while I eat and I worry about getting fingerprints on the actual book. I appreciate color and the actual cover's lettering, but it's not a deal breaker :)

  8. Great posts and very interesting! Everyone is so different with their opinions and they do. I tend to keep the cover on unless l want the book to stay in perfect condition (with tours l take the cover off!)

  9. AWESOME POST! I love questions like these. Especially when they include colourful stuffs. :D

    When reading, I totally keep the flap off. I don't like getting it ripped and stuff. My friend does the same. She let me borrow Will Grayson, Will Grayson without the flap, lol. But for my shelves, I keep it on as well! For viewing purposes. (And plus, where will I put all the flaps?! The garbage?! Such an idea is preposterous!)

    The design doesn't matter to me, but I really appreciate it when there's extra stuff on it. And I tend to get all squealy because I love it.

    And yesss, colours matter! I love colourful books!! They make everything look sooooo nice. Oh and there was this one time when I spotted The Hunger Games series from afar. I was in the cafeteria when I looked all the way across the room and saw three books stacked on top. They were black, red, and blue. And instantly, I knew it was The Hunger Games. And my friend was all deadpan when she said, "Really?"
    Haha it was funny. :P
    (Sorry for the long comment, lol...I tend to do this a lot on your blog, hehe)

  10. I'm new to your blog but I just loved this post!

  11. Cialina- I agree, brownie points! And I agree with that Mockingjay comment :) Love it :)

    Missie- Oh pretty pictures are my downfall :p And I know, it's like a extra surprise when it's pretty inside, right? ;)

    Small- Yes, me too! And I agree, I deffs appreciate it when pubs do the little extra :)

    danya- thanks! Yay!

    Juju- Cool beans!

    kate- thanks for answering! great answers :)

    Linds- Thanks so much more mentioning that, lol, i can't believe I forgot! And haha, I guess that would be a good idea :p Thanks for the comment!

    BooksforCompany- thank you! Ooh, that's a good point, I like to keep my books all neat and pristine too :p

    Justine- Yay colourful stuffs!! Yes for perfect condition things xD Oh, viewing purposes =D Yes, shelves must look pretty, eh? And colourful books rock!! Totally agree! love your comment =D

    Jules- thank you! I'll go visit your blog now :)

  12. Oh, you. You always make me laugh every time I visit your blog :) And this is such a cool idea for a post! I take the flap off when I'm reading, too, because I'm always like, rolling around and lounging on my bed and alternately hugging books to my chest and chucking them across the room during the WTF parts. You know, just generally doing things that tend to wrinkle covers up. The flaps are too pretty to keep off for long, though!

  13. The first thing I do is take off the dust cover cause they annoy the hell out of me. I always put them back on
    cause they are pretty but if it ain't got it between the covers, it doesn't matter how pretty it is.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  14. What you do mean by a friend who doesn't even have covers on their books? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? O.O Just curious. Do you mean he just gets rid of all the slipcover/dust jacket things??? And wow all the books look gorgeous without the slipcovers. Personally I'm a big fan of slipcovers but now you have me wanting to take them off and discover whats underneath. Like the I Am Number Four one. Never noticed that before! Its like opening a present when you take the slipcover off! Haha. Ohhh and you should do a book shelf tour. Just saying. :)

  15. Lilly- awhh *blushes* and might I mention I actually haven't ever chucked a book across the room? I've just sighed exasperately :p i think this needs to change, hucking something seems like fun! hehe, and I know! My HP covers are all wrinkly, I'm tempted to buy a new set! (don't judge)

    Lisa- mhmm, it definitely gets in the way when reading at times, but sure looks good on the shelf :) AWH LOVE THE BUNNY <3

    Julia- I KNOW! I don't even know, I ask him where they are and he's like "I dunno, I just take them off.." I was like WHAAT? haha I was surprised by how my shelf looked after I removed all those flaps :P And I did do a bookshelf tour (but I've since gotten a new shelf) but still the same-ish books, it's a month or so back =)

    thank you all for your interesting comments! =D

  16. Now I want to go take the flaps off all my hardcovers and line them up and see if they look so pretty.

    Unfortunately in Australia most books come straight to paperback due to the smaller publishing industry. I have a few hardcovers since I like them better and order them in. I don't take off the flap though while reading though but I always appreciate a colourful cover hiding underneath the flap :)


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